Boy Gusher – Jacob




When you walk into the room and see a tight ass like the one Jacob has you have to fight temptation to not touch that fine round mass of meat. I lost to that temptation and I just couldn’t keep my hands off that ass, and it felt so good underneath my fingers. I rubbed that fine ass and then ran my hand along those hard thighs and legs, and back up again to his fine ass. When he turned around and saw me he was a bit shocked, but I pulled out his undies and let them snap back getting his full attention. He didn’t seem to mind that I was touching and rubbing his ass, in fact, his cock was already hard and shoving its way out of his underwear. I worked my way around his underwear and pulled his dick right out of them slapping it against his stomach as I did.

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Broke College Boys – Justin And Danny




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I walked in on a wild conversation about a guy that died in Mexico from being fucked by a donkey. It seems the donkey slipped and fell on him, but we all agreed that we didn’t feel sorry for him. I found out that Danny is a go-go dancer, and his wife is ok with it. Justin is on a layover and stopped by to see us. They both need money so you know where this is leading. I offered them $600.00 each to fool around with each other. They laughed at me and came back with an offer of nine-hundred dollars. I agreed, it’s a lot, but I want to see these guys fucking. I offered an extra hundred if Danny bottoms for the first time. They agreed and I let them get started.

It starts out slowly with them both fondling each other, then Justin begins to get serious and grabs Danny’s cock and sucks that dick into his mouth making Danny moan with pleasure and grab Justin’s hair. You can tell that Justin isn’t afraid to gobble a hard dick and he has some serious cock sucking techniques that we could all learn from. He pops that dick in and out fast making Danny yelp. Then it is Justin’s turn to have his cock sucked, and as Danny takes that cock into his mouth he jerks on his own hard dick. Justin is starting to moan and groan as Danny sucks on his hard cock. These boys are now both rock hard and Justin is ready to lay open Danny’s sweet tight ass for the first time.

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College Boy Physicals – Kevin’s Anal Exam




The doctor @ College Boy Physicals says,

I had just finished up with Kevin and his stretching to try to loosen him up but I wasn’t sure that my first exam did the trick so I continued with a more intensive approach.

Kevin arrived back and I quickly went through his vital signs. Kevin is a really hot patient and I was eager to get started with his return exam. I had Kevin lay on the exam table and I did some more stretching but this time I worked out his lower body making my way to his hot juicy ass. I spread his ass checks and played with his anal cavity as I decided to insert the prostrate anal probe and let that be in there for a while. I inserted the prostrate stimulator into his tight asshole and I teased his hole for a while before turning him over to inspect his cock as it grew. The prostrate stimulator was also giving him pleasure and it was messaging his prostrate which made Kevin a bit more relaxed but yet bad his cock rock hard. I couldn’t help myself but I had to get a closer look at his hot cock so I lean forward and open my mouth as I inserted his now throbbing and twitching cock. I sucked on his cock for a while but then I had an idea. I Told Kevin to suck my cock and then decided to have him fuck me.

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Broke College Boys – Zack And Matt




I’m hanging out today by the pool with Matt and Zack. These boys look great in their swim togs. I found out that Matt is going to school to be an engineer, and Zack is twenty-one and going to school to be a teacher. He wants to get a degree in teaching, spend all that money and never get it back. Zack is gay, and Matt is bi-sexual. They are both playing the field and free and easy. Since both of these boys are strapped for cash for college, I offered them some cash to play around while I taped them. After negotiations we all agreed on four hundred dollars for a mutual blow job. Zack jumped on both the money and Matt with a hungry appetite. Matt says that Zack is a great cock sucker and his cock gets harder by the moment. Zack makes that dick look like an all day sucker, and he has no inclinations to stop. He loves to deep throat that dick of Matt’s and he makes Matt moan and groan each time he sucks that dick down and into his throat. (MORE)

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Boy Gusher – Keith




I snuck into my guest room again and found Keith sleeping soundly in bed, his hand inside the sheets, and of course at that point I was curious and had to find out if he had a hard-on or not. I honestly tried to wake him up, but when he didn’t wake up, I snuck into his shorts and played with his cock. I went ahead and peeled the sheets down so that he was semi nude, and then I moved my hands back to begin playing with his cock. I moved the leg of his shorts over which gave me easy access and I played with his ballsack and then began to pull down his shorts. I was hoping that I could do it without waking him up. I woke him up a bit, but he didn’t seem to mind. I pinched his nipples and then went on to stroke his cock while fondling his ballsack again. Then I jerked on his cock and kissed his nipples.

It wasn’t long until this jerk job got wild and crazy. I got the lube out and raised his ass up to give me a better position to toy his ass with. He moaned and began to jerk on his own cock while I toyed his tight ass. He was moaning as I shoved that toy in all the way. While that toy was stuck deep into his ass, I made him hold up his own leg and began to jerk on his cock myself for awhile. I flicked it and made it move as I grabbed his hard dick and continued to stroke and toy his ass over and over again.

