College Boy Physicals – Travis

Once Travis was done shooting his hot pent up load I figured it was time for him to repay the favor. I had him lean over the examination table and then began to insert my dick into his mouth. I began to face fuck him hard which he seemed to love. Driving my thick long dick deep into the back of his throat then removing it to the tip only to shove it balls deep again. He was swallowing my cock like a pro and I couldn’t be happier with this patient. I removed my dick from his mouth and then sat down on the exam table so I could be more comfortable while I got the blowjob of a lifetime.



College Boy Physicals – Kayo and Dr Jizzerman

Kayo sucking on Dr Jizzerman's cock

After we had completed the first part of extracting the protein complex for Kayo’s sunburn we immediately proceeded into phase two. I took off my scrubs entirely and stood before Kayo sporting a massive hard-on which the kid was all to eager to suck on. He got on his knees and shoved the whole thing into his mouth forming one hell of a sucking on my dick. I was in doctor heaven at this point as Kayo was bobbing up and down the shaft of my cock. I decided it was time I got a bit more comfortable so I took my dick out of a disappointed looking Kayo and settled myself onto the examination table.

Dr Jizzerman fucking loves it!

As soon as laid down he was on my cock like white on rice, sucking and moaning as he took it down to the base and up to my throbbing knob. I had my hands on the back of his head, dominating him and making him take it all the way down and boy was he enjoying it. His good ass blowjob was bringing me closer to erupting one hell of a load. I pulled his head back and began shooting my hot cum. Exhausted I placed the next part of the treatment on his back and instantly I could tell he was feeling better. Happy with his service he said he’d definitely be coming back for all his medical needs.

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College Boy Physicals – Vince Wilder

Vince Wilder visits the doc

When an attractive young student stumbled into my office after hours and begged for my help with his stomach problems I saw it as my civic medical duty to heal his ailment. I had the tall, dark, green eyed stud set down his books and take a seat on the exam table. Once he was on I did the regular check up and then began focusing on his stomach. I had him remove all his clothes and lay down on the table. I checked his stomach for any tender spots and found the problem area immediately. Interestingly enough I had just formulated an experimental technique that would ease his stomach pains.

Scared college dude

I began to massage his dick which sprang to life before my very eyes. This kid had a club for a cock. It was a thick, rock hard, and veiny eight inch dick that felt good in my hands. I could also tell that Vince was enjoying himself to. He was thrusting his hips up to meet the rhythm of my handjob and before I knew it the young engineer to be was blowing one nice load all over himself. Vince laid back with a smile on his face and thanked me. It was just part of the job I told him and then excused myself to see to some other business that needed my attention.

Vince getting jerked off by the doctor

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College Boys Physical – Eric & Mikey

Guy Gets A Physical

Guy Gets A Physical

Mikey came into the College Boys Physicals Clinic again today complaining of some knee and leg pain he had been having ever since his most recent karate practice. Doctor Phingerphuk was busy interviewing prospective new doctors for the clinic so Nurse Eric stepped in to check him out and see if he could find any obvious problems.

Mikey pulled off his shirt, showing off his nice abs and thin body. Eric checked him out and did some basic vital signs then had him strip and lay back on the exam table. Mikey is totally relaxed with his body. He isn’t shy so he doesn’t mind getting naked in front of Eric who then starts running his hands all over Mikey’s lets. Mikey has a fantastic cock that the horny nurse can’t keep his eyes off of.

Male Nurse Sucks Cock

Male Nurse Sucks Cock

As Eric gave him the exam he started rubbing Mikey’s cock which quickly got hard in his hands. Mikey didn’t say a word so the horny nurse leaned in and started to suck him. Mikey moaned a little as he got a gay blowjob from the male nurse, but he was loving how it felt so he wasn’t about to tell him to stop him.

Nurse Eric pulled off his clothes while he sucked Mikey’s cock then he crawled up on top of him and impaled himself on this college guy’s hard dick. He rode his dick, bouncing on him and taking every inch of his cock in his tight ass. He then crawled off and switched spots with Mikey so he could lay down. He pulled his legs back and let Mikey slam his cock in and thrust hard. He drilled Eric’s ass deep and true then just as he hit the wall he pulled out and sprayed hot cum all over Nurse Eric’s nice body.

Gay Sex With Doctor

Gay Sex With Doctor