Global Entry: South Africa – Danny Steele -amp; Sir Charlie -amp; Tony X

After seeing the sights of South Africa, Tony X is ready to sample what he really came for - the men. Sir Charlie and Danny Steele are the first locals to join Tony for some afternoon fun, with the trio forming an elaborate oral sex pyramid and fucking each other raw. After their wet cocks go from ass to mouth, they bareback all over the bed until each gets the chance to bottom for another's big dick. The versatile threesome comes to an explosive end as Tony's body is left covered in pools of creamy nut.

Loaded: Give It To Me Raw! – Drew Sebastian -amp; Cain Marko -amp; Edji Da Silva

'Yeah, baby... Grab my balls and pull 'em down!' growls muscle-bear Drew Sebastian in his low sexy bass voice, legs dangling in the swimming pool while his world-famous, 10-inch tube steak gets slurped on by fuzzy blond brick shithouse, Cain Marko. Basking on his furry belly with a mouthful of giant daddy dong, he pleads, 'I want it,' as he comes up for air. 'Yeah, suck my dick, man,' Drew replies as his big cock gets even harder and Cain slips into the pool to try to deep throat the one-eyed beast. Inside, hung young-buck Edji Da Silva is waiting and ready for a raw three way on the living room floor. While Drew sits spread-eagle enjoying the view and stroking his dick, Cain and Edji put on a private bareback flip-flop fuck show for him, taking turns drilling each other's hairy bubble butt. As the ass pounding continues, Drew and Edji spit roast Cain, his throat and hole both stuffed to the limit. Drew expertly slides into Edji's hungry hole, making him the lucky meat in the sandwich as Edji ride's Drew with no abandon and deep-dicks Cain. Finally, Drew sets the pace for the grand finale: a slow power-fuck double team as he breeds Cain and floods his ass, then Edji tags in to use Drew's jizz as lube and adds his own seed to the mix. Cain 'hops on pop,' --  'Yeah, my dick's in your sloppy hole!' -- and cranks out a load. 'Good Job, Men! Fuck Yes!' says Daddy Drew.

Breaking -amp; Entering – Apollo Fates -amp; Cazden Hunter

Most people would be shocked to discover a horny Cazden Hunter breaking into their room to take a strong whiff of their jockstraps, but not Apollo Fates. After discovering the perverted intruder, he waits face-down, ass-up in bed for Cazden to begin rimming, barebacking, and fisting his freshly showered hole. Pushing the limits of Apollo's fuck slit, the rock-hard criminal brings the spontaneous fisting fuck to a creamy climax by double penetrating Apollo with his big uncut dick and lubed hand until he's breeding the stranger's cavernous insides.

Bareback In Brazil – Rhyheim Shabazz -amp; Marlon Costa -amp; Roxas Caelum -amp; Farley -amp; British Twunk

The tan-lined cakes of British Twunk are ready to be rimmed, barebacked, and double penetrated for the stud's first-ever gangbang with NakedSword X Rhyheim. Hung fuckers Rhyheim Shabazz, Roxas Caelum, Marlon Costa, and Farley give this muscle jock the ride of his life as their big dicks pound his ass and stretch his hole all night long.

Global Entry: South Africa – Sonny Blonde -amp; Sir Charlie

Hung fucker Apolo Adrii is joining Danny Steele in his home country of South Africa for his first-ever studio shoot. Danny has always wanted to be a porn star, and now he's getting the chance to suck off Apolo's big dick in front of the camera. At one point, he suspends his entire body between two brick walls while his new fuck buddy rims his horny hole. Once Apolo is inside him, the excited newcomer continues to throw back his thick thighs while expertly taking the entirety of Apolo's bareback cock before opening his jaw to eat the hot top's load.