Blake Bennett Fucks Griffin Matthews

Blake Bennet shares the couch with Griffin Matthews in this promising update. Griffin has returned because he needs some funds to fix his car.  “Always a truck or car or motorcycle,” Blake observes. The mighty Blake has been busy over the past few months. “School. Lots of school,” he notes. As for the script of today’s scene, it’s relatively simple.  “I’m going to fuck Griffin today,” Blake says with emphasis on each word.

And he adds something that will go over well in BSB land. “I’ll not be gentle,” Blake says with the grin of a sexy devil.
Griffin is ready for what Blake is about to do. The two quickly get naked. Notice how Griffin stares at Blake’s meat. :-) “You know how to suck dick,” Blake wonders.  Griffin assures him about his skills. Blake sucks first. He puts his head in Griffin’s lap and licks that tool.
“Oh, fuck,” Griffin whispers. Soon Griffin’s johnson plumps filling up Blake’s mouth. “That feels good,” Griffin says. It looks good too, no?

“It’s been awhile,” Blake says. It might have been, but sucking pole is like riding a bicycle. Once you get back on, all the habits return.
Soon it’s Griffin’ turn. Blake face fucks his scene partner, making Griffin choke on all that heard meat.  “Yeah, you know what you’re doing,” Blake whispers. Griffin told ya, Blake! LOL! Griffin deep throats and jerks it, doing his best to make that dong rock hard.

“Damn dude,” Griffin says. “You’re going to make me cum.” It’s pounding time. Griffin gets on his hands and knees. Blake puts on a condom and puts lube where it should go. In one slow stroke, Blake is in that ass. After a few moments he starts fucking the sturdy bottom. Balls deep. Poor Griffin. His joy spot is getting mashed, but he does ask for a little more lube. Blake does so, but when he returns to that booty Griffin’s hairy ass cheeks jiggle from all the movement.
They switch positions, with Griffin straddling Blake. Griffin holds on as Blake fucks that ass, filling the hole up. Griffin’s grunts mix with the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

Griffin gets in the last position, his back.  “Oh, my God,” Griffin whimpers as Blake treats his hole like wet pussy. “Fuck my ass,” Griffin orders.
A pushy bottom! The pounding gets harder, and Blake pulls Griffin’s legs farther apart. This pushes Griffin to the point of no return. His first stream of man milk lands over his head. The rest coats his chest and stomach. Blake pulls out and strokes a load that makes Griffins’ pubes wet and juicy. “That felt really good,” Griffin says. Was it good for you also?

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Bennett Fucks Griffin Matthews

Blake Bennett Fucks Damien Kyle

When this update begins, there are only stares and stroking. Blake Bennet and Damien Kyle are
kneading their own tools, and looking to see what the other is carrying. The glances are furtive, like
the two are embarrassed to be so interested in what the other might be packing.

Blake, the wily BSB veteran, reaches over. First he touches Damien’s thigh to check to see if it’s cool
to fondle the merchandise. LOL! His hand grabs Damien’s bulge and that causes Damien to do
the same.

The studs feel each other up, their dicks straining against their clothes. Damien pulls his pants and
underwear mid-thigh, and Blake gets to really stroke that sausage.

Damien gets fully naked first, and the two stand up. There’s that awkward moment when they’re not
certain about kissing, but lips are put together. Blake sits on the couch, and swallows Damien’s
johnson. Blake takes his time. Licking the head, slobbering with the shaft, and going to the base. You
can tell Damien likes it by the way he strokes Blake’s hair. He also face fucks his partner. Another
sign of enjoyment. :-)

Blake gets that tool sloppy wet with spit and pre-cum. Damien leans down and gives him an effort

“Fucking suck my cock,” Blake says.

So bossy. LOL! Damien gets on the couch and lets his mouth be used. He swallows everything
Blake has, and the stud mutters encouragement. Damien needs to come up for air from time to
time, but only briefly. He wants that meat in his mouth.

There’s another brief smooch before Damien straddles Blake. He puts his hole above Blake’s bone
and takes a seat. He sits balls deep and then goes up and down. Damien is a bottom in control,
taking what he wants. He’s making Blake work for that sweet ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Damien groans.

Damien is put on his back, his legs held part. Blake gets back in the boy hole and pounds with

“Fuck, me,” Damien orders. “Harder.”

Blake does so, giving the boy everything he can. But a hard fuck isn’t complete without some
kissing, which the two do.

Blake gets back to giving Damien a meat injection.

