Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

Vinnie Steel Fucks Spencer Todd

As any fan of BSB knows, “a boy’s gotta do what a boy’s gotta do.” And lucky for us Spencer, the Red Rocket, has found himself in the position of being “pretty broke” and that will put him in the position of bottoming for Vinnie Steel.

Vinnie helps get Spencer in the mood with a blowjob. He starts deep on Spencer’s rocket, planting his face in Spencer’s blazing red crotch. Spencer’s face indicates that the pleasure of Vinnie’s warm mouth may be almost too much to handle. Spencer sits back and enjoys Vinnie’s mouth until it’s his turn to taste Vinnie’s dick. Vinnie gently forces Spencer’s mouth on his shaft while handling his playmate’s cock. Spencer needs very little coaxing as he easily gives a blow job that only a hungry boy could. He seemed to be enjoying himself until Vinnie commands “let me see that ass”.

Needing the money, Spencer has no choice but to get on his knees and watch Vinnie lube up. After prepping, Spencer arches his back and slides back onto Vinnie’s dick. “Ohhh, my God!” he exclaims as Vinnie’s hard shaft breaks through his tight, barely used hole. Spencer begins to open up, pushing his ass back into Vinnie’s pelvis. It doesn’t take long before both of them are breathing heavily with pleasure. Things escalate when Vinnie lies on his back and Spencer sits on his rod like a king takes to his throne. By the way Spencer rides cock one would be surprised to learn that it’s only his second time doing so. He bounces up and down on Vinnie’s dick. How Vinnie’s keeps from busting is anyone’s guess.

Soon it’s Spencer’s turn to lay on his back while Vinnie put in his work. Spreading Spencer’s legs as far as they’ll go, Vinnie begins to rhythmically pump his meat in and out of Spencer’s ass. From this angle it’s easy to see Spencer’s ass gripping Vinnie’s eager cock. Unable to hold it any longer, Spencer fires a nice load all over his rock hard abs. Vinnie soon follows, shooting a warm, creamy load on Spencer’s chest and arm. After relieving themselves, both Spencer and Vinnie burst out into laughter. Vinnie ends the scene with a quote that is sure to become my new motto, “it’s only gay if you make it gay, bitch.”

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Spencer, Sonny, Damien

Has anyone noticed how Damien has transformed into BSB’s pass around bottom? While he might not like the job, or title, the cute stud is at his best when his tight hole gets constantly used. In today’s vignette he’s the meat in a Spencer and Sonny sandwich. He and the Red Rocket kiss for a bit before the lads strip. When everyone is naked, Spencer turns all bossy.”Get on your knees,” he commands. “Suck my dick.”

Damien does what he’s told. Even if he didn’t want to, he has no choice because Sonny is holding his head.  The bottom turns his attention to Sonny’s rod. “You like that,” Spencer wonders.  Hard for Damien to answer with his throat filled. Damien returns to taking care of Spencer. “Fucking dick is huge,” Damien notes when he comes up for air.  That’s OK, Damien. We know you like things to be big. When he gets back to Sonny’s rod, Damien looks up to see if he’s doing it right. Sonny is more than pleased with the licks on his meat. Spencer wants more of that sweet mouth, and brings Damien back to him.

Our poor bottom boy is going to have some tired face muscles when it’s all done. :-) Spencer puts on a condom. “Get on my dick,” he orders as he gets on the bed.
Damien slowly sits down. Sonny stands over him, making sure the more pliable opening stays occupied. Damien can only grunt and moan as he gets it on both ends.
“Suck that dick,” Sonny says. Damien is all about making sure these studs get what they want. “Get on the floor,” Sonny demands. He guides Damien to the new location. Sonny sits in the chair, Damien gets on his hands and knees, and Spencer saddles up to the man hole. He grabs Damien’s ankle as he pounds that booty.

Damien would cry out, but his mouth is busy.”Look up,” Sonny orders.”Fuck that ass,” Damien says to Spencer. Don’t you love a bottom who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it? “I want you to fuck me,” Damien says to Sonny. As the newbie dons a condom, Spencer puts kisses on Damien’s mouth. A good top always gives a bottom some romance. Just ask Old Blue Eyes (Google the phrase, you youngsters!). Damien is put on his back. Sonny gets that sausage where it should be. Spencer takes a seat so the pass around bottom can suck some. “Suck his dick,” Sonny says. He’s pounding that Damien booty good. Spencer spits in the bottom’s mouth and then lets him suck on a finger.

