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Tylatti More loves to dominate ass and he certainly took control of Dwayne Malone's man hole here. Between his fist, a huge sex toy and his big black rod, he filled this submissive bottom up to the fullest extent and then some. He fucks him bareback, of course. After all the fisting and toy fucking, why do it with a condom on"

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Tylatti More Ruins Philip Tucker’s Man Hole – Anal Discipline

Tylatti More is at it again, ruining a completely submissive bottom's man hole. Philip Tucker is the 'victim' this time around. Although, that would depend on your point of view. Between a fist fucking and huge thick dildos, his ass was destroyed. His reward for giving up his asshole for a serious destruction was a stomach full of Tylatti's tasty spooge and a piss shower!

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Latino Ass Fisted And Toyed Deep – Anal Discipline

Greg Ruffin and Crisco Paw are very kinky bloke, with one being a total top who loves plundering man holes with his fist and toys and the other being very open to that. Open is an understatement here, as his asshole is thoroughly explored here. His top's forearm doesn't seem quite big enough for this insatiable ass though, so pretty soon a massive anal toy is put in place of it!

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Buddy Wild Richie West

The new ebony adonis, and the new redhead boy toy!  Opposites have been attracting at BSB lately!

“Buddy rims Richie’s hole and sticks a finger up his ass, sucking Richie’s cock while he fingers that tight ring of muscle…Richie lowers his ass onto Buddy’s eager dick, sinking his taut hole over Buddy’s cock and taking him to the root before Buddy starts fucking him hard.”  Here’s the Video!

Brennan And Fabian Suck Their Huge Cocks – Broke And Horny

Brennan M & Fabian W are hot black guy2. The lighter skinned one has an absolutely enormous rod. Like the biggest I've ever seen and I've seen some big ones. They enjoy some mutual cock swallowing before kicking back and jerking off together. They shoot out some big loads of jizz too. Conducive with their big man meat!

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Braden And Saul Suck Each Other Off – Broke And Horny

Braden and Saul both have big cocks and they love to suck each other off. Their fellow thug homies certainly wouldn't approve of their perversion, but what they don't know won't hurt them. Big dicks are far too hard to resist for these hung studs. Deep throat is the name of the game here and these bros have trained their throats accordingly!

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T Spoon is enjoying the shower and getting himself ready for bed, but when he's relaxing on the sheets he soon has another plan in mind. His big cock is soon being played with, massaged in his fist as he pleasures himself, his body looking amazing as he masturbates and brings himself to a creamy climax!

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Black Thug Sat On And Face Fucked – Broke And Horny

Wade and Marshall are wild and crazy black thugz and one really loves sucking on a big black rod. He even gets straddled here and face fucked by his bro. Talk about a great friendship. A big black knob down your throat says everything. I wonder if their homies know about this arrangement. Probably not, but it sure is a hot, dirty little secret!

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