College Boy Physicals – Bobby And David Part 2


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

This is the second part of the exam in which we continue with the full exam for David who is entering the ROTC and his ROTC officer brought him into the clinic for a thorough check up. I’m the lucky doctor that has to examine this hot smooth, toned muscular boy that is trying to get into the ROTC. I just completed the oral part of the exam with some help from his ROTC recruiter officer corporal Bobby. Both of us just finished sucking off David’s hot cock after spewing our own cum onto his face and body. Now its the rectal part of the exam. (MORE)


David and Corp. Bobby return from the bathroom after cleaning up and I checked David’s muscles and reflexes. David was a bit stiff so I had to continue with loosening him up so I had him sit back onto the exam table and continued more of an extensive reflexology on him bending his legs and stretching his body to try to really loosen him up and then we continued with more of the exam. I had David bend over the exam table to check his anal area. I spread his butt checks and lubed his tight anal hole as I was inspecting his anal cavity. In the mean while to take his mind off the fact I was probing his anus, I had David suck his corporals cock as I continued really probing David’s tight hole. (MORE)


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Broke College Boys – Eric And Zeke




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I am hanging out with Eric and Zeke. This is his friend’s house and he is letting him hang out with him for awhile. Zeke is taking psychology and he needs to finish 8 years of college to get his full degree. He is stripping right now to pay for college, and when I asked him if he makes the tuition by dancing. He states not during the off season. He states he isn’t making the tuition, so I offered him some cash for tuition for you know it, having a good time with Eric.

I offered them two hundred dollars to blow each other, but Eric balked because I had paid him three hundred and fifty to do the same thing the other night. I upped it to the $350.00 and they agreed. I then offered those boys $800.00 to fuck each other and they agreed. They started out kissing and it was pretty hot, but I was chomping at the bit waiting for them to begin to fondle and strip each other. I didn’t have to wait too much, it was not long until they were teasing each other’s nipples, and stroking those cocks inside their pants. I liked how these two began, even fondling and touching they were taking their time making the good feelings last and I like that. It was Eric that made the first move and he stripped off Zeke’s pants and began to lick on his cock as he pulled it out of his black undies. Zeke wasn’t complaining he had Eric’s head in his hands helping him to gobble up most of that hard cock. Zeke leans back and lets out a moan telling us that Eric is doing a great job sucking on his hard dick.

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Boy Gusher – Jarrett Fox




I love those surfer boy types, the bleach blond hair, tight chest and hairy well developed legs. Jarret is that type of guy, and he is a true beach bum. He doesn’t like to work much instead he hangs out at the college pretending to be a student, but in reality he is just sizing up the other hot guys. I ran into him at the bookstore and asked his advice on a book for health. He looked me over and took me around to where all the health books were stored. We began talking and of course being the smooth talker that I am, I soon had him ready to come home with me and let me do what I do best, jerk on his dick. I had him in bed and rubbing my hands over his body within moments. He has really soft skin so I spent a bit more time enjoying touching him than normal, but I soon had his shorts unzipped my hand inside stroking on that dick in his undies.

He took his shorts off for me and I continued to stroke his cock in his tight boxer briefs. It didn’t take him long to sprout wood. I soon found out his nice skin was not the only attribute that Jarret had. His cock was nice and it felt so good in my hand as I began to milk him. I began to fuck that cock with my hand using my special techniques and it was nice to see that dick getting fat and hard from my hard work. He shifted around a bit and I could tell that he was really enjoying what I was doing to his cock. That cock was huge by the time I was done with it, that was a beefstick that anyone would be amazed and impressed by. I loved how it looked as I jerked on it and played with his ball sack. I really had to work hard to milk this monster cock, but I did it and I drained every drop out of his hard meat. Just wait until you watch it squirt that milk all over the place.

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College Boy Physicals – Bobby And David


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

On our college campus now offers scholarships and training for the ROTC. For those that are not familiar with the ROTC it stands for the Reserve Officers Training Corps and it usually recruits and offers scholarships to those students on college campuses. The head of the ROTC department is Corporal Bobby and he was bringing in one of the newest recruits named David. David is a 22 year old college student not sure what he wants to do with his life and he figured that joining the ROTC can give him scholarship money, help with college and someday have a career in the arm forces. To be accepted into the ROTC, all students must go through a thorough exam and it just happens that I was the lucky doctor that took the first patient of the day. (MORE)


CPL. Bobby brings in 22 years old David. He’s was a bit nervous and I think he didn’t expect his Corporal to be in the exam room with him during the exam. I started out with the basic exam and worked my way into the genital exam. David was a really hot guy. Smooth muscular toned body and a really nice cock. I then checked his genitals as I looked over at the corporal I notice he was tugging on his bulge. (MORE)


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Broke College Boys – Blake & Aaron




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I found the boys playing some pool just lounging around with nothing else to do. The bad part is that they both really suck at playing this game. I decided to play a version of strip pool with them. It was working out great I had them both shirtless in no time. This was getting better and better, I soon had Aaron naked and jerking on his cock for just a few misses with the cue. Blake however was doing ok, he still had his shorts and I owed him $200.00.

However things are changing and Blake got cocky and lost his shorts. Blake is still cocky even after Aaron misses his shot and has to kneel down and suck on his dick. Blake ups the ante, and when he misses the shot he has to suck Aaron’s cock until I am satisfied. (MORE)

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Boy Gusher – Diego




I really do think that those magazine sales people that come by are scammers. I find it hard to believe that they travel state to state raising money for college. If they are, then why aren’t they in college? I still usually buy something so they have a semi good day that has to be a rough job. When Diego came by selling his magazines, I had more than a subscription in mind. I told him if he came in and spent some time with me, that I’d buy a few subscriptions. It didn’t take him long to agree. He lay down on my couch; I turned the recorder on and went to work. I got him out of his shorts, and began to play with his cock in his Hanes undies.

I got that cock hard in his undies, and it looked so great that I didn’t want to pull it out. I let it sit there for a bit, and when I did pull off his undies I realized what a fantastic cock this young stud has. That is when I began to pay attention to that hard stick and I began rubbing and stroking it really playing with it. I moved fast into jerking that hard dick, I couldn’t wait to see the cum spill out of it as it came. I could tell he was enjoying it, but he was a quiet one and didn’t say too much as I milked that cock of every drop that he had inside. He did laugh at the end and I guess that was something, but now I want to try jerking him off again sometime and see if I can make him moan like a bitch.

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Broke College Boys – Caiden And Cody




Welcome back to another edition of Broke College Boys. I’m having the boys help me clean up the place for a small party that we are having. Imagine my surprise when I enter the living room and find Caiden and Cody cleaning buck naked. I about fainted, once you see these naked guys with those cocks hanging as they iron and vacuum you’ll see what I am talking about. These horny boys were ready to make some cash in fact; they asked me how much I’d pay them to fuck the dogshit out of each other. Yup, those were Cody’s exact words. I talked them into eight hundred instead of fifteen hundred saved myself a few dollars.

Since they both were naked already, it was easy to see this heated fire began to sizzle and Cody jumped right on Caiden’s semi hard cock. He began to gobble that dick with gusto. With all that energy it wasn’t long until Caiden’s dick was rock hard and he jumped on board the Cody cock express, licking and sucking that cock and then rimming his tight round ass.

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