Broke Straight Boys – Kodi and Rex

Kodi and Rex from Broke Straight Boys

Today is Kodi’s first time appearing on Broke Straight Boys with another guy and admittedly, he is nervous but luckily for him, he gets to have Rex show him the ropes. I told Kodi that there was just going to be some dick sucking today, then asked him how he liked his cock sucked. Kodi answered that he liked it better when he was either standing up or laying down but ultimately, a sloppy suck was the best. He also said that he had been able to cum at least twice simply from being sucked. On the other hand, Rex said that he normally couldn’t cum from a blowjob but Kodi said that he was going to give it a try.

Hold on to it boys, it'll be a bumpy ride!

As Kodi was obviously raring to get going, the boys stood up and stripped off to their underwear before sitting back down again. Rex and Kodi stuck their hands down the front of their undies and started playing with their cocks as they watched some straight porn on the video.

Kodi loves Rex's cock

Rex going down on Kodi


Broke Straight Boys – Rex and Aaron

2 hot boys on Broke Straight Boys

Rex and Aaron are in the studio today and are here to try something new; one of them is getting fucked up the ass. As it turns out, Aaron is the one who is going to take it for the team even though Rex’s dick size is somewhat intimidating. However, it helps that the boys had great chemistry in their last scene and as such, they feel pretty comfortable around one another.


The two boys were raring to go and as such, we got them to stand up and strip down to their underwear before hopping back onto the bed. Dicks in hand, Aaron and Rex wanked themselves into a respectable hardness, Aaron unable to stop staring at the length of Rex’s cock. Rex got hard so quickly!

Aaron sucking on Rex's long cock

As Rex was as hard as he was going to get, wetold him to let Aaron have his way with his dick. Taking off his underwear, Rex relaxed back against the headboard as Aaron leaned over and took the long cock in his straight boy mouth.

Aaron taking it like a champ.


Broke Straight Boys – Rex

Tall and Sexy Broke Straight Boy

Rex is one of the tallest models we have had appear on Broke Straight Boys, standing at 6′ 4″ with a blond crew cut. Originally from Wisconsin, he is in Florida to take a break from things. Living with a friend, he is now just looking for a job in hospitality such as bar tending. Although he has never jerked off in front of a camera before, Rex is more than willing to give it a go. Standing up, Rex stripped off his t-shirt as he discussed that, despite his height, he was into swimming and volleyball. As he got down to some black boxers, Rex revealed a slim but toned body that had a tattoo of a wolf on his left ribs. Sticking his hands down the front of his undies, Rex played with his cock as he worked on getting hard.

9" cock

Rex pulled down the front of his jocks, freeing his cock so he could slide his hand up and down the hardening shaft. Like most boys, it didn’t take long for his dick to get rock hard and there was no doubt that it was an impressive looking cock. His underwear taken off, Rex gently played with his low hanging but well shaped balls as he fisted his hard shaft. Intent on watching the straight porn on the tv, Rex twisted his dick this way and that as he got more and more turned on by what was happening on the tv. Standing up, Rex leisurely put in some hard wrist action, grunting in pleasure every now and again. Rex slapped his dick hard against the palm of his hand a few times, shivering in ecstasy as it turned him on even more.

Watch Rex work his cock!


Boy Gusher – Rex




Rex is one of the cutest guys I know. I love how his brown hair falls into his face when he is laughing, or really relaxed. It is a real turn on. He has a cute body that really begs you to touch and fondle it. I get to do that a lot, because Rex comes by when he is horny and we play around. Until today I haven’t caught him on camera. I figured it was time and I asked him if that would be ok! At first he didn’t like the idea, but after talking to him for awhile I had him convinced it would be ok. He said he wanted to take a nap first, and I agreed, but I had anterior motives in my mind. As soon as he fell asleep I went and got my camera and set it up.

As soon as I knew he was out, I began to touch and feel his soft warm body. He didn’t show signs of waking up with my initial touches, so I continued to stroke his body and work my way down to his cock. I moved the comforter and got into his white undies from the top and the side. He still didn’t show any sign of waking up so I went ahead and started playing with his soft cock. It didn’t take him to long to get semi hard, and when I worked his undies off slowly he didn’t seem to notice. I began to jerk on his cock at this point and it got harder and harder in my talented hands. I love to feel a throbbing hard-on and this boy was getting one. I proceeded to jerk on that cock more while touching hi stomach and rubbing his body.

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College Boy Physicals – Rex



The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today I got a visit from Rex. Rex was one of the boys that came into my office for a sperm donation. He was complaining he didn’t feel so well and had some complaints about his stomach not feeling well. I had him sit on the exam table as I went through his vital signs. He seem to look fine but who knows with boys his age. Since I didn’t have to rush through and deal with the boys donating there sperm I had the time to properly and thoroughly give Rex an exam. After taking his blood pressure and listening to his heart.

Then starting feeling his chest area working my way down to his upper abdomen and then lower abdomen. I then placed my fingers underneath the waistband of his undies feeling the base of his penis. I had him remove his undies as I thoroughly examined his genitals. As my memory served me right, Rex had a raging hard and had a very nice cock. I got a closer look by inserting my mouth onto his cock and sucked his boy cock. Rex has a really nice cock and I really enjoyed feeling his hard throbbing cock in my mouth. Rex only being 18, had a cock that was hard as a hammer. Rex is also very sensitive and cums very fast so I have to be careful not to make him cum so fast. I like teasing him and keeping him on the edge as I teased his frenum with the tip of my tongue. I was driving Rex crazy and I know he was dying to cum as I kept him on the edge of his climax. Rex is really hot, smoothed toned body with a killer cock that I couldn’t get enough of.

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