TIMFuck Exclusive: WADE and ERIC

Powertop Wade takes control of this interracial fuck scene right from the start, warming Eric up with some hot ‘n’ heavy kissing before the shoot started. Fortunately the guys kept at it for a while and our cameras caught them in the act. Commanded to show what he can do, Eric swallows the full length of Wade’s enormous ebony tool all the way down to his heavy balls. Then the real action begins as the li’l bottom does his best to duplicate the feat with his asshole, stretched wide to slowly take that monster cock, inch by excruciating inch. It’s clearly all the kid can do–but Wade demands Eric’s full participation, encouraging him to ride the cock impaling him. Thorough and exacting, the topman runs Eric through his paces, fucking the willing and helpless bottom in every position he can. Even after Wade releases a hot, thick load up that tight fuckchute, these tireless fuckers keep going.

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Boy Gusher – David and Eric

David and Eric on BoyGusher.com

In this update we find a horny young man taking a break outside on the patio of his vacation home. He is looking out at the lake and he sees a hot looking dude walking around the edge and squeezing his package inside his jeans. This turns on David on the patio. It doesn’t take him very long to go out and say hi to the new guy and bring him home. He ushers him into the house before they both rip their jeans apart with those rigid hard-ons.

David sucks on Eric's cock


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Boy Gusher – Mikey & Eric Pt 2

Two Guys Kissing

Two Guys Kissing

We saw these two hot studs in action in the previous update of Boy Gusher, but their scene was so amazing and cum drenched that we had to spread it out over a second update. If you remember correctly previously Eric stroked Mikey’s long cock until he was rock hard then erupted all over the place.

Now it is Eric’s turn to bust a nut. As Mikey comes down from his intense orgasm the two guys kiss and rub on each other. Mike drags his tongue down Eric’s body and wraps his mouth around Eric’s amazing cock. Eric is already hard so he just lays back and enjoys the ride as Mikey gives him some amazing head.

Gay Blowjob

Gay Blowjob

Mike pulls his mouth off the cock, grips it and starts to stroke. He works his hand up and down that shaft, making Eric moan with pleasure. Mikey kisses Eric passionately while he strokes his cock. Mikey has some mad gay handjob skills. He slides behind Eric, wraps both hands around him and continues to pound on his pud.

Eric is so lost in the pleasure he can’t even talk, he just gasps for air and moans as Mikey builds up speed stroking his tool. When Eric gets close Mikey grips his cock tightly and tugs on it hard causing Eric to cum with such intensity that his entire body shakes and his hot sticky jizz explodes like a missile fired from a silo, soaking his abs and chest. Mikey continues to stroke, using his strong hands to milk every last drop of that jizz from Eric quivering balls. Now that is how two guys should spend an afternoon together.

Gay Handjob

Gay Handjob


Boygusher – Mikey & Eric

Two Hot Studs

Two Hot Studs

Mikey and Eric were hanging out relaxing and having a good time with each other as the camera started rolling for Boy Gusher. These two studs had never met each other before, but they had an almost instant chemistry that made them comfortable quickly and caused them to not hesitate to pull each other’s clothes off.

Eric started sucking on Mikey’s cock which got bigger and bigger and pretty soon it was so thick and big Eric couldn’t get his mouth around it. He tried to suck it, forcing his mouth down on it, but ended up gagging on it as he went. Erick loves cock and was all but worshiping Mikey’s dick when Mikey yelled swordfight! The two got up on their knees and clashed cocks as they threw their bodies together and started kissing.

Hot Gay Handjob

Hot Gay Handjob

Eric wrapped his hands around Mikey’s throbbing cock and sat down behind him. He pulled him back against his body so he could kiss him while he stroked Mikey’s massive hog. Mikey loved the way Eric gave a gay handjob so he just surrendered to the feel and let the pleasure sweep over him.

Eric stroked faster and faster as the two kissed with passion. Eric’s hands were like magic as they slid up and down Mikey’s shaft. Mikey was moaning, groaning and thrashing around with pleasure as he got stroked off. As he got close to cumming Eric built up speed, stroking him faster and squeezing him harder. As Mikey came he bucked his hips into the air like he was being thrown from horse and let fly. His cum erupted from his cock splashing all over his body, coating his dick and drenching Eric’s hand. Eric continued to stroke until Mikey was drained dry and left out of breath with a smile on his face.

