Derek Hart – Derek Hart

Derek Hart sits out on the deck on a sunny afternoon undressing himself. He begins to play with his cock making every inch hard and beautiful to look it. He strokes his throbbing cock fast and his balls bounce back and forth. You can see him enjoying his time as the wind and sun land on his naked body. Derek loves the feel of his stiff dick in his hands and the feel of his balls feeling up with his cum. His balls can only hold so much and soon enough he shoots a thick cum load up and out all over himself.

Beach Buddies Part 2 – Troy Thomas -amp; Luke Taylor

Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor come into the room thinking they will see Vadim and Javier, but when they see the used condom on the floor Troy exclaims, 'I knew it! I knew they were fucking each other.' With that, they decide that they too should have some fun and Luke starts out sucking Troy's hard cock. Troy then sucks Luke's cock and as he deep throats him we see his cock sucking tears. Luke then rims Troy up against the wall before fucking him bent over. Troy then lies on his back and Luke rides his cock. After riding Troy's cock, Luke wants to fuck Troy some more and he puts him on his back and fucks him until Troy shoots his load. Troy then turns around and Luke jerks off his cock and shoves it in Troy's mouth and shoots his load inside his mouth.

I Love You In A Jock Strap – Sean Duran -amp; Alessio Vega

Sean Duran and Alessio Vega are in the locker room and Alessio is digging through his bag when Sean asks him what he is looking for. Alessio tells him he thinks he forgot his keys and then Sean asks him if he forgot his jock-strap. With that Alessio laughs a bit and shows Sean that he is wearing it. Sean cannot keep his hands off Alessio and soon they are making out and Sean has Alessio's shorts down and his tongue buried deep in Alessio's gorgeous ass. Hard as a rock, Sean spits on Alessio's hole and shoves his cock deep inside as Alessio groans in pure pleasure. Sean alternates from eating his ass and then fucking him a few times. Alessio then drops to his knees and sucks Sean's cock. Sean lies on his back and Alessio then rides Sean's big cock like a champ. Sean then flips him onto his back and fucks Alessio on his back until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots his load all over Alessio's ass. He puts his cock back inside Alessio and fucks him until Alessio cannot hold back and he shoots all over himself.

Your Ass Is Mine – Matthieu Paris

Of course, MATTHIEU wasn't done showing us what he wanted that day, and with ANTONIO gone, MATTHIEU pulled out our biggest toys and gave us a great solo show. He rides toy after giant toy - heck, he even takes the lube bottle!! He squeezes down on the thing, pouring out thick, syrupy, clear lube onto next long, thick toy. Talk about a tall stack! MATTHIEU PARIS's breakfast of champions!

Daddy’s Dungeon – Alex Killian -amp; Sherman Maus

After fucking Alex Killian, Sherman Maus is ready to get off. Alex gets down on his knees and takes the hung stud all the way down his throat. Alex isn't gentle either and knocks Sherman's cock around as he continues sucking. He brings Sherman to the brink of cumming and then abruptly stops to grab a cane. Alex taps Sherman's ass repeatedly until Sherman's cheeks are raw and red. Sherman can barely take another whack when Alex trades the cane for a flog. The hung stud flogs Sherman's back and ass until Sherman begs for a dick up his ass. Alex grabs Sherman's harness and fucks his bright red ass from behind, pounding it hard and deep as Sherman grunts and groans. Alex wants to see the look on Sherman's face as his giant dick rams his hole and flips the horny stud onto his back. Alex keeps up the pace until Sherman blows his sticky load all over his thick pubes. The sight of all that jizz makes Alex bust too and just as he's finishing up, daddy comes home early to catch them in the act. Daddy's mad and the guys know they're in for a punishment to teach them a hard-learned lesson.

Is It As Big As You Say? – Connor Maguire -amp; Angel Ventura

Connor Maguire and Angel Ventura have exchanged photos over social media and are now sitting in Angels bedroom. But, Angel has yet to see Connor's cock in person and is dying to know if it is as big as Connor says it is. Connor pulls it out soft and Angel is impressed with what he sees and he starts sucking it. Soon it is fully erect and Angel loves how big it is. Angel sucks Connor's cock in a couple different positions worshipping it, deep throating it and admiring its full glorious size. They then exchange a nice 69 with each other for a while before Angel climbs on top of Connor and rides his huge cock deep in his ass. Connor then fucks Angel from behind and then flips him onto his back and continues to fuck Angel until Angel explodes with cum. Connor pulls out and Angel flips around and let's Connor cum into his open mouth.

Hard Work – Sean Harding -amp; Julian Torres

Julian Torres is up on a ladder doing some construction work when he calls for Sean to help him out. When Sean Harding shows up, he asks him to hand him the work light. Sean turns the light on, but before handing it to Julian, he uses it to look up into Julian's shorts. Being playful and horny he convinces Julian to come down and play. He starts sucking Julian's hard cock through his jock strap. They switch places on the ladder and Julian sucks Sean's big hard cock. Julian then rims Sean's ass up on the ladder before fucking Sean up on the ladder from behind. After a while of fucking him on the ladder, he moves Sean to a chair where he fucks him until both explode with cum.

Handpacked III: Jampacked – Ruben D’Angelo -amp; Scott Samson -amp; Rex Armswell

The raunch continues as Ruben D'Angelo leads a collared Scott Samson and Rex Armswell into a playroom, bends then over a motorcycle and proceeds to flog both of them beet red. Their backsides are so tender that by the time they're ready to be fisted, you half expect them to roll over and run offset. Not these big boys. You simply won't believe your eyes as you watch an enormous 15-inch black strap-on get ramrodded up Rex's limitless hole! Ruben drives this fat sucker up his reddened ass without mercy while Samson is forced to standby and wait his turn. Ruben plugs their asses with the strap-on while he continues to flog both men. Next the guys roll over onto all fours and offer their beaten red butts up for a merciless punch-fuck session to the elbow. No, make that TWO elbows! Then, for an encore, the two bottom pigs fist themselves 69-style while Ruben administers more lashings. These boys are pros and deliver one hell of a performance you won't want to miss!