Private Show – Woody Fox -amp; Dave Slick

Dave Slick is on the verge of getting kicked out of the cam house by taskmaster, Woody Fox due to his low numbers in previous shows. To keep his place in the house, Dave needs to get his viewer count up with a live sex show. Woody gives Dave an ultimatum that leads the two hunky studs to the bedroom where Woody turns on the camera and unzips his jeans. Dave is eager to dive in and takes Woody's big, powerful, uncut dick in his mouth until he's ready for more. Dave wants to get fucked and opens his legs wide to let Woody tongue-fuck his smooth hole. Woody can see what Dave needs and instructs Dave to bend over and spread his cheeks. Dave does as he's told and soon Woody slides his long dick deep into Dave and starts pumping. Dave's dick flops back and forth and Woody's ripped abs flex while skin slaps. Woody wants Dave to do some of the work and tells his housemate to site on his uncut fuck-stick. Dave hops on and bounces on the hung Aussie's giant cock as Woody slides balls deep into Dave's hole. Both hung studs are working their way towards the ultimate climax when Woody throws Dave onto his back for one last pump sesh. Woody pounds away until Dave shoots his load all over his own hairy chest. That's Woody's cue to stand up and cover Dave's body with thick ropes of cum that leaves the heaving stud drenched and wet with jizz.

Pain -amp; Pleasure – Cesar Rossi -amp; Mason Lear

Mason Lear has come to the Doctor because he is having pain in his groin. When Dr. Cesar Rossi comes in to exam him and asks what caused the pain, he explains that it was an intense sexual encounter he had. Intrigued, Cesar starts examining Mason by feeling around his groin. He soon discovers that Mason is hard during the exam and has him remove his pants for further examination. In an effort to help Mason release some pressure, Cesar starts sucking his cock. Mason then sucks Cesar's cock for a while before rimming his ass. He then fucks Cesar doggy style up on the exam table. Mason then rides Cesar's cock up on the exam table for a while before putting Cesar on his back and fucking him again until Cesar shoots a huge load of cum. Mason pulls out and shoots his cum all over Cesar. Enjoy!

Zack -amp; Jack Make a Porno – Woody Fox -amp; Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox has left the set after a dispute with another performer and when Zack (Woody Fox) chases him down to console him, the comfort quickly turns to lust as the two lock eyes and start making out. Skyy's towel quickly drops to the floor and Zack's pants are soon to follow as Skyy goes in for a taste of what his producer has to offer. Skyy loves the taste of Zack's massive cock and could stay between his legs for days if he could. As much as Zack loves the oral attention, he's not going to let Skyy's ass slip away from him so easily. Zack bends his star over the back of the couch and goes directly into his hole with his tongue, giving long broad strokes from balls to back until Skyy is begging for a dick up his ass. Zack isn't one to let his guys down and slides his dick into Skyy, going slowly at first and building to a frenzied fuck as Skyy demands harder and faster pumping. Skyy wants Zack's dick even deeper inside of him and after getting plowed on his side, hops on to finish himself off as he rides Zack's pole. Skyy is rock hard with a dick up his ass as he blows his load all over his own cut abs. Skyy is still hungry for more and opens his mouth wide as he hops off Zack's cock to take a massive creamy facial before he gobbles up all the cum.

Show Me Your Hole – Christian Mitchell -amp; Byron Saint

The 'U' of Byron Saint's chin beard echoes the 'U' of his spread legs as he watches Christian Mitchell lube his hole. Christian's black-gloved hands spread more lube around Byron's balls, butt and thighs -- a sort of massage to relax him for what's to come. Christian asks, 'Ready for it?' and gets a nod. In go two fingers. Then four. Byron's head lolls and he spreads his thighs wider apart. The pace is quiet and relaxed. You can hear -- and almost feel -- their flesh touch. Christian's fist sinks entirely and he orders Byron to push it back out. He runs a gloved finger in circles around Byron's hole and Byron's rosebud pops into view. Byron orders Christian to 'Put it back in,' and he clamps his ass around Christian's wrist. Byron breathes deeply, sighs with content and tells Christian, 'Punch fuck my hole.' With every new impact he sighs and asks for more. His eyes roll back until you can only see the whites. Byron changes position; now he squats onto Christian's vertical forearm, repeatedly raising and lowering himself. Christian grabs his cock and jacks himself to orgasm.

