On The Set – Austin Wilde -amp; Rylan Shaw – Austin Wilde -amp; Rylan Shaw

t's another day On The Set! This time with Austin Wilde & Rylan Shaw. They're bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!See these hot stars getting extremely sexy in various steamy and fun positions for our cameras. You'll watch them go from portrait style to porn style as they strip down and turn up the heat. This is your chance to see what it's like on location as these rock hard cocks go to work, making the gorgeous photos you gotta see!Enjoy!

On The Set – Marcus Mojo -amp; Adam Hardy – Marcus Mojo -amp; Adam Hardy

It's another day On The Set! This time with Marcus Mojo and Adam Hardy. These dudes are bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!See these hot stars getting extremely sexy in various steamy and fun positions for our cameras. You'll watch them go from portrait style to porn style as they strip down and turn up the heat. This is your chance to see what it's like on location as these rock hard cocks go to work, making the gorgeous photos you gotta see!Enjoy!

Hot new boy Kirk Cabot on Broke Straight Boys

The Broke Straight Boys workweek starts with fresh-faced model named Kirk Cabot. He is behind in his rent, and we all know what a pain landlords are at the end of the month. “I’m going to pay some rent,” he says to the cameraman. Kirk is no shy fellow. Answers questions with a smile, laughs at his poses, and follows directions with ease. You’ll be in love and/or lust when he’s asked to pinch his nipples, and he does it with aplomb (unfortunately those sweet looking nips are not sensitive). While we on the topic of his chest, it has a perfect dusting of hair.

Kirk’s a hockey player, which could explain why he’s so comfortable with his body. His confidence about it adds a couple of levels to his overall hotness. After his clothes are off, Kirk plops into a chair and begins to pleasure himself. Pay close attention to the following: 1) the hair on his legs makes them more desirable than they already are, and 2) he shares the story of his first ever jerk off session. Will not ruin it for you, but the lad was precocious in the choice of materials. The telling of that first nut does the trick and gets our confident newbie all excited. He’s also got the right to be proud of his dick. It’s a thick club very few would turn away. It’s cut and the balls look like they would fit into a mouth perfectly.

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Boy Gusher – David and Eric

David and Eric on BoyGusher.com

In this update we find a horny young man taking a break outside on the patio of his vacation home. He is looking out at the lake and he sees a hot looking dude walking around the edge and squeezing his package inside his jeans. This turns on David on the patio. It doesn’t take him very long to go out and say hi to the new guy and bring him home. He ushers him into the house before they both rip their jeans apart with those rigid hard-ons.

David sucks on Eric's cock


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Broke Straight Boys Zane Tate and Seth

Seth and Zane are today’s couple du jour. Seth’s eyes are shifting around like he’s nervous. Zane leans back as if he has not a care in the world. Seth’s anxious energy is perfectly understandable because today’s duty is to be Zane’s first experimentation with man ass. While few would complain about being pierced by Zane’s “cucumber,” as Seth calls it, the bottom boy seems worried his backside might not survive the upcoming onslaught. This will be Zane’s first time working over male booty, but he’s no rookie to rear door lovemaking. He’s taken a few ladies anally, but can’t remember how many. Considering how straight guys are, Zane is either being forgetful with the truth or has made multiple gals bite the pillow. Seth, trying to gain some control, assures his future top that ass, no matter male or female, feels the same.

Shirts are soon taken off and the boys do some kiss kiss. No deep tongue action, but it’s sweet to see Zane take control by grabbing Seth’s neck. The boys take a seat and Zane starts sucking his partner’s dick. Zane’s oral skills aren’t first class, but he’s getting there. Uses his hand every now and then, and sucks Seth’s head like it’s an ice cream cone on a summer day. Seth must like it because he’s all murmurs and sighs.


Wilde Imagination – Austin Wilde

Only Austin Wilde could dream up these scenarios! Join him and get ready to be transported to three unique environments. First, you'll hear about Austin's fantasy of jerking his fat cock all alone in a forest. Then you and Austin are whisked away to a thicket of redwoods where you witness him stroking his enormous boner. Once you return to Austin's bedroom, you'll hear another Wilde fantasy, this time set in a subway station. And just as before, imagination becomes reality! Check out Austin as he enjoys his erection in this thrilling environment. Finally, you'll go with Austin into an often bustling locker room, where someone could enter without warning, busting you both. This fantasy becomes so real you'll be able to smell the sweat! It's enough to push dreamy Austin to his sexual peak.Enjoy!

