I gotta put this thing in my ass?

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Ah, it always makes my day to know that Sergio is going to get fucked. Today he’s going to flip with Ronan so I’ll be getting a double treat. They are both nervous but they’ll get over it. Let’s see some fucking.

They begin by undressing and fondling each other. They both get a little freaked out by the size of the other; they should suck it up, some of us would love to be presented with such a big package. Instead of sucking it up, Ronan starts to suck o Sergio’s cock. Ronan has some great cock handling skills for a straight boy. He has Sergio relaxed before you know it. Sergio helps Ronan settle down by massaging his dick with mouth and gums. Ronan’s cock is huge! Sergio tries but can only fit about half of it in his mouth. He fondles his balls while slowing slurping on his dick. With both dicks nice and wet, it’s time to fuck.

Sergio lies on his back and lubes up. He asks Ronan ot go slow. I would too if my pretty hole was about to be invaded by that semi-truck. Ronan starts to push it in but doesn’t get far before Sergio is grunting from pain. Ronan strokes slowly, allowing Sergio’s hole to get used to it. He should have let me open him up first. Sergio gets off his knees and puts that glorious ass of his on display for the camera. Ronan fucks him gently from the back until Sergio makes him stop because of the pain. Ronan lubes up more and drives his cock right back insides. Sergio is in a lot of pain but takes it like a man.

Now it’s Sergio’s turn to break into some ass. Ronan takes the dick immediately, allowing Sergio to fuck the shit out of him. The boys don’t last long, they blow huge loads, both of which splatter on Ronan’s abs. The boys are both in pain, but I’ll lick their wounds and get them back in the sack.

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