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College Boy Physicals – Kevin


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It was great to see Kevin back into the clinic. It was just last week he was in the clinic collecting$100 for the sperm drive we are having on campus. I told Kevin to return and visit me again because of his joint pain and I wanted to check it out so it wouldn’t be anything serious. I checked Kevin’s vital signs at first and did a quick general exam. I had Kevin jump off the exam table and I had him stand next to me as I started his stretch therapy. Kevin’s muscles and joints were really tight as I grab his arm and stretched it out. I then twisted his neck and then felt his spine. I started from the back of his head and I worked myself down his back and then I was feeling his lowered back. I then instructed Kevin to lean forward as I closely examined his lower back. I don’t know what happen but I found myself spreading his ass cheeks and rimming his tight but hole. (MORE)


Kevin not only had a smooth toned body, he has the nicest ass which I couldn’t resist to closely examine it with my tongue. As I was gently moving and circling my moist tongue around his tight boy hole, I took my other hand and played with his cock which was soft and getting hard. I know Kevin was really enjoying this as I heard him moan and groan with each lick and deeper my tongue pressed into his hole. This made his cock really hard so I turned him around and sucked his cock. Kevin has a really nice cock and his balls were nice a smooth as I licked and sucked his cock and teased his nutsac. (MORE)

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Bedroom Spanking – Mason Wyler

Mason is a fun guy to be around. With his witty humor and intelligence, there always seems to be something on his mind worth talking about.<br/><br/>Take, for example, this last shoot we did with him. To start things off, he comes rushing into the room like his favorite sitcom character (you'll have to see for yourself). After giving you the run down and how you'll most likely just fast forward to the end of his video to catch the cumshot, the blonde haired stud gives you a strip show before stroking his massive uncut cut to a creamy conclusion, dumping his man milk all over the bed.<br/><br/>We like Mason, and we're sure you do too!<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

College Boy Physicals – Dr. Quinn And Kevin


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today was my first day at the clinic. I was transferred from another college clinic and I was told to come to this clinic to learn some new methods that Dr. Dick and Dr. Phingerphuk are experimenting with. In the meantime, while I was waiting to meet the other Doctors I was told to take some patients and my first patient of the day was Kevin. Kevin was a typical college frat/jock type boy that picked up a flier that Dr. James passed out on the campus for male students to donate sperm. I think this is something to do with Dr. Dick’s experiment but I’m not sure. The flier reads that the clinic is looking for college students between the ages of 18-21 years old to donate sperm and the student will earn up to $100. (MORE)


Kevin was just one of those students that picked up the flyer and decided to come in and give us a donation and for him to make $100 for his time and effort. Since Kevin hadn’t have an exam in several years I decided to give him a once over. He really didn’t want to get the exam but, since this was an experiment and we were paying him $100 for the donation, I just wanted to make sure he was fit & healthy. I started off by giving him a normal exam checking his heart, nose, throat and eyes and then it was time to examine his penis. Kevin was shy and really thought it was unnecessary for him to do this exam, but I reminded the patient it was he that came into the clinic to donate his sperm. (MORE)


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Boy Gusher – Corey




There is nothing bad about a little light bondage and when Corey stopped by I knew I had my guy. He was so tired he passed out on the bed, and that is when I stepped in and took advantage of him. I rubbed his cock in his jeans and then unbuttoned them to play with that dick in his undies. I wanted those jeans off of him, so I moved to the foot of the bed and took his shoes off. I took one up to his face and put it on his nose, but he didn’t move an inch. I went back down to the bottom of the bed at this point and peeled his pants off sliding them off his legs slowly until they were on the floor. I’m pretty sure at this point he is playing possum and pretending to be asleep, but I go with it. I grab my rope and tie his wrists to the bed so that I can have my way with him.

As soon as I get his undies off and begin to jerk on his cock he moans and then I know for sure that he is awake. He soon begins to talk to me as I rub and jerk on his cock telling me how great my handjob feels on his cock. He tries to lift his arms off the bed to join me in stroking his cock, but he can’t. I add some lube and begin to jerk on that hard dick even more as he moans and watches me through hooded lids. I rub his stomach and legs while I masturbate his cock and he is really moaning, he is even adding some words in here and there. I know he is close to cumming I can feel it. He really wants to grab that cock now and the binds I have him won’t let him so he is a bit frustrated as he rides the edge before he cums. I begin to talk to him about his cock and he tells me to stroke it just like that and I tell him to pop his shit, and he explodes that dick cream all over his stomach and my hand.

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Broke College Boys – Caleb, Landon & Eric




It is early in the am as I catch the boys in bed still sleeping. I found them in bed and I’m trying to get them out of bed. It was hard as hell to get them out of bed, they didn’t want to go out and weed the garden. I kept at them though and told them if they wanted me to leave them alone they had to perform for me. I offered them first $500.00 and then $800.00 to wake up and have some sex.

That got their attention, and they told me to leave for the day as well and I agreed. After they removed the blankets I realized that they were already half naked and Landon was hard as a rock. The boys began to attack Eric in the middle with kisses and soft touches. You can tell that he is enjoying the attention and his hands begin to wander as well. Then Eric moves to suck on Caleb’s cock while Landon sucks on his. This is a great shot and one that you won’t want to miss; I know it turned me on. Landon even mentions that Eric has a fat cock and he likes to lick and suck on that big thick cock.

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