Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Mitch

2 of our youngest straight boys: Kodi and Mitch

Kodi and Mitch, two of the youngest models at Broke Straight Boys are going to be doing some fucking today. Mitch is a very lucky boy who will be getting fucked by the ever confidant Kodi. There was little chit chat as the two boys stood up and stripped off, Mitch only wondering how Kodi got naked so fast when he was struggling with his jeans.

Kodi sucks Mitch's cock

Once both boys were starkers, they sat down next to each other and with dicks in hand, they worked on getting their cocks rock hard. Pausing only for a brief moment to apply some lube to their stiffening shafts, it was easy to see that Kodi and Mitch had a pretty good rapport with each other. 


Only mere minutes later, there were two very stiff dicks in the room and as such, Kodi took control of the situation by deciding to suck cock first. Leaning over, Kodi took hold of Mitch’s cock and slowly slid the hard shaft down his throat.

Looks like someone's enjoying it!

2 HOT straight boys fucking


Austin Grant is back on Boy Gusher

Austin Grant!

In this update we have Austin Grant and we don’t mess around with an interview we just let Grant do his thing. He is on the bed with his cock out of his undies as he strokes on it, he gets up on his knees to remove his undies and then he really begins to jerk no his cock as Mr. Hand comes up behind him and puts a blindfold over his eyes. Then his hands are cuffed behind his back so he can’t touch his dick any longer.


Stomping Grounds – Austin Wilde

Austin Wilde is taking you on a tour of the Next Door shoot house! Join him as he recalls some of his favorite moments in various locations, and even pops in during a James Huntsman solo. All this reminiscing is getting Austin's dick hard and hungry!<br/><br/>While showing you the pool house, Austin decides to strip down and stroke his fattening cock. He's relaxing across the pool table and enjoying his throbbing boner while remembering a few of the hottest moments he's experienced in this very spot. Then it's back into the house to politely intrude upon James Huntsman's solo shoot. James and Austin have become homies around the house and James is very welcoming when Austin drops by to jerk off right alongside him. And when James finishes, leaving behind his freshly used cum rag, Austin takes the opportunity to enjoy it while finishing himself off!<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

Foose Rush In – Marcus Mojo -amp; Ayden Marx

Ayden Marx has made the silly mistake of challenging Marcus Mojo to a foosball tournament. Ayden had no idea Marcus was nearly county champ 4 summers ago. Even though he doesn't have all his old moves, Marcus knows he can still beat the pants of Ayden, any old time. He still enjoys whooping some ass on the table when he has the chance.<br/><br/> After beating Ayden more times than either can count, Marcus plops on the couch to relax for a while. He soon moves to rubbing a chubby that's swelling up in his sweatpants. Ayden notices what's going on and makes his move, kissing Marcus from behind the couch. Marcus pulls Ayden over, eager to get his hands on that luscious body he's been eyeing while they were playing foosball. Now they're having a little post-tournament cool down, sucking each other's large, fat cocks. Even though Ayden got schooled, he's still a good sport. He's even letting Marcus slide his rock hard dick into his tight ass for a sensual and passionate pounding. Join these studs for a rec room experience where everyone wins!<br/><br/>

Gee Jizz – Stevie Gee

20 year old Stevie Gee was so lost in the sensations from his smooth, hard 20 year old body that he didn't even hear the crew enter. Stevie was rubbing his hard nips through his shirt, quickly getting rid of that grey top and the rest of his clothes almost immediately to get down to the business of that very hard, uncut, thick cock begging for attention on top of two, hairless bloated balls. From time to time, Stevie let's his fingers do a drive by across his tempting hole but it's his nipples that seem to be hard wired to his dick as the more he tugs on the them, the harder cock becomes, resulting in a thick, white, sticky load he oozes all over his abs.