“Fuck me,” Damien moans. All the fucking gets to Damien and he shoots jizz that hits the bottom of his neck. Sonny pulls out and stands over his prize. As for Spencer, he holds Damien’s mouth open. When Sonny shoots, his cum lands in the open wide mouth.As for Spencer, he makes sure to deposit his seed all over Damien’s face. “That was horrible,” Damien announces when everyone has calmed down. “You liked it,” Spencer notes.  Hard to disagree, no? LOL!

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Spencer Todd Fucks Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal and Spencer Todd have a history together. They become BSB models around the same time, and Brandon was one of Spencer’s first forays into the pleasures of  male flesh. They are reunited today, and Brandon’s perky booty will be fucked by Spencer. Brandon isn’t feeling too happy about that. “Not too excited, but I need the money,” he says to the cameraman.”It’s about the money,” Spencer responds. Brandon gives a “smile.” LOL!

The two lads strip. Once naked, Spencer sucks first. He licks up and down Brandon’s rod, trying to get it fat and plump. His tongue does the trick, and Brandon sits back
and moans. Spencer works overtime in his blowing duties. Look how his throat muscles contract. The red head breathes loudly through his nose. When he comes up, Brandon gives him a kiss for his efforts. It’s Brandon’s turn to suck dick. He swallows all of the “Red Rocket.” “Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans.

That tool stretches poor Brandon’s mouth to the limit. Imagine what it will do to his tight, pink, hole? Spit coats Spencer’s johnson. His red toes curl from all the
oral attention. There’s a quick kiss before Brandon gets on his back. Spencer puts lube on his rocket, and Brandon sticks some in his boy hole. Spencer works his tool in and starts fucking. The strokes are long and deep. Brandon is being deep dicked like never before. He can’t decide if he hates or loves it. “Take it,” Spencer commands.

Spencer gets on his side, right behind Brandon. He refills that booty with his meat, balls to the wall with each stroke. Brandon takes each hit to his joy button, never asking the
Red Rocket to slow down. “Pound my hole,” Brandon whispers. Who doesn’t groove to a bossy bottom who gets off on being fucked real good?  There’s another lip smack before Brandon gets on his stomach. Those pearly cheeks jiggle with each down stroke.  “Oh, fuck me,” Brandon whimpers. “Take it,” Spencer responds.

The Red Rocket is getting close, the pounding starting to echo in the studio. When he pulls out to jerk his meat, the first shot of jizz covers Brandon’s hole. The remaining
covers those succulent cheeks. Brandon turns on his back and strokes an impressive load that covers his abs. “That was a pretty good fuck, guys,” the cameraman says.
Who is going to disagree?

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Spencer Todd & Brandon Beal

Spencer Todd and Trey Evans

Today’s update has Spencer “Red Rocket” Todd and Trey Evans. When the scene starts, both are in their boxers feeling each other up. Popped underwear tents are everywhere (grin). Do you really need a pre-bump and grind introduction when both models are lathered up to go? :-) Trey sucks first and Spencer is in heaven the moment those lips touch his dick. He pushes Trey’s head as far as it can go. The boy moans and gags as his mouth is stuffed with the Red Rocket’s johnson. As we all know, Spencer is more than a mouthful! LOL!

“Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans as he face fucks Trey. Look how Trey’s leg kicks out as he gags on the pole. Someone is enjoying his blowing duties. :-) Spencer decides to show Trey how you handle man meat. He starts blowing Trey, going at it like he was born with cock in his mouth. The spit flows when Spencer is lapping at the lollipop, and Trey is loving the sloppy blow job.

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HOT 69 with Spencer and Johnny

A certain New Jersey boy keeps coming back for more. When Johnny Forza did his solo, the stud insisted he was a one and done type of dude. But it seems Johnny can’t keep his own promise (not that anyone at BSB central is complaining). Despite being here, Johnny is unhappy. “Not really too thrilled,” he says when asked how’s he feeling. “It’s worth the money” Spencer Todd, Johnny’s scene partner, replies. Spencer is the perfect performer to be paired with our reluctant model because everyone remembers the Red Rocket’s initial awkwardness about man sex. But, look at him now! Last time we saw Spencer, his muscular ass was filled with Zane’s sausage.

