Swim Meat – Cade Maddox -amp; Remy Cruze

Remy Cruz is sore from his intense swim routine and seeks the help of sports therapist, Cade Maddox. Remy hops on the massage table and Cade gets to work on an alternative healing method by going in through Remy's fuckable asshole. He shoves his tongue deep inside the muscular swimmers backend until both of them have raging boners. Cade can't help but to take a taste of Remy's giant cock and as he does, Remy feels the need to do the same. The therapy seems to be working and after taking Cade's giant cock down his throat, Remy is ready to take it deep in his ass. He eagerly bends over the massage table and waits for Cade to enter his hole. Cade slides easily inside and pumps away on Remy's tight ass until he's ready to bust a nut. Cade pulls out and positions himself in front of Remy's mouth and drains his balls all over Remy's begging face. With Remy covered in his load, Cade leans over and sucks Remy's cock until Remy explodes in his mouth. Cade takes the mouthful of cum, and feeds it back to Remy with a passionate, jizz-filled kiss.

Hole Busters Vol. 2 – Craig Reynolds

Craig Reynolds obviously works hard in the gym. The 6'2' bodybuilder has the muscles to prove it. He also works hard shoving things up his big round bubble butt. Craig loves to get his hole plowed - and he proves it! Watch him take some of the biggest toys in the dungeon and beg for more!

Spice Things Up – Bryce Evans -amp; Jaxton Wheeler -amp; Hans Berlin

Bryce met a guy named Jaxton at the gym who has a nice thick fat cock and he has told his lover Hans that he invited him over to play with them. Both are a little nervous, and when Jaxton arrives they waste no time in getting down to business. All three climb on the bed and start kissing and groping each other. Once the clothes are off, Bryce and Hans share Jaxton's big fat cock with each other taking turns sucking it. Bryce then move to Hans's big fat dick and sucks him while Hans continues sucking Jaxton. Jaxton fucks Bryce first while Bryce continues to suck Hans's throbbing cock. Jaxton flips Bryce on his back and continues to fuck him as Hans buries his cock deep in his mouth. Then Hans rides Jaxton's hard shaft while Jaxton sucks on Bryce. Hans then lies on his back as Jaxton fucks him balls deep until he shoots a huge load all over himself. Bryce then shoots his load into Hans's mouth and Jaxton ends by feeding Hans his load. Enjoy!

Aron Kronos Takes Michael Boston’s Hole

Aron Kronos takes Michael Boston’s hole raw!  That alone is more than enough reason to click the links!  But here we have two athletic bods, one muscular-one gymnast, and two eager to please and get paid while getting laid straight hunks.

Aron is a natural performer, much like some of our other straight boys.  Michael has been slowly showing us more his many talents with each scene he does.  Aron puts his hole to the test in this one.  The straight muscle daddy relentlessly pounds Michael’s hole bareback.  You’ll love seeing him go to work behind Michaels beefy gymnast ass!

They start with Michael hanging his head over the bed and letting Aron face fuck him.  Before long, the dom muscle daddy top plants his own ass on Micheal’s face for a rim ride.  Even straight boys love that feeling.  I won’t spoil any more for you, Here’s The Video!!

Ben Damien and Chris Straight Boy Threeway

You know we’ve been waiting to release this hot update for you!  Benjamin Dover, Damien Nichols, and Chris Taylor!  Three of your member favorites, and big fat daddy dicks to boot!

You will not want to waist time reading here for this Must See scene!  The boys definitely put on a show for you unlike any of their other videos.  They even give straight boy gone gay double penetration a shot for you!!  Be sure to also check out the twitter page for hot behind the scenes on this trio scene.

And by the way, hands down the most Explosive finish filmed to date, as ALL THREE boys shoot humongous loads of jizz Everywhere!  HERE’S the MUST SEE VIDEO!!!

Zack -amp; Jack Make A Porno – Wesley Woods -amp; Alam Wernik

On the second day of production, Zack and Jack decide to switch things up by re-casting their movie. Things are going well until they decide to take a break to get some food. Alam joins Jack (Wesley Woods) in the car and asks Jack if he can suck his cock. Jack isn't one to say turn down a blowjob and Alam gets to work as Jack drives them to the restaurant. As the studs pull up in the drive thru, Alam only stops sucking long enough for the fast food lady to hand them their food. Jack needs to concentrate and pulls over to let Alam work his cock even more. It's a long and slippery blowjob and the harder Jack gets, the more he needs to get a piece of Alam. Alam gets completely naked and bends over to let Jack eat his bare ass. It tastes so good that Jack needs to see what the rest of the stud is like. Jack opens his mouth and lies back to let Alam face-fuck him. Both hunks turn into cock connoisseurs as they take turns giving each other head. Jack is the first to get his reward and as he licks the tip of Alam's swollen dick, Alam busts his load all over the cum-hungry stud. Alam wants cum too and finishes up by swallowing Jack's massive load. Both studs and the inside of the car are covered in cum when they realize they've been gone for way longer than they'd promised.

