More Than An Oil Change! – Raunchy Bareback

Handsome in his suit and tie, John is after more than a little help with his car. The sight of hooded youth Jasper is too much for him, soon he has the young mans hooded pecker out for some sucking, and sharing his own delicious boner too! Both get plenty of hard uncircumcised raw dong inside them for this flip flop, decorating the bonnet with spunk when they're finished!

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Homeowner Takes Raw Dick – Raunchy Bareback

Jed Pisston and Thomas Bjorn star in another home invasion video here where one dominates the other after breaking into his house and holding him down in order to fuck his ass raw. The victim actually likes it and takes his punishment well. Some bloke just like to be fucked in the ass, this guy certainly did!

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Intruder Fucks Homeowner’s Ass Raw – Raunchy Bareback

Thomas Bjorn and Gabe put n a great bareback fucking scene here as one plays a home invader who wants to fuck the ass of the homeowner. The guy really has no other choice but to comply because the intruder is bigger and stronger than him. He gets bound and blindfolded, fucked hard on his back and from behind until his hairy ass gets glazed with spooge!

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Aron Kronos Takes Michael Boston’s Hole

Aron Kronos takes Michael Boston’s hole raw!  That alone is more than enough reason to click the links!  But here we have two athletic bods, one muscular-one gymnast, and two eager to please and get paid while getting laid straight hunks.

Aron is a natural performer, much like some of our other straight boys.  Michael has been slowly showing us more his many talents with each scene he does.  Aron puts his hole to the test in this one.  The straight muscle daddy relentlessly pounds Michael’s hole bareback.  You’ll love seeing him go to work behind Michaels beefy gymnast ass!

They start with Michael hanging his head over the bed and letting Aron face fuck him.  Before long, the dom muscle daddy top plants his own ass on Micheal’s face for a rim ride.  Even straight boys love that feeling.  I won’t spoil any more for you, Here’s The Video!!

Charlie Maddoxx and Michael Boston

Charlie Maddoxx and Michael Boston are both still fairly new at BSB, but it is undeniable how Hot they are individually.  So, of course, we had to pair them together for you!

Charlie even gives Michael a rim job!  It’s always a treat for everyone when we can talk a straight boy into doing that! Luckily, money talks Charlie’s language and This IS BrokeStraightBoys!  Michael, of course, is no slouch either at earning that paycheck.  Come see the Video to see what the beefy gymnast preludes for you toward a facial finish!

Leather Studs Dominate Each Other – Anal Discipline

Austin Marks and Blake Andrews both love to dominate, so they took turns doing so here. Still, only one guy ended up getting fucked in the ass. He was still controlling things though. These bloke are real men, into real rough sex. Leather, a sling, hot mouths and a hairy man hole to pound the hell out of make this a scene not to be missed. They're well hung too!

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Using A Hot Raw Jock Ass – Raunchy Bareback

His big criminal pecker is throbbing with the need to fuck a hot hole, and when he finds an innocent jock laying naked on his bed he doesn't hold back! Jumping in and subduing his prey he makes him suck his massive pecker, then opens up his ass and sinks his long meat deep into him. Our poor victim can't help but get hard, fucked rough and deep, his own cock throbbing as those inches slam in and out of his ass! With a mess of semen squirting over his back he's furiously jerking his own raging rod and pumping his own load out all over himself!

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Sean Gets That Long Cock! – Anal Discipline

Sean loves to get fucked, and he's very hard to please, thankfully we have hung and horny Andy ready to slide his long and slender joystick into that tight ass and show the young bloke what a real good fucking is like! The guy2 have a lot of toys to play with before then, with Andy filling up his friend and both sharing a double ended sex toy, but it's the fucking that has Andy squirting out a massive cream load, with Sean following quickly.

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Raw Butt Fucking Buddies! – Raunchy Bareback

The slave boys know how to have fun when the master isn't around. Abandoning his chores, our gorgeous sub bottom releases his co-captive and the two make out, wank, suck pecker and fuck bareback! The horny jock top loves the feeling of finally being in control, using his masters plaything as he fucks the twinks ass and splashes him with his seed!

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