Adam Baer and Kodi

Kodi is many things, but he’s never given off the brawler vibe. That’s why it’s easy to feel a little sorry for him at the start of this video with Adam Baer. Kodi is working real hard to wrestle Adam, but not much is working. Adam doesn’t even break a sweat pinning his scene partner. However, to be fair, it looks like Kodi actually is happy he “lost.” LOL! With the vanquished foe on his stomach. Adam rubs Kodi’s balls through the boxers. “You like grabbing those balls, don’t you,” Kodi asks. “Shut your mouth,” Adam replies. Kodi’s boxers are removed and Adam spits in the exposed hole. The “loser” even spreads his cheeks so all of the spit can slide where it needs to be.

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Carter Blane and Kodi

Whenever Kodi is in the BSB studio, an angel gets his wings (grin). The fan favorite shares today’s scene bed with horse hung Carter Blane. It’s been too long since Carter’s last appearance. He’s back due to never ending bills. “Bills suck,” Kodi observes. Who can argue with that, especially when the words come out of such a sexy mouth? Both of these dudes are pros, so they strip rather quickly. The performers jerk their individual slabs, getting hard with ease. Kodi blows first and Carter moans the moment his head is licked.

“You like that,” Kodi asks. “You have such a big cock.” Kodi’s sweet mouth is stretched to the max. He can’t deep throat Carter’s monster, but licks it like an ice cone. Don’t miss the drool that slides out of Kodi’s mouth. He pulls up from his duties and jerks the meat. When he looks at Carter’s third arm, he’s mesmerized. Awed by its size, and possibly worried about the anal damage it will do?

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Denver Grand plows Kodi’s ass!

There are times when words, and introductions, aren’t required. What hasn’t been said about Denver and Kodi? They’ve done it all, and kept many in the BSB family happy and contented (grin). They share our studio bed and the two studs are kissing when the scene starts. Kodi is wearing jean shorts with a red t-shirt. His partner has jeans with a multi-colored shirt. They lose their tops and continue with the lip locking. Hard to tell who’s moaning, but someone is loving the lip dance. The kissing keeps up even after both are naked. These two could spend a whole vid making out and it would still be stroke worthy. Both are hard, but Kodi sucks meat first. Kodi is a premiere BSB model for a number of reasons, but few can match his cock sucking skills. He deep throats and everything is wet and slippery. Denver puts his hand on Kodi’s head, but there’s no need. The skinny lad goes downtown on his own volition.

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Spencer Todd likes to be rough!

Today’s video is slightly experimental. Keep calm. Broke Straight Boys isn’t going to mimic Krzysztof Kieuc0u 347 lowski’s technique (go rent his “Three Colors” trilogy). Kodi and Spencer have been ruminating how “aggressive and nasty” they are with girls. Today they offer a peek of how a lucky lass is treated if she’s fortunate enough to be a bedroom companion. Kodi will be the fortunate fellow on the receiving end (!) of Spencer’s nastiness and aggression.

The red rocket takes his shirt off and pulls Kodi to his feet. Spencer removes Kodi’s shirt also, and the two share a kiss. When did our muscular ginger snap get a tongue piercing? Kodi’s pants are removed, and his swinging dick says it all. Spencer washes Kodi’s nipple and stomach in spit. He gets to Kodi’s knob and puts it in his mouth. Kodi is pleased with things thus far. “Suck that fucking cock,” he whispers. “I like your wet mouth on my dick,” he adds.

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Kodi and Liam Corolla on Broke Straight Boys

Look who is back? Fan heart throb Kodi and newbie sensation Liam. Lil’ Kodi has his trademark smirk when looks into the camera and says he’s in the mod for a “revenge fuck”. There’s some trepidation in Liam’s eyes, but he’s being a trooper today. “I deserve it,” he replies with a slight smile. Considering how he treated poor Kodi’s hole last time they were together, who can really argue? The pants quickly come off. Liam is naked first, and his monster is already a little hard. Mmmmmmm. Maybe he is more than ready for his punishment. They both start pulling their dicks, and in a few swift strokes Liam is all ready to go. The camera spends some time on his body, from those furry thighs to his perfect pale chest.