“Look at me,” Blake commands.

The fucking picks up, with Damien moaning. He beats his meat and his first stream of cum hits the
bottom of his chest. Blake pulls out and works his bone to a nut. His man milk splatters the top of
Damien’s stomach and his pubes.

After calming down, Blake leans in for a final smooch.

“Fuck, he says,”

Which gets a sexy ass grin from Damien!

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Blake Bennett & Damien Kyle 



This scene is from BSB heaven. Brandon Beale, Blake Bennet and Johnny Forza in a raw three-way. And guess who will play the role of the pass around bottom? The cute boy sitting between Brandon and Johnny.

Johnny is the only one who has experienced a trio off camera (with some lucky ladies). He is confused by the question, however. “It’s late,” he whines when he gets the cameraman was asking about trios with the opposite sex. “Don’t be a bitch,” Blake observes. Not an expert in these matters, but is that the type of comment the meat in a man sandwich should be asking? However, Blake does come up with his new nickname. “Bottoming Blake Bennet bare backs,” he says with his trademark smile. All three stand up and strip. Johnny is wearing what he calls his “blow-job pants.”

“Easy access,” Blake asks. “Are you a little nervous, Blake,” the cameraman wonders. “Yeah. Are you kidding me,” Blake responds. “The other two have smiles on their faces,” the cameraman observes. “Because we’re not him,” Johnny says pointing to Blake. “Yeah, exactly,” Brandon adds. They pull off their underwear and show their booties to the camera. Cheeks are wiggled, but Brandon observes his ass movement can only go so far because “he’s not that black.” “Racist,” Blake whispers. With the anthropological observations about ass shaking out of the way, the boys get busy. They sit down again, with Blake in the middle. He leans over and sucks Johnny while Brandon sucks Blake. Hasn’t Blake transformed into an enthusiastic dick sucker?

He sticks his tongue out and smacks it with Johnny’s meat. As for Brandon, he is all about the deep throat. He swallows Blake whole. Johnny just leans back and enjoys the show. :-) Moans and slurps are the only things heard. Blake sits up and wipes the tears from his eyes. All the pole swallowing takes work. He goes down on Brandon and Johnny gets to blow Blake for awhile. Johnny keeps his mouth on Blake’s bloated head. As for Blake, he makes sure Brandon’s tool receives its fair amount of drool. It will need to be slick, considering where it will be going!

“It’s time for a little spit roast,” Johnny says to Brandon. “All right,” he cheerfully replies. Blake puts lube in his hole. Johnny sits on the couch and across from, in the chair, is Brandon. Blake slowly sits on Johnny’s joint. “Oh, fuck,” Blake groans. He leans over and sucks Brandon, but keeps cursing every time his special spot is hit by Johnny’s shaft. His going balls deep, making Blake’s ass brand new. Brandon grabs Blake’s head to keep it where it belongs. “Oh, fuck man,” Blake moans. He grabs the chair as Johnny’s strokes get more forceful. By this time Johnny isn’t even the couch. He’s in the air, his hands grabbing Blake’s ass. He even gives those cute cheeks a few slaps for good measure. “Hey, Johnny,” Brandon asks. “Let me get a piece of that ass.” Being a generous and kind dude, Johnny pulls out. He takes a seat in the chair, and Blake sits on Johnny’s lap. He pulls his legs up, and Brandon gets in one long stroke. Immediately it’s balls deep. “Oh, fuck,” Blake whimpers. Brandon’s thrusting must be hitting that joy button because Blake’s toes curl on themselves! LOL! “Keep fucking him,” Johnny orders. It doesn’t look like Brandon is going to stop. “Fuck that ass,” Johnny commands. Brandon is treating that ass like it’s moist pussy.

“Oh, fuck me.” Blake whimpers. Johnny gets back in, after Brandon pulls out. Poor Blake. His hole can’t seem to get any rest from all of this stuffing. “Fuck me dude,” Blake pleads. As he gets filled, he shoots a load with the help of Brandon’s hand. As for Brandon his own nectar explosion soon follows. Johnny pulls out and strokes his nut. The juice lands right above Blake’s hole. Brandon rubs it in. “Fuck, I had to do everything,” Blake observes. And you did it well, Blake. You did it well.



Duncan stretches Blake Bennet

Anyone remember Blake’s fourgy with Brandon, Sam, and Max? Silly question. Of course you horn dogs do! Well, there was a sweet moment when Blake was transfixed by the size of Sam’s schlong. In today’s update, Blake has some monster meat he doesn’t have to share. He’s paired with Duncan “donkey dick” Tyler.

