2 x 2= Cum on my computer screen



And another BSB orgy! It’s about to go down. This time we’ve got Vadim, Brandon, Zeno, and Blake. This is an interesting mix of guys and I can’t wait to see who’s going to do what. Let’s get it in!

The boys quickly lose their clothes and pair off; Vadim with Brandon and Zeno with Blake. It’s a scene of opposites attract as the smaller boys are all over their taller counterparts. Brandon quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s’ dick. He gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s dick. He is soon joined on the floor by Blake who wraps his juicy lips around Zeno’s thick cock. Vadim is audibly pleased; verbally letting Brandon know that he’s doing an excellent job. While getting their dicks slobbered on, Vadim and Zeno begin to kiss. The boys transition into a cock serving chow line: Blake on Brandon, Zeno on Blake, and Vadim on Zeno. I would say me on Vadim but I think my invitation got lost in the mail L

After some very filling, sausage swallowing the boys move over to the bed. Brandon bends over and offers his ass to Blake while Vadim sits right on Reno’s cock. I’ve seen a lot of great asses on BSB; but Brandon’s is quickly making it to the top of the list. That beautiful bubble ass bounces right off of Blake. While watching those fleshy gloves get worked, Vadim demands that Zeno fuck him harder. Zeno of course obliges and begins to pound those cakes from below. Wanting to join in on Vadim’s rough treatment, Brandon smacks and playfully chokes him while continuing to get his hole drilled.

Our BSB boys are always down to share. Zeno makes his way over to Blake while Brandon gives up his booty to Zeno. Vadim works Blake’s dick over with his mouth before getting bent over the bed and pummeled from behind. They transition to Vadim getting spit roasted by Brandon nad Blake, while Brandon happily sucks Zeno’s dick.

When it’s time to cum these boys CUM! They all fire their loads all over Vadim. All except for Brandon, who shot his hot jizz right into Vadim’s pretty mouth. Hell even my load hit Vadim, albeit on the screen.

Hot, hot, hot scene boys!

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Blake Bennett Fucks Brandon Beale

There’s something undeniably sexy about the combination of “fit and thick” & “tall and lean”. On this latest BSB update we have just that sexy combo with the Blake Bennett and Brandon Beal. The two are old pros and we’re eager to see the show that they put on for us. They jump into the action. The pair embrace each other and passionately make out as they slowly start to undress each other.

Blake is excited to swallow all of Brandon’s man meat so he drops to his knees and whips it out. He starts sucking  and Brandon immediately starts moaning from the feel of his dick slamming inside of Blake’s warm wet mouth. Blake’s a romantic so it is not just about sucking dick; he wants to make this a moment. He takes the time to tease Brandon’s nipple with his tongue, nibbles on his neck and kisses him more.

Blake removes his pants and continues to deep throat Brandon’s fat cock. They kiss even more and Brandon decides it’s his turn to suck some dick.

“Suck my cock,” Blake whispers.

Brandon is a firm believer in the old adage “the wetter the better”. His face is wet with a sensual mix of saliva and pre cum. It’s the glycerin of superb oral sex. Blake slaps his big cock on Brandon’s warm wet tongue and Brandon loves every moment of it.

Brandon is ready to get fucked so he hops on the bed  but Blake has a surprise. Blake begins to devour Brandon’s moist asshole. Blake eats his ass like a four course meal after a hard days work. He takes his time and savors the delicious taste of Brandon warm ass.

It’s time to fuck. Brandon’s hole is prepared completely. They kiss again, with even more passion than before. Brandon readies himself and soon Blake’s raw cock is inside of his hole. Brandon moans in ecstasy upon impact. Blake goes in as deep as he can, while “thick and fit” Brandon’s ass jiggles with each stroke.

Brandon’s moans get louder as the fucking turns more forceful.

“Oh, my God,” he whimpers.

Blake’s rock hard raw cock slams mercilessly inside Brandon’s ass. They switch positions and keep the flow of the fucking consistent. Between Blake pounding the soft flesh of his tight hole and the passionate kissing, Brandon is about to cum. He shoots  a huge load on his stomach. Impressed, and eager to release his own man milk, Blake kisses Brandon and strokes and suddenly releases a huge wad of cum on Brandon.

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Blake Bennett & Brandon Beale