Physical Evaluations – Amone Bane -amp; Brody Fox

Deep in The Swords Facility, Dr. Brody Fox has been tasked with testing the physical endurance of new recruit, Amone Bane. With his hard dick completely filling the doctor's mouth, Amone has proven his cock's stamina and now must display how skilled he is orally. Amone shows his raw talents as rims, fingers, and spits into Brody's hole with the pleased doctor progressively taking deeper and deeper breaths. Ready to continue Amone's examination, Brody gets into position to ride the hopeful agent's hard cock on his hospital bed. Amone only pulls out to 69 with his examiner before resuming his bareback assessment by bending Brody over, propping his own leg up, and ramming the doctor's hole. After the stretched-out medical professional cums all over his own hair-covered body, Amone begins his final task -- draining his balls directly into Brody's mouth to test his sperm count.

Top 10 Best Jocks

Enjoy the top 10 best jocks compilation</br></br><b>00:00</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Tales-From-the-Locker-Room/170527'>Tales From the Locker Room</a></br><b>03:03</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Room-106/146349'>Room 106</a></br><b>06:06</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/London-Calling/149276'>London Calling</a></br><b>09:09</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Under-The-Influencer/207702'>Under The Influencer</a></br><b>12:12</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Tales-From-The-Locker-Room-2/194544'>Tales From The Locker Room 2</a></br><b>15:15</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Tales-From-The-Locker-Room-2/194545'>Tales From The Locker Room 2</a></br><b>18:18</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Its-Complicated/197808'>Its Complicated</a></br><b>21:21</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/All-The-Feels/186409'>All The Feels</a></br><b>24:24</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Mens-Briefs/199306'>Mens Briefs</a></br><b>27:27</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Making-The-Grade/193472'>Making The Grade</a></br>

Make It Last – Trevor Brooks -amp; Jackson Bell

When Jackson Bell sees Trevor Brooks breaking open a book, he makes it known that he'd rather see Trevor breaking open his hungry hole. Trevor quickly falls for Jackson's seduction techniques and delivers a fireside rimming before moving inside to 69 and have Jackson suck off his big dick. Next, Jackson takes Trevor's bareback cock for a ride and lets his summer love pump his ass full of girthy meat. Jackson then turns the impromptu late-night hookup into a flip-fuck as he slides into Trevor's ass while a muscular Trevor beats his own meat. Once the two flip again and Jackson is on his back getting rammed, Jackson busts all over himself with Trevor then pulling out to shoot ropes on the bottom's exposed taint.

Wanderlust: Barcelona – Bastian Karim -amp; Diego Reyes

Through the hanging chains of this Barcelona sex club, thick muscle daddy Diego Reyes can be seen pumping his hairy dick into the gaping mouth of expert cocksucker Bastian Karim. Without gagging on a single inch of Diego's impressive meat, Bastian swallows his new lover before suspending himself in the air for Diego to suck him off from below. With the taste of his young partner's delicious dick still in his mouth, Diego moves over to some stairs and invites Bastian to sit on his pulsating dick. The bearded fucker uses all of his will to pound Bastian over every available inch of the room until his furry body is drenched in sweat and both men are ready to blow. With Bastian now on his back, the bottom strokes himself off and watches as Diego pulls out to emit an overpowering waterfall of cum that thoroughly soaks his naked body.

The Gangbangers – Enhanced – Franc Sokol -amp; Pavol Holik

Pavol Holik is so excited about the upcoming sex party he can't ignore the aching stiffness of his cock. It feels so good to play with it--building the intensity until he feels an impending explosion. While Pavol's stroking his dick, Franc Sokol walks in and sees the massive tool. He diligently sucks Pavol's cock, lingering on the tip then sucking it in. Pavol rams his huge pole into Franc so deeply and the feeling of entering him is so sensational that spasms burst through Pavol over and over again.

Make It Last – Max Konnor -amp; Isaiah Taye

On sunny days like this, all Max Konnor wants to do is unwind poolside with an ice-cold beverage and his rock-hard cock. Isaiah Taye is more than happy to join Max for a day of relaxation and ejaculation as he leaves the water, drops to his knees and works his way down Max's 10 inches. Next, Max's tongue goes deep between Isaiah's cheeks before the bareback duo moves to a nearby hanging bed where Max begins fucking and filling Isaiah's smooth hole. Wearing nothing but his sunglasses, Max tweaks his own nipple as his big dick stretches out Isaiah and as Isaiah jerks off his own cock. A few more pumps into Isaiah has muscle hunk Max pulling out to unload himself with Isaiah then busting onto his own six-pack.