Today Johnny will have a man’s dong in his mouth. The cameraman asks the NJ hottie what he thinks it will feel like. “Not too pleasurable,” he responds. The cameraman gives Johnny the best advice ever about giving a blow job — think about the best mouth loving you ever received and do the same. This at least puts a grin on the guy’s face. When the boys start jerking each other, it’s obvious to see who’s more comfortable. Spencer strokes away looking at Johnny’s impressive package. As for Johnny? He can’t even look in Spencer’s direction!

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Spencer Todd likes to be rough!

Today’s video is slightly experimental. Keep calm. Broke Straight Boys isn’t going to mimic Krzysztof Kieuc0u 347 lowski’s technique (go rent his “Three Colors” trilogy). Kodi and Spencer have been ruminating how “aggressive and nasty” they are with girls. Today they offer a peek of how a lucky lass is treated if she’s fortunate enough to be a bedroom companion. Kodi will be the fortunate fellow on the receiving end (!) of Spencer’s nastiness and aggression.

The red rocket takes his shirt off and pulls Kodi to his feet. Spencer removes Kodi’s shirt also, and the two share a kiss. When did our muscular ginger snap get a tongue piercing? Kodi’s pants are removed, and his swinging dick says it all. Spencer washes Kodi’s nipple and stomach in spit. He gets to Kodi’s knob and puts it in his mouth. Kodi is pleased with things thus far. “Suck that fucking cock,” he whispers. “I like your wet mouth on my dick,” he adds.

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Straight Boy Spencer Todd and a dildo

Spencer Todd’s ass gets much need attention today. The red rocket tells the cameraman nothing has been in that ginger hole. Not even a finger. Apparently his girlfriend tried once, but wasn’t successful. Wonder why? Clothes are quickly shed and Spencer sits down and plays with himself. In no time at all, all the blood rushes to a certain area. Before he reaches full engorgement, the camera does a slow scan of his face and chest. The gym work he’s been doing recently is paying off. A fine muscled chest and thighs that could crack a walnut. Once his dick is ready to go (isn’t the head adorable?), Spencer pulls out the dildo. The toy gets all lubed up, and is pushed all the way into the virgin territory. Lucky latex cock! Probably doesn’t recognize how privileged it is. Looks like Spencer is not an advocate of gentle loving with an untapped ass. He takes his own cherry with no mercy.

The camera goes below and there is a wonderful view of his face and stuffed rump. Pay close attention to Spencer’s expressions. He is struggling not to like his ass getting pleasured, but when the dildo hits that sweet spot his moans say it all. Probably wondering why his girlfriend wasn’t more insistent about butt play. He heads to the couch, his backside facing us. Keeps pushing the new bestest toy all the way in. A few strokes cause those pale toes to curl up in ecstasy.

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Hot 3 way on Broke Straight Boys with Spencer, Brandon and Zane

Three relative newbies are in bed together today; Spencer, Brandon and Zane. Despite all three of them looking rather nervous, all three boys said that they were looking forward to the shoot, even if it was just the prospect of earning more easy cash. Each of the boys couldn’t help have an anxious grin when they were told that today’s expectations were pretty high. Getting the party started, I had Spencer, Brandon and Zane take off their t-shirts, their jeans quickly following. Once they were sitting next to each other naked, they took their cocks in hand and started to jerk themselves off, their dicks steadily rising to the occasion.

When all three dicks were rock hard, it was time to decide who was going to suck dick first. It wasn’t quite so surprising when Zane, our bi-curious boy, put his hand up to go first. The three boys scrambled into position; Zane getting down onto his knees on the floor while Spencer and Brandon stood on either side of him. Kane took one good look at the two dicks pointing towards his face, pausing for only a second before allowing Brandon’s dick to slide all the way into his mouth. What was surprising was Spencer pulling Brandon towards him and initiating a hot and heavy song with a more than willing Brandon. While the two boys were kissing overhead, Kane worked hard on the dick in his mouth even as he put in some fast and furious wrist action with Spencer’s cock.