Unwanted Pool Guest – Dolf Dietrich -amp; Leo Luckett

Leo has been sneaking into his neighbors backyard, Dolf Dietrich, and he doesn't like it one bit. Leo Luckett has been told multiple times not to jump the fence and kick it in his pool. Leo is back at it and is enjoying a hot spring day in the pool but what he doesn't know is that Dolf is hiding behind a wall in the backyard spying on him. Dolf has always wanted to get in this young bucks pants and today he has the leverage. Dolf continues to spy on Leo while rubbing his dick through his pants. Leo is clueless to the fact he is being spied on and he now makes his way to the lounge chair to catch some sun while he dries off. Dolf makes his way to Leo and catches him off guard. Leo is frightened and not sure what to do but talk back to Dolf. Dolf tells the young buck that if he lets him fuck him than he can use his pool any time he wants. Leo agrees instantly and Leo wraps his young mouth around Dolf's big fat cock. Leo doesn't mind sucking on this hard cock since he will be able to swim all summer long. Dolf face fucks him deep and hard until the kid can't take it no longer and then Dolf starts to service Leo's young eager cock. Once Leo's cock has been sucked on for some time Dolf turns him over to reveal his smooth tight hole and he starts to tongue fuck him making his ass nice and lubed up for his dick. Dolf pushes his huge hard dick into Leo's tight young ass making him squirm. Dolf fucks Leo hard and deep making sure this kid feels his hole stretch nice and wide. Leo can barely take it and soon Dolf flips him on his back and pulls his cock out and blast a hot load all over the kid. Leo sees all the jizz and strokes his dick until he shoots his load all over himself. Enjoy!

Hung Country – Martin Mazza -amp; Antonio Miracle

In a country field, Martin Mazza and Antonio Miracle are stripped to the waist, engaged in a spirited round of play fighting. Gaining the upper hand, Martin grabs the front of Antonio's tight shorts and pulls them down, revealing Antonio's throbbing cock. They kiss passionately and beat it back to a secluded nook to get more serious. Undoing Antonio's fly, Martin reaches in and grabs Antonio's cock. After playing with Antonio's foreskin, Martin goes down and gives an intense blowjob. As he sucks on Antonio's balls, the intense sensations make Antonio's nipples plump and erect. Back on his feet, Antonio facefucks Martin, slapping his cock across Martin's cheeks and thrusting deep down his throat. Putting Martin back up on the table, Antonio presses his tongue right in the center of Martin's cheeks and lubes it up. Turning Martin over, Antonio slides his thick meat in and starts pounding. Antonio is an unstoppable dynamo, topping Martin with beastly power. Bracing himself on the table, Martin closes his eyes and revels in the sensations of letting his ass get used. Jerking his cock, Martin pushes himself over the edge with Antonio still inside him. Pulling out, Antonio strokes his dick until he splatters thick white cum on Martin's dick and balls.

Zack -amp; Jack Make A Porno – Woody Fox -amp; Alam Wernik

With the crew on break from Zack and Jack's porn production, Zack (Woody Fox) finds himself alone on set with social media superstar, Alam Wernik. Alam is eager to show off his assets and asks Zack if he wants to touch it. Zack can't resist the temptation and soon finds himself tongue-deep in Alam's smooth hole. Alam opens up with each probing flick from Zack's tongue. It's all the invitation Zack needs to rip off his clothes to see what else Alam has to offer. Alam turns around to get Zack's giant cock in his mouth and works it until Zack is hard and ready to go. Zack is fixated on Alam's perfect tight ass and can no longer resist his instincts as he slips his extra hard dick into Alam's hole. The muscle stud pounds away on his porn star's butt, opening him up and making him beg for more. The guys mix it up when Alam rides Zack pole before he gets on his back to let Zack drill even deeper. With Zack in complete control, he slams Alam's hole until he makes the young stud blast his load all over his tight body. With the sight of all that cum dripping everywhere, Zack has Alam suck his dick one last time until he creams all over Alam's face.