At the start of the video, Blake is all metaphorical/metaphysical.

“It’s like taking a giant shot of tequila,” Blake observes. “It’s going to be painful, and I might throw up, but it’s going to be worth it. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.”

He pauses and then asks the question all of Duncan’s bed friends must have asked at least once.

“Why does it have to be so thick?”

Duncan only chuckles throughout this monologue. Both know how the remuneration for this day of work will be spent.

“I’m buying a laptop. Mine is fucked up and broken,” Blake says.

“I’m going to buy a bunch of weed,” Duncan notes.

Ganja and computers. Welcome to the 21st century. LOL!

As both lads strip, it’s discovered Duncan has not measured the size of his appendage. Which makes sense. Dudes with impressive tools have no time for petty computations. :-)

“Have you ever had a screamer before,” Blake asks.

First Duncan says no, but the cameraman corrects the record.

“Anthony was quite the screamer,”the cameraman notes.

As Blake keeps repeating laptop as his “final last words,” Duncan gets some advice.

“Don’t go easy on him,” the cameraman whispers.

Blake warns about revenge fucks, but Duncan shows no concern. LOL! The two get on the bed and Blake puts the soft meat in his mouth. Deep throating is easy at first, but the snake gets larger with each lick. Soon Blake can barely get past the head. When he tries to take more, he easily chokes.

“Jesus,” Blake whispers as he comes off the bloated pole.

He treats it like an ice cream cone, sucking and slurping.

“Damn, dude. It’s fucking huge,” Blake observes.

Duncan just grabs Blake’s head and pushes him on the bone. During this entire suck fest, Blake’s toy gets stiffer. He pulls up and Duncan goes down. Always good to see a top suck some dick, no? Duncan permits some face fucking and gags.

“Yeah, choke on it,” Blake demands.

Duncan looks all cute and sweet snuggled up to Blake, going down on that boner. And he’s doing something right because Blake’s toes curl.

It’s “game time,” as the cameraman calls it. Blake gets on his back and wonders about a raise. Duncan slathers his dong with lube.

“Easy, please,” Blake begs before Duncan enters.

When the head enters the hole, Blake’s entire body convulses.

“Fuck, you’re not even in yet,” Blake groans.

Blake’s cries fill the studio. He turns his body sideways to get used to the brutal invasion, but the pain persists. Duncan chuckles at all of this crying and piles in, balls deep.

Blake is crying and moaning, really not in the mood to have people talk to him.

“How does it feel, Blake,” the cameraman wonders.

“Don’t talk to me, man. Fuck you,” Blake replies.

Duncan repositions Blake and is about to reenter. The bottom is begging for mercy and puts his hand on Duncan’s thigh.

“Please be gentle,” Blake begs.

Duncan wants to make that ass his and just fills it up. Blake even requires a break. He gets it, but nothing is going to help today.

“Oh, fuck,” he cries.

To change the pace, Duncan gets on back. Blake straddles him, but the pain/pleasure doesn’t change much. Duncan is not giving Blake any control and fucks that hole with abandon. Balls deep. The prostate prodding pushes Blake to the brink, and he shoots a load. Duncan keeps fucking even after Blake has shot a wad. Finally, Blake gets off the monster and sucks it. He works overtime to get Duncan off. Even lets the stud fuck his mouth. After some intense stroking Duncan’s jizz shoots outs landing on his stomach.

“I hope to never see that cock again,” Blake declares, after both models calm down from all that screwing and cumming. “I’m not going to shit right for a week.”



BrokeStraightBoys: Johnny Forza and Blake Bennet

Broke Straight Boys Johnny Forza and Blake Bennet can’t be stopped! Here’s the scene with these two straight boys! Johnny Forza gives his meat a tender tap. Blake Bennet’s legs are bouncing up and down. When the cameraman wonders how the two performers are doing, Johnny gives a peace sign. All is good in his world. What about Blake? “Nervous as hell,” Blake says. “Because I haven’t taken a dick that big yet.” The cameraman says now is the time, but Blake’s legs keep shaking. He’s not sure about this. Understandable! But everyone watching this update is more than ready for Blake to ride a straight boy named Johnny. :-) The Jersey boy mentions that he’s spent his BSB cash well; he’s purchased a motorcycle. “It’s gorgeous,” Blake notes.

