Content House – Diego Sans -amp; Cole Connor

When secret agents Cole Connor and Diego Sans need a break from saving the world, they head to Palm Springs to rent a 'Content House' -- a place where all their porn star friends can come together and create some raw footage for their fans. Cole kicks off the weekend by sucking Diego until his big uncut cock is soaked with spit and ready to bareback Cole's ass. Wanting to make sure that his horny fans can see him getting fucked from every angle, Cole places his phone on the ground directly below him to capture every one of Diego's thrusts. Cole then hops onto a countertop where he films a POVstyle segment of Diego blowing his rod before Diego moves up to continue pounding his ass. A few more positions of Diego topping Cole's hole has the hairy bottom busting all over Diego's furry chest and then heading down to eat up Diego's ropes as they come flooding out of his slicked-up dick.

Randy’s Audition – Raw – Pascal -amp; Randy B

Straight dude Randy showed up a bit anxious for his first porn scene ever but as soon as we started shooting he delivered an unexpected performance. I was amazed how relaxed and horny he was! This unedited version of the scene invited you to his debut, as if you were in the room with us! You'll see every single second that was shot that day, ending with the entire shower session afterwards! A must see!

Best Of Cheat Day

Enjoy the best Of Cheat Day in this fun compilation</br></br><b>00:00</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217522'>Cheat Day</a></br><b>03:00</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217523'>Cheat Day</a></br><b>06:00</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217524'>Cheat Day</a></br><b>09:00</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/217525'>Cheat Day</a></br><b>12:00</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Cheat-Day/218037'>Cheat Day</a></br>

Physical Evaluations – Rafael Alencar -amp; Beau Butler

After a long day of running an underground complex for an elite group of porn star agents, Head of The Swords Facility Beau Butler wants more than just a massage from physical therapist Rafael Alencar. He quickly informs Rafael at the start of their session that he'd rather just get fucked and in no time, Beau is bobbing his head up and down on his masseur's famously thick dick. Once Beau exposes his tan-lined cheeks and flashes his hairy hole, Rafael buries his face in Beau's ass and gets ready to bareback the beefy hunk. Beau stays hard the entire time Rafael thrusts his bareback cock in and out of him and leans back in pure pleasure as the hung top effortlessly stuffs his insides. A few more pumps from Rafael's oversized member has Beau unloading all over Rafael's pubes right before Rafael is pulling out to cover Beau's face in his hot nut.

Ricky’s Twins Contest – Raw – Ricky

We had so much fun shooting the Ricky's twins contest! With the help of special effects, Ricky played both twins in a jerkoff contest. This week I'm giving you access to the entire raw footage! So for the first time, you'll see each individual shots and in-between takes. A must see for all Ricky's fans and big cock lovers! Enjoy!