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Shadow Junior has Rayboy on hands and knees on the bed, his ass in the air ready for a good fucking. He uses both his hard fat cock and some toys to open up his slave's pig hole, causing him to moan for more and more. Shadow will only give what he wants himself of course though. After all, he is the dominant. Rayboy can take a lot of toy and dick in his bitch ass!

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Straight Virgin Hole Stretched – Anal Discipline

He's nervous, but the master doesn't care. That sweet virgin ass is going to get a stratehcing and the young breeder guy can do nothing about it. With his tender joystick licked and sucked, the young man bends over to have his hole played with, and he seems to like it too! A taste of joystick keeps him horny, and his dong is still leaking pre cum when he comes up for air to have his own boner stroked!

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Leather Clad Studs Toy Fuck In A Sling – Anal Discipline

Nick Piston and Chuck Dirocco are about as hot as you can get when it comes to leather studs. They've got a sling, a huge sex toy, a whole lot of muscle and enough lust to last a long, long time. We get everything here, from a hot 69 session to a ton of ass rimming and of course, some man hole pounding coming from a genuine, well hung stud until the spunk is spewing. Fucking HOT!

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Lycan Ties Up And Blows Slave Bare – Anal Discipline

Lycan is mostly submissive, but that doesn't mean he isn't capable of tying up the likes of Slave Bare and shoving a huge sex toy inside his man hole. Which he does here. Bare loves to be dominated and he surely loves huge toys in his ass. Lycan is very kind to him, giving him a handjob and actually letting him cream eventually. What a nice Dom!

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Shadow Feeds His Piggy A Cum Load – Anal Discipline

Lycan really wants a jizz load down his throat, and Shadow has been saving one up for him. The masked man gets off on fucking that fat ass first, shoving a sex toy in before getting his solid joystick out for the piggy to suck on and drain of that hot thick load. Piggy Lycan loves that jizz, and he doesn't spill a drop as Shadow floods his mouth and then leaves him there on the bed used and aching with a fake bone in his hole.

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Louis Fucks Himself And Jerks Off – Broke And Horny

Louis isn't a very big guy, but damn he's got a big fat cock on him! He seems to like fuck toys, shoving a few big ones in his asshole in this scene. He was dong and confident right from the get-go here and had fun making some extra dollars squirting. Shooting for all of us perverts of course. A sexy movie did the trick for this hottie to get off!

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Junior Pavanelo and Yuri Prado went for a sail and decided to pull the boat over for some hot joystick sucking and raw ass fucking. They didn't want the boat upending while they fucked away like the lust filled latin studs they are. Besides, there's a lot more room for spooning and other activities over on the shore. The bottom rides a nice big schlong here!

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Anal Buddies Share A Toy – Anal Discipline

It's amazing what you can get boys to do on video. Chase and Fernando are both horny, so the jerking and sucking is a no-brainer, but these boys show their willingness to explore new things as they share a double ended dildo, fuck themselves with it, and then enjoy some real hot pecker in ass action too!

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Tom was just going to enjoy a pecker stroke when someone arrived to give him some help, and a new experience too! His cock gets some stroking, slicked up with shaving cream. With his cock hard and shaved clean his hole is ready for some stretching as a long dildo eases into his virgin pucker, he seems to like it though, jerking his pecker while his ass gets a stretching!

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Kai, Sky and Jason are super hot guy2, all well hung and very horny. One loves being a bottom to two tops, so it isn’t long before he’s got his legs wide open for a fat dildo before it’s replaced with his studs’ big dicks. He loves sucking dick too and is sure to get his tops nice and rock hard so they can penetrate his hot, hairy man hole!

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