Skintight – Ethan Sinns -amp; Sean Austin

In preparation for his involvement in 'Skintight' magazine's annual wall calendar, Ethan Sinns is taking the time to completely shave his ass to ensure it's 100% camera ready. Fresh out of the shower himself, fellow model Sean Austin lends Ethan a hand by carefully taking an electric razor to his hole. He even goes in for a taste and rims the newly smooth hole before turning him around to service his long cock. Ethan returns the oral favors and soon begins sliding himself into Sean's round ass. The hung top thrusts his meaty cock into Sean until the overwhelming moans from beefcake bottom completely fill up the bathroom. A few more bareback pumps has both models shooting oversized loads that an eager Ethan is more than happy to lick up.

Alexandre’s First Audition – Raw – Alexandre -amp; Pascal

I can't wait for you to watch this unedited version of sexy Alexandre's first ever porn scene! Nothing was left out, every second of what was shot that day is there for you to enjoy! Alexandre is so charming and his body is simply incredible! A perfect 10 from head to toe. This version of his debut features never-seen-before footage, in-between-scenes, the unedited interview and the original striptease, muscle worship, jerkoff and shower session. Enjoy!

Huge #2 – Enhanced – Peter Hanson -amp; Andy Fuller

Blond gymnast Peter Hanson walks out of his country cabin just in time for biker buddy Andy Fuller to arrive...with his good looks, tanned skin, and piercing blue eyes. Before long the men grab each other, their body heat building wiht the closeness of their embrace. Peter drops to his knees and Andy opens his fly...exposing his hard cock. He drives it deep into the begging mouth and choaking throat...feeding Peter's insatiable cock-hunger. The young athlete feels Andy's tongue, hot and wet, lapping and biting those smooth firm mounds of assflesh. Andy's teeth tear wildly at the sweaty jockstrap, soaking it with the spit from his watering mouth. Crazed and hungry for body and ass, he reveals even to himself the fierce intensity of his most hidden and savage male instincts.

Taking Care Of Business – Bastian Karim -amp; Tyler Berg

Overworked businessmen Bastian Karim and Tyler Berg are the first to arrive at their boss' Spanish villa for their company's latest work retreat. Ready to relax, the two enjoy a playful swim before deciding to fully take advantage of their private surroundings by having Tyler bury his face between Bastian's jiggly cheeks. The two coworkers then take their naked and exposed bodies inside where a moaning Tyler will grip Bastian's thick thighs as the bottom takes a ride on his bareback dick. Now on his back, Bastian shifts his head back as Tyler continuously pumps his lengthy cock in and out of his smooth hole. As Tyler speeds up his expert stroke game, both men begin to climax by covering Bastian's body in their fresh jizz.

Bred -amp; Breakfast – The Come Inn – Lucas Leon -amp; Drew Valentino

TAKE A LOAD OFF - When Drew Valentino and his boyfriend, Lucas Leon, arrive at The Come Inn for a few days of rest and relaxation, they see right away why there's such a long waiting list. Gorgeous property owners Josh Moore and Beau Butler seem willing to bend over backwards to make sure their guests are properly serviced. By the time Drew and Lucas finally get to their room, Drew is so turned on that he can't help but shove his huge dick into Lucas' open mouth. After Drew takes some time to eat his boyfriend's fuzzy hole, he steadies himself on the four-poster bed so he can easily slide his raw dick into Lucas' accommodating ass. A sideways bareback fuck and then a sweaty pile-drive ultimately result in a creamy white load that Drew eats right out of his partner's bubble butt. When Lucas tastes his own hole and cum on Drew's lips, he explodes across his stomach. Talk about a great way to start a vacation!

William Fucks Deboxer – Unedited – Manuel Deboxer -amp; William

Nearly double the length of its first release, this exclusive unedited version of William & Manuel Deboxer's scene will be without a doubt one of our members favorites! In addition of the original edited footage, it features never-seen-before segments and steamy hot in-between takes! Watch William fuck Manuel's sexy ass on the bed, on the couch and in the shower! For all muscles lovers and hot gay sex action! Enjoy!