Soon enough both give each other a hand, so to speak, and Kodi’s handiwork makes Liam’s dick even harder. Kodi leans over, and opens that pretty mouth. At first he only takes the head, but soon deep throats. The gagging sounds echo in the studio, but Liam doesn’t care. His eyes are closed, as he encourages his new best friend to “suck that dick”. Kodi does what’s he told, but quickly stops. He comes off Liam’s dick with a smack and places a tender kiss on the young man’s face. The two tongue dance for a bit. No deep French kissing, but just enough tenderness to make you feel jealous.


Kodi gets fucked by HOT new boy Liam Corolla

Liam Corolla is back in the studio, along with the always popular Kodi. The two boys were already bare chested before the cameras even started rolling, a clear sign that they were both looking forward to getting the show on the road. While Liam has had a handjob from Ross, today would be the first time he has ever gone ‘all the way’, thus, he can’t decide if he is more excited about the prospect of making some easy cash or getting to fuck Kodi’s twink ass.

Kodi, on the other hand, said he wasn’t looking forward to it at all but the slight grin on his face belied his statement. Eager to move forward, the two boys stripped off their jeans and shorts, revealing half hard cocks. At my hint, Liam dropped to his knees and wrapped a hand around the shaft of Kodi’s dick. Mouth open wide, Liam leaned forward and slid the hardening cock into his straight boy mouth. Click here to watch this video!


Broke Straight Boys – Ross and Kodi

Kodi and Ross are in the studio today and they are going to be indulging in some man on man lovin’. It was easy to see that the two boys were ready to get going right away so I had them stand up and strip off to their boxers, both boys having a ready smile for the camera. Ross and Kodi sat back down and immediately started playing with their dicks in an effort to get hard. As they pumped their cock shafts, Ross couldn’t help but keep peeking over at what Kodi had down his boxers, all the while, Kodi just concentrated on watching the straight porn.

It wasn’t long before they were both rock hard, Ross taking the initiative and helping Kodi take off his boxers, Kodi quickly returning the favor. Both boys grasped each other’s stiff dicks and started to leisurely stroke the hard flesh. Ross couldn’t take his eyes off Kodi’s cock, likewise, Kodi was captivated by the sight of his hand sliding up and down Ross’s cock shaft.


Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Mitch

2 of our youngest straight boys: Kodi and Mitch

Kodi and Mitch, two of the youngest models at Broke Straight Boys are going to be doing some fucking today. Mitch is a very lucky boy who will be getting fucked by the ever confidant Kodi. There was little chit chat as the two boys stood up and stripped off, Mitch only wondering how Kodi got naked so fast when he was struggling with his jeans.

Kodi sucks Mitch's cock

Once both boys were starkers, they sat down next to each other and with dicks in hand, they worked on getting their cocks rock hard. Pausing only for a brief moment to apply some lube to their stiffening shafts, it was easy to see that Kodi and Mitch had a pretty good rapport with each other. 


Only mere minutes later, there were two very stiff dicks in the room and as such, Kodi took control of the situation by deciding to suck cock first. Leaning over, Kodi took hold of Mitch’s cock and slowly slid the hard shaft down his throat.

Looks like someone's enjoying it!

2 HOT straight boys fucking


Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Rex

Kodi and Rex from Broke Straight Boys

Today is Kodi’s first time appearing on Broke Straight Boys with another guy and admittedly, he is nervous but luckily for him, he gets to have Rex show him the ropes. I told Kodi that there was just going to be some dick sucking today, then asked him how he liked his cock sucked. Kodi answered that he liked it better when he was either standing up or laying down but ultimately, a sloppy suck was the best. He also said that he had been able to cum at least twice simply from being sucked. On the other hand, Rex said that he normally couldn’t cum from a blowjob but Kodi said that he was going to give it a try.

Hold on to it boys, it'll be a bumpy ride!

As Kodi was obviously raring to get going, the boys stood up and stripped off to their underwear before sitting back down again. Rex and Kodi stuck their hands down the front of their undies and started playing with their cocks as they watched some straight porn on the video.

Kodi loves Rex's cock

Rex going down on Kodi