Gay Cumshot

Gay Cumshot


Broke College Boys – Eric And Reigner




Welcome back to another addition of Broke College Boys. I was hanging out in the kitchen with Eric and Reigner. Eric is back for the summer and Reigner dropped in to check out the new guy. Reigner has found a kicking job that he likes and is making some cash, but Eric is still in college and in need of cash. I got right to the meat of the issue and offered these hot boys six hundred dollars to fuck for me, and that wasn’t enough for Eric. He has tuition to pay, so I offered them both eight hundred dollars to screw for me. They bitched a bit, but eventually agreed to fuck for eight hundred dollars. As soon as they agreed they stood up and began kissing across the table. I mentioned that it will probably be hard with a table in the way and Reigner states we will make it work. That is exactly what I wanted to hear.

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Broke College Boys – Eric And Zeke




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am hanging out with Eric and Zeke. This is his friend’s house and he is letting him hang out with him for awhile. Zeke is taking psychology and he needs to finish 8 years of college to get his full degree. He is stripping right now to pay for college, and when I asked him if he makes the tuition by dancing. He states not during the off season. He states he isn’t making the tuition, so I offered him some cash for tuition for you know it, having a good time with Eric.

I offered them two hundred dollars to blow each other, but Eric balked because I had paid him three hundred and fifty to do the same thing the other night. I upped it to the $350.00 and they agreed. I then offered those boys $800.00 to fuck each other and they agreed. They started out kissing and it was pretty hot, but I was chomping at the bit waiting for them to begin to fondle and strip each other. I didn’t have to wait too much, it was not long until they were teasing each other’s nipples, and stroking those cocks inside their pants. I liked how these two began, even fondling and touching they were taking their time making the good feelings last and I like that. It was Eric that made the first move and he stripped off Zeke’s pants and began to lick on his cock as he pulled it out of his black undies. Zeke wasn’t complaining he had Eric’s head in his hands helping him to gobble up most of that hard cock. Zeke leans back and lets out a moan telling us that Eric is doing a great job sucking on his hard dick.

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Broke College Boys – Caleb, Landon & Eric




It is early in the am as I catch the boys in bed still sleeping. I found them in bed and I’m trying to get them out of bed. It was hard as hell to get them out of bed, they didn’t want to go out and weed the garden. I kept at them though and told them if they wanted me to leave them alone they had to perform for me. I offered them first $500.00 and then $800.00 to wake up and have some sex.

That got their attention, and they told me to leave for the day as well and I agreed. After they removed the blankets I realized that they were already half naked and Landon was hard as a rock. The boys began to attack Eric in the middle with kisses and soft touches. You can tell that he is enjoying the attention and his hands begin to wander as well. Then Eric moves to suck on Caleb’s cock while Landon sucks on his. This is a great shot and one that you won’t want to miss; I know it turned me on. Landon even mentions that Eric has a fat cock and he likes to lick and suck on that big thick cock.

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Broke College Boys – College Boy Threesome




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m hanging out with Reigner who is twenty years old and Matt who is twenty-two years old. The guys were playing basketball and Reigner beat Matt in the game, but Matt is a lacrosse player, but that really isn’t an excuse for losing. It might be because Reigner kept really close to him on the defense. He wanted more than to play basketball with him, I know I watched them from the window for awhile.
I asked Reigner how he liked hanging out with Eric the last time he was here, and he said he enjoyed playing with Eric. He says that Matt is hot as hell though and he is all over that. I knew that this would be like shooting fish in a barrel and I offered five hundred for him to get busy with Matt. Matt states that his tuition is eight hundred and after sighing and bitching a bit I agreed. I am always trying to help the needy in college.

After agreeing they began to kiss and fondle each other. These guys look so great together they are on fire. As they are kissing on the couch I happen to catch Eric on the outside patio looking in an stroking his cock. Matt and Reigner haven’t noticed him yet, and they continue to kiss and Reigner works his way down Matt’s hot body. Reigner slips Matt’s pants down and begins to lick, kiss and suck on Matt’s dick. Eric has his cock out and in his hand watching this action as he leans against the window for a better view. As Reigner sucks on Matt’s dick he plays with his own cock. I notice Matt moving away from the window to sneak inside with the guys. He tells them this looks like fun and they agree to have him join them saying the more the merrier. He jumps right in and all three boys are kissing together.

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