Johnny is over being an actual “broke straight boy” so this is the reason he’s back in at the straight boy studios! Remember when he was certain he done being gay for pay? :-) Well, he is ready to earn more cash! When the boys strip to their boxers, we get to compare their physiques. Neither of these hot straight boys would be booted out of a bed for leaving crumbs, but their differences are startling. Blake is a tan lithe lad with the build of a polo player. Blake on the other hand, is all mountain — his defined muscles taught and ripped against his pale skin. Check out these two straight boys going at it on!

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Meet Broke Straight Boys Max Flint and Blake Bennet

Now, we know that many of you out there in Broke Straight Boys land like when our vids start with introductory chitchat. Well, expect something a little different in today’s update with Max and Blake. Instead of confabulation– we give you “smooching”. Isn’t that a good trade?  As soon as we yell “action” these two go at it!

For Max and Blake, this is only their second time on screen together. In their first scene, Blake taught Max what it takes to satisfy a man (smile). In this update, the boys continue their sex-capade with lip locking and a little bromance as Blake hand runs through Max’s locks. If you aren’t turned on by the passion seen here, then you more than likely probably have erotic dreams about Rick Santorum. :-) As the two kiss, every inch of their bodies scream to be let free. This eventually happens, and Blake’s lips meet Max’s boyhood first.

“Oh, fuck,” Max moans as his scene partner suctions his meat. The sounds of Blake’s work echo in the room. He alternates between sucking and jerking Max, who is literally in heaven. Blake comes up from his duties, gives Max a kiss, and leans back. Max gets to work, going down to the balls. Blake’s mouth is open, like he’s surprised at the quality of the blow job (grin). You sure you ready for this one??!!

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Blake Bennet and the new dude Max Flint

Max is back! Max is back! Did you hear? Max is back!!!!!! Excuse the excessive ebullience, but we are talking about Max Flint. Our comment boards were filled with enthusiasm after we posted his first solo vid. Don’t lie. You all passed out from joy when the dirty curly topped lad used spit as lube. Many Broke Straight Boys members will need smelling salts after looking at today’s production because Max is paired with Blake Bennet. “I was a newbie once,” Blake jokes as he plants a big hand on Max’s shaking knee. Although Max has been on the receiving end of a number of blow jobs, this will be the first from a guy. Blake assures him not to worry. “I learned from the best though,” Blake adds.


Hot straight boy Blake Bennet fucks Jason

The rather shy Blake Bennet is back in the studio, and this time, he is joined by the always willing and able Jason. Right off the mark, Jason promised that he would be indulging Blake some hot sex. Blake could only grin at that remark and tell Jason to go for it. Instantly, Jason took it as a personal challenge, leaning right in and surprising Blake with a passionate kiss. However, Blake wasn’t one to back down and instead, gave just as good as he got. While Jason broke off the snogging only to take off his black t-shirt, Blake looked as if he had just had his mind blown.

Once his pesky top was off, Jason dived back in to continue Blake’s education, something that Blake obviously didn’t mind at all. Taking the imitative, Jason helped Blake remove his t-shirt, Blake grinning widely when Jason stated that he liked to get down to the brass tacks. In between some hot and heavy kissing, Blake’s belt was quickly undone and his pants taken off and thrown to the floor, leaving Blake completely naked. Jason had things in hand as he grasped Blake’s cock and slowly ran his hand up and down the stiffening shaft, all the while; Blake was massaging Jason’s cock through the tracksuit pants.A moment later, Jason’s pants hit the floor, Blake leaning over and swallowing down Jason’s hard cock.


Broke Straight Boys – Blake Bennet, Ty and Denver Grand

3 new boys Ty, Blake Bennet and Denver Grand

Three hotties; Blake, Ty and Denver are going to be indulging in some sweaty action together. Getting into things right away, it was time to start getting naked, all three of them putting a little ‘sexy’ into the way they stripped off the t-shirts and joking about having a wet t-shirt competition. Unable to help himself from laughing from his nerves, Blake sat down while Ty went to stand behind him even as Denver sat next to him.

2 straight dudes fighting over another dude's cock!

Together, Ty and Denver massaged Blake’s cock through his shorts in an effort to help him relax. A moment later, Ty wiggled his hand down the front of Blake’s shorts and began playing with the half hard cock. As Ty drew back and ran his hands over Blake’s chest, Denver popped the button on the shorts and helped Blake pull them down to his ankles. 

Hot ass to fuck! Who's up for it?

Exclusive video of Broke Straight Boys fucking for money