Worship Me – Drew Valentino -amp; JC Hunt

JC Hunt is in awe of the stunning size of Drew Valentino's long cock and the thick blanket of hair that covers Drew's entire body. Drew is more than happy to let the gob-smacked bottom worship his build as JC falls to his knees to begin servicing his already-hard member while praising just how good Drew's big dick tastes. After eating out JC's tan-lined bubble butt, Drew takes a seat so JC can comfortably ride his impressive cock. The grateful bottom's uncut meat flops around as he uses all his energy to bounce up and down on Drew's rod. Now spreading his hairy legs so Drew can continue the bareback dicking, JC uses one hand to stroke himself off and the other to grasp onto Drew's chest hair until he's covering himself in cum. Drew then begins hitting JC's delicious ass from behind until he's ready to pull out and bust his nut onto JC's smooth cheeks.


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Feels So Good – Max Konnor -amp; Cristiano

Hung muscle stud Max Konnor doesn't even bother taking off Cristiano's thong as he begins servicing the young bottom's smooth hole. Sliding the thin strip of fabric to the side, Max goes in deep with his tongue before using his ten inches to bareback Cristiano and pump him full of meat. Max's big dick goes from ass-to-mouth and Cristiano's eyes roll into the back of his head as the two fuck all over the dining room until they're blowing loads onto Cristiano's naked body.

Cum All Ye Faithful – Damian Night -amp; Presley Scott

As she does every Christmas, famous drag queen Sherry Vine is opening her home to her chosen family -- and horny couple Damian Night and Presley Scott are the first guests to arrive. Once alone in their room, Presley throws on a Santa hat for a naughty strip tease that immediately leads to him sucking off his boyfriend's big dick and bending over for Damian to rim his thick ass. Presley, ready to be filled with more than just Christmas cheer, then opens up his hole for Damian's bareback dick as he gets mounted and pounded across the bed until he's coated in fresh loads of Christmastime cum.