Johnny Forza and Carson Hawk

Today’s pairing is an early Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa gift to those in BSB land. Johnny Forza, the stud from New Jersey, is going to pop Carson Hawk’s cherry. “I don’t like sundaes,” the newbie says. Does anyone really believe Carson doesn’t like sundaes? Like him, they are simply scrumptious. :-) “How are you feeling about getting violated,” the cameraman asks Carson. “I’m feeling it’s certainly going to be violating,” Carson wittily replies. “You have a nice ass, so I think it’s going to look really good,” the cameraman notes.

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Carson Hawk

Carson Hawk tells a story that few here will disbelieve. He has a dog now because the homeless canine followed him home. It’s surprising only one animal has trailed this sexy beast. :-) The Chicago guy is a bit on edge about doing a solo, but it does not take too long to get him in the mood.
“Slighty skeptical,” he says when the cameraman wonders how Carson is feeling about stroking for an audience.”A little nervous about it.”

His BSB funds will be spent for a number of things, from a new car to a computer. He has to bike to work each day. It’s a bit of pain, but it has done wonders for the guy’s bod. LOL! If his looks and bod don’t make you weak, then the adorable way he retells his first ever jerking off session will get you moist. LOL! It must have brought back memories for Carson because his already impressive tool begins to plump.

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Carson Hawk and Trey Evans

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. We at BSB hope you all get stuffed exactly the way you want! LOL! Now to today’s update: Before the film starts rolling, Trey has his hand all over Carson’s piece. No one can really blame the smiling lad. Most of us would be doing the same if we were lucky enough to share Carson’s bed. :-) Trey will show Carson the beauty of a warm mouth. The newbie’s dick is stiff when Trey frees it from constricting undies. Trey strokes Carson and soon enough puts his head where it should be. “He’s pretty good,” Carson observes.

Ever since his first solo, Trey has turned into a first rate cock sucker. With Carson’s dick, he’s noisy. Slurping all over the head and shaft. “He’s better than my last girlfriend,” Carson says. “She kept using her teeth.” They get rid of their underwear and look at Carson’s tool. Standing straight out! Someone’s happy. “Be good,” Carson whispers.

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