TIMFuck Exclusive: DEREK and SETH

Silver fox Derek Anthony is just the man to satisfy young Seth’s “daddy” fetish. Derek was immediately charmed by Seth’s boy-next-door good looks and got the kid warmed up with some serious face-sucking. Seth put his talented tongue to further use, licking and swallowing his new daddy’s fat dick. When Derek slides all nine inches of that hot, hard cock into Seth’s ass and begins to fuck him with an easy thoroughness, the kid’s moans tell you just how deep he’s feeling it. And that’s only the beginning of this hot ‘n’ sweet scene.

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Seth has always loved being the center of attention and, as the focus of their orgy, he gets all he wants from Mario, Robby, Taylor and Fidget. These eager fuckers hook up in all manner of configurations–one-on-one, two-on-one, and sometimes in a writhing heap of man-flesh. The fuck-n-suck fest begins with Seth blowing first Taylor and then Mario, while Fidget rims Seth’s tight little hole. Mouth still full of cock, Seth gets his first reaming from Robby, who fucks intently and shoots his jizz up the baby-faced fratboy’s willing ass. Leaving Seth no time to recover, Taylor steps up and plunges his cock deep into Seth’s cum-filled guts. Fidget keeps his mouth occupied with Robby’s and Mario’s dicks, until it’s Mario’s turn with Seth. He drills the kid’s butthole for all it’s worth. Moments after Mario delivers his load, Fidget slurps every bit of cum from Seth’s dripping ass.

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Don’t ram it in, Seth tells Duncan

Poor Seth. He looks so unhappy at the start of this video. The resident BSB bottomis paired with Duncan Tyler, the blonde stud with the mammoth meat stick. Today he’s going to have a go at ass fucking, his first with either a guy or gal. No wonder Seth is worried. “Go slowly at the start. Don’t ram it in because it’s probably going to hurt,” Seth advises. When asked to get rid of clothes, Seth’s are off in flash. Maybe someone isn’t that nervous! “Damn you strip fast,” Duncan observes. “Experience,” Seth replies.

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Broke Straight Boys Zane Tate and Seth

Seth and Zane are today’s couple du jour. Seth’s eyes are shifting around like he’s nervous. Zane leans back as if he has not a care in the world. Seth’s anxious energy is perfectly understandable because today’s duty is to be Zane’s first experimentation with man ass. While few would complain about being pierced by Zane’s “cucumber,” as Seth calls it, the bottom boy seems worried his backside might not survive the upcoming onslaught. This will be Zane’s first time working over male booty, but he’s no rookie to rear door lovemaking. He’s taken a few ladies anally, but can’t remember how many. Considering how straight guys are, Zane is either being forgetful with the truth or has made multiple gals bite the pillow. Seth, trying to gain some control, assures his future top that ass, no matter male or female, feels the same.

Shirts are soon taken off and the boys do some kiss kiss. No deep tongue action, but it’s sweet to see Zane take control by grabbing Seth’s neck. The boys take a seat and Zane starts sucking his partner’s dick. Zane’s oral skills aren’t first class, but he’s getting there. Uses his hand every now and then, and sucks Seth’s head like it’s an ice cream cone on a summer day. Seth must like it because he’s all murmurs and sighs.