Gym Daddy’s Big Cock – Joe Parker -amp; Johnny B

When Joe Parker sees young Johnny B's cute little ass hanging out of his jock strap, he feels a tingle in his pants, and when Johnny sees what Joe is packing as he strips to change, he feels a sudden urge to mingle. And just that quickly, a locker room lust story unfolds, as Johnny quickly checks to see if anyone is around and then hungrily helps himself to Joe's meaty locker room cock. This isn't the first time gym daddy Joe has caught a quickie in the changing area, but Johnny's hole may be the sweetest so far. At least, that's what Joe thinks as he tongue fucks Johnny from behind, and his suspicions are confirmed when he slides his thick cock all the way inside Johnny. Johnny may not know how to work a jock strap but he's definitely no stranger to working a dick, as he takes Joe's hard pounding and begs for more, cumming all over himself as Joe pulls out and jizzes all over Johnny's alabaster stomach.Enjoy!

Making Moves – Arad Winwin -amp; Matt Lockwood

Arad Winwin is training twink hottie Matt Lockwood and helps with some after workout stretches. Arad can't help himself from making a move by rubbing down Matt's body. Moving in to take it to the next level, Arad starts to suck Matt's throbbing cock. Matt takes Arad's lead, and begins sucking his trainer's fat dick. Prepping his client's hairy hole for what's to come, Arad slides some fingers into Matt's tight hole. When Matt's tight hole is lubed with Arad's spit, Arad puts Matt in doggy-style and rams his bare cock deep, grabbing Matt's shoulder to get the deep stretch in. Matt gets on his knees to taste his juices right off the tip of Arad's cock. For the final stretch, Arad gets Matt on his back as he rails his hole bareback, achieving Matt's breaking point where he shoots his thick load all over his rock-hard abs. When it's Arad's turn to unload, he showers Matt's battered hole with his cum.

Brad’s Trivia Quiz Raw – Brad

This week we decided to treat our members with the raw version of Brad's Trivia Quiz scene. Brad is without a doubt one of Maskurbate's most popular model and one of the best performer and funny dude on and off-camera. This unedited version gives you access for the first time to the entire shoot. More Muscles, more of his big uncut cock, more Brad. Enjoy!

Dicklicious – Bravo Delta -amp; Aarin Asker

The craving for cock brings hairy Bravo Delta face to face with tall, tan Aarin Asker. Bravo's thick beard, dark body hair, and massive cock are all prominently on display. Aarin's firm ass, plump nipples, and hairy chest are irresistible, and Bravo rubs his hands along Aarin's muscled body. They kiss, beards rubbing together, tongues touching, and then Aarin goes down to get a taste of Bravo's mouthwatering meat. Spit drips down Aarin's furry pecs as he uses his saliva to lube up Bravo's tasty cock. Bravo leans back and invites Aarin to sit on his face, pushing his tongue deep into Aaron's hairy crack. With his hole lubed, Aarin sits on Bravo's throbbing boner. Thrusting from below, Bravo drives his girthy shaft deep in Aarin's fuckhole. Jerking his cock, Aarin flexes his muscular legs and slams his ass down on Bravo's schlong. They switch to missionary, Aarin throwing a leg up over Bravo's shoulder for maximum penetration, his hole stretching as wide as it can to accommodate Bravo's thick dick. The hair on Aarin's ass clings to Bravo's cock every time he pulls out. The pressure on Aarin's prostate pushes him over the edge, shooting his cum across his furry legs and stomach. Bravo strokes himself until he explodes with a giant load that drenches Aarin's cock with thick spunk.

Bro Buddies – Josh Moore -amp; Cade Maddox -amp; Dylan Hayes

Feeding from the bathroom cam in the 'Bro Buddies' house, bubble-butt twink Dylan Hayes walks in on English stud Josh Moore getting out of the shower. Intrigued by the size of Josh's uncut cock, Dylan drops to his knees to service the British stud. Like a weightless ragdoll, Josh picks Dylan up and throws him onto the bed to eat his ass. Cade Maddox gets home from being out and catches the two hunks in bed. Slightly annoyed they didn't wait for him, Cade drops his pants and feeds his cock to Dylan while Josh eats out Dylan's smooth hole. Sandwiched between the two, Josh climbs up from below and mounts Dylan's ass, planting his cock firmly inside his hole. Continuing to get it from both ends, they flip Dylan on his back so Cade can continue fucking his mouth while Josh reams his hole. Cade wants some of the ass action, so he lays back to let Dylan ride him hard while Josh jacks off in the corner. Switching positions, Dylan lays back to receive Josh's load on his face while Cade keeps drilling him bareback until he pulls out to cover the twink with his seed. Already covered in cum, Dylan blow shoots more all over his abs.

Bonus Package – Rikk York -amp; Jack Winters

After a full day of loading boxes, Jack Winters is about to discover one more bonus package for him to deal with, and if he thought his day was long and hard already, he ain't seen nothing yet. Rikk York is rock hard and ready to show Jack a good time, and it's the perfect reward for Jack after working all day. He leans up against a ladder as Rikk tongues his hole, then takes every inch of Rikk as he plunges his cock deep inside. Jack moans at first from the size of it, but once he's used to it, he smiles and tells Rikk to fuck him harder. Rikk gladly obliges him, pounding him from behind as Jack strokes himself from below. Rikk flips him over and fucks him even harder as Jack squirts his load all over himself. Seeing this, Rikk feels a throbbing surge in his dick and pulls out to absolutely drench Jack with his nut. <br> </br>Enjoy!

Taken – Kirk Cummings -amp; Jesse Zeppelin

Still in the bathroom at the mercy of Jesse Zeppelin, Kirk Cummings is bound by his balls to the urinal while Jesse eats his slaves smooth hole from behind. With Kirk's hole slick with spit, Jesse stands up and mounts his captive hunk. Bracing himself on the urinal, Kirk takes every powerful thrust that Jesse delivers to his hole. Busting out the electric wand one more time, Jesse shocks and teases Kirk all over his body, and mounts clothes pins to Kirk's torso. Jesse wants to see what Kirk's hole is made of, so he unties the tatted stud and sits down on the bathroom floor to let Kirk ride home still covered in clothes pins. Bouncing up and down on his captures impaled cock, Kirk strokes his meat until a thick load erupts out onto the floor. Now it's Jesse's turn to cum so Kirk gets on his knees again to take the janitors second load down his throat.

Fistpack 7 – Twist My Arm – Francois Sagat -amp; Matthieu Paris

Raging Stallion superstar exclusive François Sagat stars as thefeatured top in a sex club setting that pairs him with fellow FrenchmanMatthieu Paris. Matthieu is the hottest fisting bottom working in porntoday, with a hole that delivers the best possible action. If you havenot yet witnessed one of his performances, this movie must be part ofyour collection. François has a huge, muscular fist (one that fitsperfectly with his huge, muscular body!). Is it possible that Françoisis one of the hottest men on Earth? Do guys who look like him reallyget into this kind of super-hardcore action? You bet they do!!François has a fisting fetish, so we decided to make hisfantasy cum true-- as much fisting as he could stand! Thefisting in this scene is perfect--deep (really getting into the elbowzone) and furious (super punching--enough to make even MatthieuParis squirm).And both dicks stayed rock hardfor the entire shoot! Director Chris Ward had this to say about thisscene: 'One day in the future when I look back and select scenes toinclude as my all-time favorites, this one will stand at the top. As far asfisting goes, this is really the best scene I have ever directed--and Ihave directed lots of great ones!'