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It's amazing what you can get boys to do on video. Chase and Fernando are both horny, so the jerking and sucking is a no-brainer, but these boys show their willingness to explore new things as they share a double ended dildo, fuck themselves with it, and then enjoy some real hot pecker in ass action too!

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All guy2 love to jack off over porn, some boys share their dong stroking sessions with other bloke too. Del and Kalan go a little further than that when they're stroking their dicks to some pussy. After checking out what the other is packing the bloke swap their meat, jacking each other off. With a feel for another guy2 meat the dude move on to more pleasurable things - sucking pecker!

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Jason and Christian are sharing some jerking and sucking on the bed, and of course Thomas can't just watch and jack off! He's soon in there to share his own hard dick with the two, going just a little gay as he sinks his jock bone into each of them, fucking them in turn with his raw meat and even getting them into a fuck train too before they all start spewing their loads! Looks like breeder jock Thomas is gonna be more interested in man action after this!

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He's a handsome football playing jock who never expected this kind of initiation, but his hard throbbing joystick, his hungry bone sucking mouth and that tight virgin ass certainly seem to enjoy it! He's blindfolded for the pledge master to really get to work in total anonymity, revealing the jocks raging pecker and wanking him off. Surprisingly this jock seems to be a natural when it comes to sucking pecker, check out that tongue action as he laps a that helmet and his deep sucking skills too! Can his ass take some play? Sure it can! A little fingering and a fat dildo up his virgin hole and he's almost begging to jizz! Check out the intensity of his climax when he's finally taken over the edge, looks like this young jock passed the initiation with flying colors!

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He loves being in charge of the young pledges, he gets to enjoy their cocks and make them enjoy his kinky play too! He starts off with some rope, makes the boys suck and stroke each other, then demands his ass gets a punishing fuck from those inexperiened young blokes until all three are pumping out their heavy jizz loads!

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Gorgeous Tim is a Hockey playing dude, a real breeder hottie who is about to discover the joys of ass play and being stroked by a guy. His dong takes a little coaxing, but the fingering and dildo in his ass has him throbbing in the masters hands. He even shows how he would suck and lick a hard dick too, before being jerked to a very satisfying load! He's in the frat for sure.

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Blahe was really reluctant to do anything, and he kind of knew that he should be wary. The blindfold didn't help, but when his hooded dong got some strokes from the master he was soon hard and really getting into it. He discovered this was a lot more fun than the usual initiations! His ass gets some exploring too, something he seems to enjoy as his rod gets jerked to a massive fountain of semen! The poor boy must have had blue balls before the initiation, glad we could help him out with that!

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With holes in his uniform and his boot unlaced, muscular soldier Michel is about to find out what kind of punishment his superior officer Arcanjo likes to give out at any opportunity. Made to strip, he soon finds a big uncut prick in his face, and with orders to suck it he can’t refuse. Fucked in his raw ass and made to ride it, he can’t stop himself from jizzing, nor can he refuse that semen load in his face!

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