Yes Sir I Want That Big Cock – John Magnum -amp; Chandler Scott

John Magnum is in the playroom eagerly waiting for a submissive bottom to service his big fat cock. Just then, Chandler Scott walks into the room and after eyeing each other, John takes control of Chandler and once he knows he has to refer to him as his Sir, he is ready to submit to John's demands. He drops to his knees and worships John's fat cock through his jeans before John allows him to suck it. John then starts face fucking Chandler and loving it. John then bends Chandler over and starts playing with his ass and fingering his hole to get it ready for his big cock. He fucks Chandler doggy style 1st and then has Chandler ride him on top of the tire before flipping him on his back and fucking the cum out of him. John then pulls out and feeds Chandler his load. Enjoy!

Private Show – Max Adonis -amp; Mason Lear

Max Adonis is putting on a live show in the hot tub, jacking his stiff rod for the camera when Mason Lear decides to join him. Max is caught off guard and tries to hide his hard-on but Mason is onto him. Mason slowly slides his foot over to Max's side of the tub signaling to Max he no longer needs to hide his boner. Mason stands up to kiss the stud and give him a hand jacking his dick. Mason can't hide his excitement to get Max's cock in his mouth and makes his way down to suck on his big rod. Halfway through the steamy hummer, Mason realizes he's being filmed and gets turned on even more. Not wanting to put on a bad show, Mason opens even wider to let Max fuck his face. Both studs are raging hard now and Max wants Mason's dick in his mouth. After bending the stud over and taking a quick taste of his smooth ass, Max works his way around to the front as Mason grabs the camera for a POV presentation. Max takes Mason all the way down his throat and sucks the hard stud until Mason blasts a massive load into Max's mouth. Max needs his release and lies back to jack his rod as Mason tongues his balls. Mason's talented tongue does the trick and without hesitation, Max blows a geyser of cum all over Mason's lips and chin.

Obey – Brian Bonds -amp; Sean Harding

Brian Bonds is hanging out in the sex club and feeling a bit more dominate than usual when Sean Harding walks in. After eyeing each other for a bit and rubbing their cocks, Brian approaches Sean and forces him down to his arm pits where he has Sean sniff all his musky scent. He then forces him down to his crotch where he starts face fucking Sean's open mouth. He then has Sean rim his ass for a while before continuing to face fuck him and gag his throat. Brian then moves to Sean's ass and rims him deep with his tongue. Once his hole is nice and wet. Brian stands up and shoves his bare cock deep into Sean's eager hole. He climbs up on the horse and fucks him harder and harder. He then moves him over to the tire on the floor and sucks Sean's big cock for a while before he sits down on Sean's cock and rides him deep and bare. Once his hole is satisfied, he puts Sean on his back and starts fucking him again until Sean shoots his own load onto himself. Brian then has Sean drop to his knees and feeds him his thick load of cum. Enjoy!

Private Show – Roman Todd -amp; Jackson Reed

Jackson Reed is live on cam when Roman Todd joins him in the kitchen. Jackson convinces Roman that they should fuck to get their numbers up and Roman agrees. Without missing a beat, Roman and Jackson lock lips as their hands make their way down each other's shorts. Jackson is happy to find a big stiffy in Roman's bulging undies and immediately drops to his knees to get it in his wet mouth. He sucks and slurps Roman's hard cock, working every inch of the extra thick shaft before Roman returns the favor. The muscle stud gets down in front of Jackson's swimmers body and takes his girthy cock in his mouth. He slowly works his way around to Jackson's ass and opens the stud up with laps from his tongue. When Roman is convinced that Jackson is ready for dick, he stands up and slides his hard rod deep into Jackson's backside. Jackson wants to watch Roman plow him and turns around to lie on his back as Roman keeps up pounding his prostate. With Roman pumping in and out, Jackson can't hold back his urge to bust any longer. He blasts his cum all over his chest and quickly gets on his knees one more time to take Roman's load on his face. Roman is happy to give Jackson his reward and covers him with a river of cum that runs down his cheeks and onto his panting, sweaty body.

Hard Working Stiffs – Cesar Rossi -amp; Rafael Cruz

Rafael Cruz is in his uniform in the workroom putting some laundry into the washing machine when Cesar Rossi walks in. They share a little small talk and then Rafael realizes that his uniform smells. He decides to throw it into the wash with the other stuff and strips down naked. When he asks Cesar if he wants his uniform washed, Cesar is just staring at Rafael's fat cock hanging between his legs. Noticing, he asks Cesar if he likes what he sees and then Cesar drops to his knees and starts sucking it and we get to see it grow to its full uncut length. Rafael then goes down on Cesar for a while before bending him over and rimming his ass. He then fucks Cesar with his thick long cock bent over and then Cesar rides his cock until he cannot hold back and shoots a big load of cum flying through the air. He drops to his knees and Rafael rubs out a big load of his own all over Cesar's chest. <br> </br>Enjoy!