CJ and Carson – Lets Blow Each Other

“Suck dick like your rent depends on it. Which I think it does.”

The above sentence, said by the cameraman, is another one of those BSB quips deserving t-shirt status. The advice is proffered to Carson Hawk and CJ Maxley. Both lads would be able to stay in any bed, even if saltine eating was a habit, but need to prop up their bj skills. So they are here today to work on oral pleasure. Neither looks pleased about having to practice pole love, but the promise of cold cash is too tempting. :-)

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Nice To Meat You – Cody Cummings -amp; Anderson Lovell

The men's locker room at the gym. This is where Cody hangs out longer than most other guys. Sometimes he waits for something just right. Other times, he takes a chance. On this occasion it's a little of both. There's a thick feeling in the air, something that makes Cody's cock chubby. Anderson Lovell can feel it too. He's been sitting in the locker room for half an hour, waiting for a friend. Cody sees Anderson waiting, but not for a friend. He sees him waiting for Cody himself. Cody knows the look in a young man's eyes that shows hunger for dick. It's a special kind of yearning that Cody knows how to satisfy. After slowly removing their clothes, still without words being spoken, both pull out their now swollen meats. They stroke and watch each other for several moments. Then Anderson reaches and feels Cody's behemoth dong. It's warm in his hands. He likes the way it feels. Then, like a starved animal, Cody joins Anderson on the bench and pulls their bodies close together. Anderson gently tugs Cody's erection while their eyes are locked on one another's. It won't be long before Cody's fat dick is inside Anderson's mouth, sliding in and out while growing ever harder. See the encounter for yourself. Enjoy!

Stephan’s Morning Wood Jerk Off – Broke And Horny

We all know what it's like to wake up with a stiff cock begging for some attention, and with Stephen he can't wait and has to get right into playing with that chubby cock as he recalls the hot dream he was having. Once free from his sexy underwear that uncut twink knob is being stroked in his hand, pleasured until he can't hold that hot load of twink spunk in his nuts and pumps his load out over his tight body!

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Today Graham does his first solo

Please officially welcome Graham Brady to Broke Straight Boys. The baby-faced 22-year-old is so low of funds he has no cell phone. He hails from a tiny hamlet that has few points of approval.

“From a small town that is very lame,” he tells the cameraman.
Graham is here for reasons we all know way too well. His BSB funds are spent already (technically).

“Use it for my education. I know that sounds whack but you have to start somewhere.”

By the time the story is over, Graham is sitting down, in nothing but undies. He strokes himself through the fabric, looking at the camera with a real sexy look. He takes the underwear off and is semi-hard. After more stroking he’s ready to play. The little vixen stares in the camera every now and then, knowing we are grooving to his show.

He prefers natural lube, so he spits in his hand. When asked to show his hole, Graham keeps his eyes on us. He’s right about his ass being his best feature. Hopefully it gets used. Often.

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Hole Busters 8 – JR Bronson -amp; Mitch Vaughn

J.R. Bronson knows that nothing eases the stress of a hard day on the job site like a hot assplay session, especially when your boss is hunky Mitch Vaughn. J.R. convinces Mitch to take a break by showing off his chiseled washboard abs then bends over and puts his big bubble-butt in the air - and it's on! Mitch grabs a nearby flashlight, dunks it in a bucket of lube and shoves it in and out of J.R.'s ass. J.R. flips over on his back and begs for more so Mitch takes the inflatable and pumps it up inside J.R.'s tight hole until the horny stud can't take it any more. J.R. blows and he's ready to get back to work, until next time.

Paul Fucks Jason Matthews Bareback

The last time Jason was in our studios, it was the dog days of August. He’s returned to make the dark middle winter months a bit less dreary. When the video starts, he’s sitting on the edge of the bed. Next to him, all close and comfortable, is Paul Canon. Jason needs some sleep. Seems like he had a difficult time reaching our studios.

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The pair jump on the bed and start jerking. With no verbal prompt, Paul sucks first. He’s a natural when it comes to deep throating. His own appendage gets mighty thick as he offers Jason oral satisfaction. Jason returns the favor. He too can deep throat with ease. Plus, he enjoys his sucking wet and juicy. Paul moans as his balls get covered in spit. He pushes Jason’s head all the way down to the pubes. Jason takes all of the meat with nary a gag or complaint. Not even effort tears.

There’s a brief, but deep, kiss. Then Jason puts lube in his hole and on Paul’s dick. He straddles Paul, and the sausage slips into his hole. Raw. Jason is transformed into a pogo-stick, going up and down on that cock. When his special spot gets hit he leans down and kisses Paul.

“Oh, fuck me. I’m going to cum,”Jason cries.

He does all over his tan stomach. Paul keeps going for a few strokes, but does pull out. He stands over Jason’s open mouth. When he does nut most of his nectar misses its destination. Instead it shoots straight out and lands on the bed. Luckily some does land on Jason’s lips and cheek.

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