Cage Kafig Fucks Romeo James

Romeo James had the honor of introducing Cage Kafig to what a wet male mouth could do. Today the pair meet up again, but this time they decide to swap some spit. As they  make out on the couch, Romeo helps Cage off with his shirt. He then gives Cage’s nipples a taste. The lads nibble on each other’s necks and feel each other up. All of this smooching gets both guys hard. Which we can see when they get rid of their shorts. Romeo sucks on Cage’s meat first. As he fills up his mouth, Cage pushes Romeo down to make sure each inch of his dick is serviced. Romeo comes up to plant a kiss on Cage’s mouth.

Cage then goes down on Romeo. While he’s only been in the BSB stable for a short time, Cage has picked up his pole loving  skills. Grabbing nuts, using lots of spit, stroking as he sucks. Work that cock, Mr. Cage! “Suck that cock,” Romeo whispers. Cage’s own sausage is standing at attention as he takes care of Romeo. It needs to find something to fill. “Let me fuck that ass,” Cage says. Romeo gets on the edge of the couch, his hole exposed. Cage puts on some lube and slowly works his monster in. Romeo grits his teeth and moans.  “Fuck me,” he begs. Cage fucks that hole, slow and deep. “You like that dick in you,” Cage asks. Romeo is too focused on the sensation in his booty to answer.

The strokes turn more forceful, with Cage giving him the full power of his tool. “That’s a long dick in your ass,” Cage notes. Romeo takes it all. Cage pulls out and kisses he bottom boy. “Ride this dick,” Cage commands. He sits down and Romeo squats over the rod. “Take this dick. Hell, yeah,” Cage says as Romeo slowly goes up and down. All the fucking is making Rome’s prick point to the ceiling.

Pain and pleasure are so beautiful, no? Cage wants to get back in control. So after a kiss, he puts Romeo on his back. The fucking is more demanding this time, with both studs cursing and moaning. Cage makes sure Romeo feels the entire length of his shaft. Romeo tries to keep his top stud from going so deep, but Cage isn’t paying attention to the thigh sign.

“Oh, I’m about to cum,” Romeo says.  As he shoots a load, Cage licks all over Romeo’s toes. This toe sucking gets Cage hot and bothered and his cum shoots out. It covers Romeo’s chin and neck. Cage leans in for a scene ending kiss.

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Cage Kafig & Romeo James

Romeo James & Cage

If there is anyone not excited by Cage’s return, please leave the building. You’re not welcome in
polite society!

The sexy newbie is back, relaxing on the bed with Romeo James. Remember when Romeo was just
a green rookie. He’s come back because work, laying concrete, isn’t paying all the bills. Also he
has some DUIs to take care of, and legal counsel isn’t cheap.

Cage is a little nervous about what will happen, but Romeo offers sage advice.

“Think of it as a girl giving you head,” Romeo says.

As for the cash he will be earning, Cage isn’t certain where it will go but isn’t worried.

“I’m certain I’ll find something to buy,” Cage notes.

Also he has a daughter and, like a good father, takes care of her.

Clothes are quickly stripped and Romeo is told to “work his magic.” He opens up and sucks away. His
tool is ready to play, but it takes some time for Cage’s beast to awaken. Cage tries to be nonchalant
at first, but that warm mouth does the trick.

Romeo’s tonsils are being pushed farther down his throat. Cage’s toy isn’t for beginners and effort
tears start to fill Romeo’s eyes.

“Here. I’m going to lick your ass. We’re going to break you in good,” Romeo says.

Cage puts those fine legs in the air, and Romeo goes to town on that hole.

“Oh, fuck,” Cage moans.

Romeo gets the Cage hole dripping wet with spit. When asked how it feels, Cage gives a definitive

“Fucking good,” he says.

All that work from Romeo has earned him a blow job, and Cage opens his mouth. Cage is a sexy
beast but is hotter with meat in his mouth. He laps slowly, and doesn’t back away when Romeo tries
to face fuck him. The stud even tries to deep throat. He can’t swallow all of the sausage, but looks
good trying.

Romeo returns to giving Cage oral pleasure. Spit and pre-cum drip from Romeo’s mouth. As he
blows away, Romeo jerks his own staff. His man juice lands on his forearm and hand as he continues to suck.

Cage blows next. He warns Romeo he’s about to shoot, but Romeo doesn’t stop sucking Cage’s
meat. If you remember Cage’s solo, the boy shoots LOTS of juice. He does the same today, which
Romeo spits back on Cage’s stomach.

Cage gives Romeo a head rub for being a good trooper.

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Cage Shows Off

Cage is a 20-year-old Kentucky boy. Like most southern lads, his mother raised him right because
he answers questions with “yes, sir.”

He has no hardship tale. Cage just likes to spend money.

“Just for extra spending money,” he says when asked why he’s jerking it in the BSB studio. “Just to
have fun.”

When it comes to where his cash goes for this fun, Cage is pretty basic.

“Cars. Trucks. Toys. All sorts of things,” he says. “Shoes.”

The slim stud is sporting some rocky green sneakers to match that green shirt. LOL!

He has a girlfriend, but she isn’t fully up on the details of his trip. He told her he was “out here
modeling,” which is all true.

“As long as I bring home money,” Cage adds with a laugh.

Smart girl, no.

He’s never been with a guy, but has gay friends. You’ll fall for him when he tells the story of
catching two of his friends in bed. He thought they were doing a girl, but another guy was involved.

“Turned the light on. Turned the light off and walked right out. Kind of petrified me,” Cage retells.

They didn’t notice him.

Give Cage props for having eclectic musical taste. It ranges from Brad Paisley and Lil Wayne fan.

When asked about his sexual fantasies, Cage offers nothing in particular. However, he does give a
perfect BSB t-shirt slogan.

“You got try everything at least once,” Cage says.

Lovers of tats will drool over Cage. He has them on his chest, arm and back. Although he’s a
newbie, Cage lacks any nerves.

“Just another day at work,” Cage notes.

He gets naked and starts jerking. His meat is one of those that curves to the side. It resembles the
owner. Long, thin and sturdy. No wonder his girl can’t keep up with Cage’s needs. LOL!

The stud plays to the camera, looks at us like he knows we want it. Which is true. LOL!

We get a shot of his extremely hairy butt hole.

Cage isn’t an eager stroker. Takes his time. Doesn’t rush things. A man with the slow hand is the
best kind. Soon though, Cage has to bust. And does he! Five spurts of cum explode from his
monster. One even hits his shoulder.

“Told ya,” Cage smiles. “It was saved up.”

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