James First Audition – Raw – James

Long before his pornstar career under the name of Kenzo Alvarez, James did his debut on Maskurbate. This week, I'm excited to give you access in exclusivity to the unedited version of his first porn audition ever! This raw footage features in-between shots and never-seen-before takes. With no experience at all, I was amazed by his performance. His perfect muscular body, huge uncut cock and beautiful skin made him one of my favorite model. I'm not surprised that he's doing so well today and I'm proud that we discovered him first! Enjoy James like never before!

Tales From The Locker Room 3 – Devin Franco -amp; Jake Waters -amp; AJ Sloan

College jocks AJ Sloan and Jake Waters just discovered a hidden treasure trove of dirty jockstraps hidden in the office of all-star coach Devin Franco. After teasing the coach for secretly whiffing the team's used jocks, AJ decides to give Devin a sniff of the one he's currently wearing. He inhales the ripe manscent and swallows down AJ's cock before both student athletes drop to their knees to tackle their coach's big dick together. Devin returns the favor before letting the football fuckers fill him at both ends. A bareback train then forms on the coach's desk as Jake fucks Devin while Devin fucks Jake. By the time it's Jake's turn to get his hole pounded, Devin and AJ are blowing all over Jake's face and lower back with Jake then feeding his load directly to his hungry coach.

In The Night – Grant Ducati -amp; Chris White

This isn't the first time that Grant Ducati has walked in on roommate Chris White masturbating in the middle of the night, but this is the first time that he's greeted his jerking roomie with an open mouth. With Chris still cock-out on their shared couch, Grant goes to swallow down his ginger cock before sitting on Chris' face. They 69 until Grant leans over in delight with Chris delicately fingering his hairless hole and spanking his round cheeks.The flip-fucking roommates take turns barebacking each other with Grant riding Chris and Chris getting on his knees and elbows to bottom for Grant's stiff twunk cock. Once Chris is on his back, the bearded pal yanks out a thick load with Grant continuing to thrust inside of him until he's pulling out to unload on his roomie.

Hendell The Cable Guy – Unedited – Hendell

Hot stud Hendell debut on Maskurbate as a cable guy who came to place to fix my internet. It was his first porn scene ever and agreed to do it only with a mask on. In this new unedited version, you'll have access to the entire shoot, including our in-between takes and additional never-seen-before footage! Hendell's body is perfection, the more we see of him the better! Enjoy!