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Hot new boy on College Boy Physicals Aiden

Once I got two hot loads from my young porn star patient I thought it was my turn to get a little relief. I took off my scrubs off and started teasing him with my cock by rubbing it against his lips and moving back before he got his mouth around the head of my dick. I could tell I was driving the kid wild as he kept trying to get my cock into his mouth. I finally let him have it and he worked my knob like a pro. I wouldn’t expect any less from a porn star though; I switched positions with Aiden and laid down on the examination table.

Aiden gobbing on the doc's cock

Aiden getting ready to recieve the load



College Boys Physical – Aiden & Erik

Gay Medical Exam

Gay Medical Exam

Aiden was having trouble with migraines and he knew just the place to go to get that taken care of. He made his appointment with the College Boys Physicals office and was very happy to hear that the doctor was busy so he would be seen by his favorite Nurse Erik. The second Erik walked in and saw Aiden sitting their with his shirt off a smile came to his face.

As Erik started the exam Aiden had other plans. He pulled him close, kissed him and started taking his clothes off.  The electricity between the two was high as they kissed hard and pulled each other’s clothes off then Erik went to his knees and sucked Aiden’s cock.

Male Nurse Sucks Cock

Male Nurse Sucks Cock

Once Aiden was rock hard he bent Erik over the exam table, spread his ass wide open and tossed his salad. He gave him a nice wet gay rimjob and licked his ass until it was good and lubed up with his spit then he slowly eased his throbbing cock into that tight ass and started to fuck the good Nurse.

Aiden pounded Eriks ass deep and hard. He grabbed his shoulders and hammered him. The two were moaning and the sound of skin slapping skin was loud. They were both shocked that nobody came in to see what was going on. Aiden flipped Erik over onto his back, put his legs up over his shoulders and fucked him hard.Erik stroked his cock as he got fucked then as Aiden pounded his ass he came hard, shooting his load all over Erik. Erik followed suit by pulling out and draining his balls all over Erik. The two were out of breath and spent, but Aiden’t migraines were gone and Erik was ready to go home early.

Gay Hardcore Sex

Gay Hardcore Sex


College Boy Physicals – Aiden Ross

Stud With Shirt Off

Stud With Shirt Off

Aiden came in to the College Boys Physicals office to get his annual physical for school. The office was slammed with last minute emergency cases so they asked Aiden if he cared a male nurse did his physical. Aiden is a laid back kind of guy so he was totally cool with it. When nurse Erik came in he checked Aiden’s lungs and blood pressure, ears and throat. He did all the stuff you would normally do.

He then asked Aiden to strip nude. Aiden is totall comfortable being naked so he didn’t mind a bit. He pulled off his clothes and made himself comfortable. The nurse checked his belly and started running his hands all over Aiden’s nice body. He reached down and grabbed Aiden’s cock. When Aiden didn’t respond negatively Erik took the next step.

Gay Blowjob

Gay Blowjob

Erik leaned down and took Aiden’s cock in his mouth. He started to suck and Aiden’s only response was a moan. Erik sucked his cock until it was rock hard then started to stroke it. Erik gives a gay blowjob like nobody else can. While he was getting blown Aiden pulled off Erik’s pants. He then slid off the exam table and had Erik get up on it.

Aiden clamped his mouth down on Eriks cock and sucked with a vengeance. It was unexpected, but felt so good he was instantly hard. He thrust up, while pushing down on Aiden’s head so he could fuck his mouth. Aiden was so skilled and sucking cock Nurse Erik wasn’t able to hold out long. As he came he pulled out and stroked it, decorating Aiden’s face with his hot, sticky ball gravy. Aiden had passed this physical with flying colors.

Gay Facial

Gay Facial


Broke College Boys – Jake And Aiden




I found Jake and Aiden on the back porch rummaging through my stash of porn. I was a bit shocked then realized where I was and the shock wore off pretty quickly. You probably recognize Jake from the videos that he has made for some great video companies. Aiden however is an amateur from Ohio that got stuck down here after a job didn’t pan out.

Since Aiden is broke and Jake hasn’t been laid in about 2 weeks I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get them to fool around for us on video. I just told them to fool around. They both grabbed their cocks and it was interesting to see that they didn’t even have undies on. They even took some of my jack off lube and as they checked out the pics in the playboys they began to jerk off those cocks of theirs.

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Broke College Boys – Aiden And Jordon




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am out by the pool hanging out with Jordan and Aiden. They didn’t even give me the time of day, they just began to kiss and touch while I filmed. I’m not sure if I am happy or disappointed in not being able to talk them into getting dirty for cash. They started by kissing each other and those boys sure can kiss. They make the French jealous with the zest and gusto at which they kiss. They didn’t leave their hands out of the action, as they kissed those hands roamed all over each other’s toned, hot bodies.

It was Aiden who made the first move and had his hands and lips all over Jordan’s body working his way down to his cock which he began to suck. Jordan liked what he was doing and put his hands on Aiden’s head to help him go down deeper and faster. I don’t think that Aiden really needed all that help, but it was hot to watch. He soon moved up to kiss Jordan again as he jerked on his cock. That cock got hard fast and it was throbbing with need when Jordan moved over to kiss Aiden and work his way down his body to his already hardening cock.

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Boy Gusher – Four Way Suck-A-Thon




Aiden, Tyler, William and Neo were all lying in bed watching a porno that I put in so that they could get in the mood. It wasn’t long until they were rubbing those cocks inside their undies. That was a definite plus for me; I have a huge undies fetish if you don’t know. I enjoyed watching them as they stroked their dicks inside their underwear. As the movie plays and the guys begin to touch their dicks in their briefs. Neo can’t stop rubbing his hand up and down Aiden’s leg. Aiden then rubs Neo’s back while William begins to touch Tyler’s thigh. Neo slowly rolls over to suck Aiden’s cock as he slipped it through his underwear.

William took Tyler’s cock and began to suck it watching as Neo sucks on Aiden’s cock. That really turned him on and he wanted his own dick to suck. Tyler just laid back and enjoyed that mouth on his dick and when Aiden turned to him he kissed him giving him some tongue before leaning back and enjoying more of what Tyler was doing to him. Neo and Aiden really got into the mood and turned to give each other’s cock love in a sixty-nine position. (MORE)

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