Strictly Business – Marcus Mojo -amp; Johnny Torque

We move through life encountering different types of people in varying environments. We draw upon 'schemas' in order to conduct ourselves in a befitting manner. We play the handshake game, the smile-and-nod, swallowing every drop of status quo. Today Marcus Mojo will walk the line. He plans to give Johnny Torque an opportunity to expand his horizons. As Lead Talent Scout for Mojo Models, Johnny and Marcus pour over photos of hot, nude men together on a regular basis. When Marcus suggests that Johnny move to a role in front of the camera, he agrees to strip down with only a little reluctance. Johnny's cock is to Marcus's liking. But the true test comes when Marcus plants his two lips around it to see how Johnny reacts to receiving a blowjob from a sexy, chiseled gentleman. Find out how the industrious young Mr. Torque holds up under the pressure of evaluation when he slides his hardened dick into Marcus's tight asshole. They are these passionate situations that blur the lines between pleasure and strictly business. Enjoy!

College Boy Physicals – Kayo and Dr Jizzerman

Kayo sucking on Dr Jizzerman's cock

After we had completed the first part of extracting the protein complex for Kayo’s sunburn we immediately proceeded into phase two. I took off my scrubs entirely and stood before Kayo sporting a massive hard-on which the kid was all to eager to suck on. He got on his knees and shoved the whole thing into his mouth forming one hell of a sucking on my dick. I was in doctor heaven at this point as Kayo was bobbing up and down the shaft of my cock. I decided it was time I got a bit more comfortable so I took my dick out of a disappointed looking Kayo and settled myself onto the examination table.

Dr Jizzerman fucking loves it!

As soon as laid down he was on my cock like white on rice, sucking and moaning as he took it down to the base and up to my throbbing knob. I had my hands on the back of his head, dominating him and making him take it all the way down and boy was he enjoying it. His good ass blowjob was bringing me closer to erupting one hell of a load. I pulled his head back and began shooting my hot cum. Exhausted I placed the next part of the treatment on his back and instantly I could tell he was feeling better. Happy with his service he said he’d definitely be coming back for all his medical needs.

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Straight Boy Spencer Todd and a dildo

Spencer Todd’s ass gets much need attention today. The red rocket tells the cameraman nothing has been in that ginger hole. Not even a finger. Apparently his girlfriend tried once, but wasn’t successful. Wonder why? Clothes are quickly shed and Spencer sits down and plays with himself. In no time at all, all the blood rushes to a certain area. Before he reaches full engorgement, the camera does a slow scan of his face and chest. The gym work he’s been doing recently is paying off. A fine muscled chest and thighs that could crack a walnut. Once his dick is ready to go (isn’t the head adorable?), Spencer pulls out the dildo. The toy gets all lubed up, and is pushed all the way into the virgin territory. Lucky latex cock! Probably doesn’t recognize how privileged it is. Looks like Spencer is not an advocate of gentle loving with an untapped ass. He takes his own cherry with no mercy.

The camera goes below and there is a wonderful view of his face and stuffed rump. Pay close attention to Spencer’s expressions. He is struggling not to like his ass getting pleasured, but when the dildo hits that sweet spot his moans say it all. Probably wondering why his girlfriend wasn’t more insistent about butt play. He heads to the couch, his backside facing us. Keeps pushing the new bestest toy all the way in. A few strokes cause those pale toes to curl up in ecstasy.

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Boy Gusher – Rafael

Rafael on BoyGusher.com

In this update we have with us Rafael. Rafael was heading through town and dropped in to hang out with us awhile. We talked him into staying overnight. Then we talked him into letting us jerk him off for the cameras. We got a two for one deal there! Rafael has the name of an angel and his body is divine. He has some nice tats and his body is toned and tanned. He is definitely an earth bound sexual angel. It doesn’t take much to get his uncock rock hard as well. Mr. Hand really enjoyed jerkin on this beefy stick and his talented hands had no trouble turning this quiet reserved guy into a geyser of hot cum.

Rafael being pleasured


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