Adam, Mick and Daniel

Great things come in threes; 3 Musketeers, 3 Wise Men, even the 3 Stooges. BSB is honored to present this sexy trinity for your viewing pleasure. We knew that Adam, Daniel, and Mick were sure to wet your appetites among other things.  Our guys lounge on the bed in a row, Mick starts to tell a sordid tale about two girls in the woods but he decides not to.

The boys disrobe and get back into position on the bed in their skivvies and after a moment they loose their shorts and get to it. Daniel leans over and starts to wake Mick’s flaccid dick with his warm wet mouth. Meanwhile, Adam begins to do the same to Daniel.

“What were you fed when you were younger,” Clay asks Mick.

“Dick steroids,” Mick replies.

“Looks like it,” Clay says.

Daniel handles Mick’s substantial cock effortlessly, Mick leaning back and enjoying the service. Daniels pulls off Mick and begins to slurp on Adam’s cock. Mick begins to suck Daniel’s dick.

Soon Adam assumes the position on the bed, his juicy ass looks great on display. Daniel lubes him up and slowly starts to ease his dick inside. Mick stands over the two and Daniel sucks his dick as he slams his cock inside Adam’s sweet hole.

After a while Mick wants in on the ass action.

Give me a piece of that ass,” Mick commands.

Adam gets on his back. As mentioned, Mick’s dick is a monster, poor Adam curses and grunts as Mick works his way in. Daniel gets on the floor and licks Mick’s cum filled nuts.

Mick grabs Adam’s ankles and fucks him hard and deep. The fucking is insistent and strong.

“Oh, shit,” Adam whimpers.

Mick pulls out and shoots a load that covers Adam’s stomach. Soon after Adam blows his own load.

“Cum on this little slut,” Mick says to Daniel. Daniel follows orders and nuts on Adam’s stomach. He rubs all of the released juice in Adam’s skin.

“How was that ass,” Adam inquires.

“It was fantastic,” Mick says.

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Adam, Mick, & Daniel

Boy Gusher – Adam And Brandon




I am the luckiest guy on the planet, I know because some of you have all written me and told me how much you love what I do, and asked for pointers on how to get guys to drop by and play or let me play with them. I lucked out last night. I had just spent sometime online in some chat rooms and found two hot guys that were interested in trying something new. They jumped on the chance to head out to my house and get busy in my spare room while I shot the action.

Adam was on Brandon like white on rice as soon as they both laid down in bed, and pretended to nap. Brandon didn’t have a problem with that, in fact, he moved around so that Adam had a vantage point to grab his dick in his underwear and squeeze and fondle.

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College Boy Physicals – Adam


Adam at College Boy Physicals says,

I didn’t do as well as I had hoped on a recent anatomy exam, and that made me a little nervous about my grade in the class. After one of my classes I went up to my professor after everyone had left, and I asked him if there was anything I could do to get some extra credit to make up for the extra points that I missed on the exam. Professor Johnson said that I could go to the local school clinic and see Dr. Phingerphuck for a special experiment of anal stretching. If I took part in the experiment than he said he would give me enough extra credit to get my grade on the test up to an A. That was perfect, and just what I was after. I asked him how quick I could go down there to do the experiment, and Dr. Johnson told me that I could head down to the clinic and he would call ahead. The clinic was only a short walk across campus, so I knew it would only be like a 15 minute walk. (MORE)


When I arrived at the clinic the nurse behind the counter said that Dr. Johnson spoke with Dr. Phingerphuck. She motioned for me to go back to the exam room that she was pointing to, and I knocked on the door. Walking in the room the Doc was cleaning the exam table and he introduced himself. I explained that I was here to do an anal stretching experiment, so that I could earn some extra credit for my final grade. The Doc said that he would be happy to perform the experiment, but first he needed to take a quick look over me. I had to take off my shirt and the Doc listened to my heart and lungs first. Complimenting me on not smoking, he then looked into my eyes, took my blood pressure, and then got ready to check me for any hernias. I had to strip down to my underwear for that, and as Phingerphuck pressed down on my stomach he could see that I was a little cold and had the sweats from being nervous. (MORE)


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