Colby Jones & JJ Masters

Life is sweet when BSB models live close to our studio. Makes filming a whole lot easier. Take today’s update. Newbie JJ Masters texted the cameraman in the morning and was sitting on our bed in the afternoon. “Always need the money right now,” he says to the cameraman. “Crazy times.”Next to him is Colby, a dude who has been hanging around. Although he hasn’t done many scenes, Colby offers the best advice to the newbie.

“Pretend it’s a like dream and when you wake up there’s money,” Colby says. “The gay porn tooth fairy comes to bring you money.”
JJ hasn’t read “Sucking Dicks for Dummies,” but he did look at a couple vids. He’s not certain this will help, but is willing to give it a go. Both guys get naked and Colby sucks first.”Oh, shit,” JJ says as Colby goes down on him.

Colby has quickly become an A-1 cock sucker. He deep throats his scene partner, and in a few licks that tool is plump. JJ might be freaked out, but he strokes Colby as his meat gets a good licking. His toned legs even start to shake. JJ returns the favor. Give the newbie an “A” for enthusiasm. He gets on his stomach and sucks away with passion. Colby rubs JJ’s back as he gets serviced. The newbie even tries to deep throat! And doesn’t gag!

“Suck that cock,” Colby whispers. “Fuck, yeah.”JJ works his tongue around the head, making it all shiny with saliva. Colby tells JJ to stand up. He noisily goes to town on JJ’s johnson, his nose pressing against the newbie’s pubes. The cameraman suggests JJ gets back on the bed, and Colby gets back to sucking. Colby’s throat has no gag reflex. It can be stuffed with meat and the cutie never
chokes. LOL! “Almost there,” he moans.

Colby’s load coats JJ’s thigh in man milk. This doesn’t keep Colby from slurping away. JJ even face fucks that wet mouth, without one complaint from Colby.”Oh, fuck,” JJ whispers. Even though he has nutted, Colby remains hard as he tries to get JJ off. JJ starts jerking his tool and his tasty cum shoots up. Colby opens his mouth to have a man milk shot and get a few more dick licks in.
“I’m raw,” JJ says when asked how he feels. “Wait till you get fucked,” Colby notes. Come on, Colby! don’t scare him away! LOL!

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Colby Jones & JJ Masters

Vinnie Steel Gets Oral Action From Colby Jones

Vinnie Steel is back on the BSB chair with the “very broke” Colby Jones. To increase the size of his wallet Mr. Jones will suck Vinnie’s steel.”You’re don’t have to do anything,” Colby says to his scene partner. “You’re fucking lucky.”The cameraman turns his attention to Vinnie, wondering how he feels before his first man-on-man action.”Never had any physical actions with a dude, so I’m kind of pissed,” Vinnie says. Oh, straight boy drama over a simple blow job! LOL! The cameraman is a bit surprised by this answer. “It’s all for the all mighty dollar,” Vinnie finally notes.

To get the newbie to calm down, Colby gives him a massage. Both lads lose their shirts. Colby gets behind Vinnie and gently rubs his shoulders and neck. His hands stroke Vinnie’s chest. This makes the newbie put his hand on his own crotch. Colby moves his hand down to Vinnie’s tool and gently tugs it. Even kisses the stud’s nipples and arms. All that scene stress seems to leave Vinnie. “Suck that dick,” he whispers. Colby gets on his knees and licks up and down Vinnie’s rod. “All the way down,” Vinnie orders. Colby slobbers all over the shaft, tweaking a nipple.

He also soaks those nuts with spit. The dude, who was pissed before the scene started, coos encouragement. Colby swallows all Vinnie has, his tonsils tickling the bulbous head. He looks up in Vinnie’s face, to make certain everything is going the way it should.  Vinnie pinches his own nipple as Colby slobbers away. The newbie puts his hand to guide Colby, but there’s no need. Colby’s not going anywhere until there’s a sweet sticky surprise.  “Oh, yeah. Beg for it,” Vinnie whispers.

Colby’s mouth is filled with pre-cum and spit. His soft tongue sticking out. Moans and sucking sounds are all we hear.  Vinnie starts to jerk off, as Colby kisses his thighs and chest. He pays close attention to those perky nipples. “Yeah, fucking cum,” Colby moans. He keeps his mouth open as Vinnie jerks his pole. Occasionally he’ll tongue a nut. This makes Vinnie explode. “Oh, yeah take this load,” Vinnie commands. The jizz lands on Colby’s tongue, lips and chest. Vinnie is all smiles when it’s over. Can’t blame him, no?

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Vinnie Steel & Colby Jones


Cage Kafig Fuck Colby Jones

The two Cs, Cage and Colby, are in the BSB studios today. When today’s episode is over, there will be two firsts: Cage will have taken a guy’s booty virginity, and Colby will not be able to say no dude has ever fucked his sweet ass.
“A little bit nervous,” Colby says when the cameraman wonders how he’s feeling.
“What made you do it,” Cage asks.
“I need the money,” Colby replies.

When the cameraman wonders about Colby’s anxiety scale, one to ten, Cage answers.”He’s a 20,” Cage says with a chuckle. Colby puts the actual number at eight.
Colby puts his arm around him and assures the about to be bottom not to worry. “I won’t hurt you too bad.” Cage promises. Have you seen Cage’s cock, Colby?
Clothes are tossed aside. We get a last view of Colby’s pristine hole, and goodbyes are said to his virginity. Cage sucks first. Such a gentleman.

After a few moments, Colby’s rod gets stiff. He pushes Cage down, making sure no meat is left unloved. Cage is treating that tool right, licking the shaft and jerking it with his hand. Cage pulls off. “You got my eyes all watery and shit,” Cage says. Colby goes down on Cage, his mouth stretched by the sausage.
“Go all the way down on that dick,” Cage orders. Colby does so, slurping sounds echoing against the studio walls.

The time has come for Colby to learn what it means to have a pleasurable ache in his ass. “How about face down, ass up,” the cameraman wonders.
Everyone likes this. As Colby gets on his stomach, Cage puts on a condom. He doesn’t give Colby a chance to get used to the fucking. The hard pounding starts from the
start. Cage pulls back those cheeks so he can get in. Even smacks one for good measure. “Like that dick,” Cage asks.
Colby is too busy moaning to answer. The bottom boy just holds on.”Oh, fuck,” Colby whimpers.

The boys change positions. This time one of Colby’s legs is on the floor. Cage covers Colby’s mouth to silence his bottom’s loud breathing. Cage is going fast and deep,
making that Colby man cunt his. Colby gets on his back for the final lap. Cage is spewing filth as each stroke is balls deep. Very few can keep from cumming after this type of stuffing. Colby shoots first, his load covering his hand and stomach. Cage keeps in the hole for a few more strokes, then pulls out. The first stream of his jizz hits Colby’s ear. You read right. Colby is all smiles when it’s over, but can you blame him? Who wouldn’t smiled after being fucked like that?!

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Cage Kafig and Colby Jones