I gotta put this thing in my ass?

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Sergio Valen and Ronan Kennedy Flip

Ah, it always makes my day to know that Sergio is going to get fucked. Today he’s going to flip with Ronan so I’ll be getting a double treat. They are both nervous but they’ll get over it. Let’s see some fucking.

They begin by undressing and fondling each other. They both get a little freaked out by the size of the other; they should suck it up, some of us would love to be presented with such a big package. Instead of sucking it up, Ronan starts to suck o Sergio’s cock. Ronan has some great cock handling skills for a straight boy. He has Sergio relaxed before you know it. Sergio helps Ronan settle down by massaging his dick with mouth and gums. Ronan’s cock is huge! Sergio tries but can only fit about half of it in his mouth. He fondles his balls while slowing slurping on his dick. With both dicks nice and wet, it’s time to fuck.

Sergio lies on his back and lubes up. He asks Ronan ot go slow. I would too if my pretty hole was about to be invaded by that semi-truck. Ronan starts to push it in but doesn’t get far before Sergio is grunting from pain. Ronan strokes slowly, allowing Sergio’s hole to get used to it. He should have let me open him up first. Sergio gets off his knees and puts that glorious ass of his on display for the camera. Ronan fucks him gently from the back until Sergio makes him stop because of the pain. Ronan lubes up more and drives his cock right back insides. Sergio is in a lot of pain but takes it like a man.

Now it’s Sergio’s turn to break into some ass. Ronan takes the dick immediately, allowing Sergio to fuck the shit out of him. The boys don’t last long, they blow huge loads, both of which splatter on Ronan’s abs. The boys are both in pain, but I’ll lick their wounds and get them back in the sack.

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Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

The day has finally arrived. Finally! Sergio is going to have his hole opened up by newcomer Jake Tipton. Oh and that’s not all. Jake is going to have his hole penetrated as well. I’ve been waiting for this too long so let’s get started.

The boys nervously kiss each other as they undress. Jake lies back onto the bed while Sergio blows him. Jake is a bossy little fuck and he tells Sergio just how he likes it and Sergio delivers. Jake’s cock gets rock hard and quick! Sergio head game is greatly underestimated, this boy has skills. Soon it’s Jake’s turn to show off his cock sucking abilities. Sergio sits back in the chair and lets Jake and his mouth go to work. Jake is able to get almost Sergio’s entire monster in his mouth, but that’s not enough. Sergio wants some ass.

He lays Jake onto his back and lubes him up. Sergio slowly squeezes his baby maker in Jake’s hot hole and Jake gasps in a mix of pleasure and pain. Jake is able to take it! I’m thoroughly impressed. Sergio takes Jake’s pleasure joyful moans as a green light to start stroking him deeper. Sergio puts Jake on all fours giving us a chance to see his juicy ass take a big sausage from the back. Sergio is such a fuck machine; I wish I were on the receiving end.

But before my fantasies can fully materialize Sergio finds himself on the receiving end of Jakes dick. Sergio is on his back as Jake penetrates his hole. Seeing Sergio’s muscular legs spread wide open with a cock in his ass for the first time has me ready to burst. Like Jake, Sergio is able to take it so Jake picks up the pace while getting in deep. More than satisfied by that warm tight hole, Jake pulls out and dumps a load of milky cum on Sergio’s abs, and dick. Sergio soon delivers up his own load. Hot!

Both boys admit that it hurt at first but that they got used to it. You know what that means! They’ll be back for more.

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I’ll be fragile on that booty

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio is back and he’s here to do us the honor of opening Dimitri’s tight little hole. Dimitri says that he trusts Sergio not to hurt him but even though I’m sure Sergio will try not to, that big dick of his has made no promises. After instructing Dimitri to just breathe; it time to get down to business.

The boys strip and hop on the bed. They immediately begin to kiss and to fondle each other. Sergio delivers some full lip service and I’m already jealous. He kisses his way down to Sergio’s cock and begins to blow him good. Dimitri’s rod grows and hardens in Sergio’s skilled mouth. As it grows, I begin to wonder just whose dick is bigger. Dimitri takes a time out from having his dick sucked and starts to return the favor by slobbering on Sergio’s meat. He gets a lot of Sergio’s cock in his mouth; I hope he doesn’t get lockjaw.

And before you know it, it’s time for Dimitri to experience “the joys” of bottoming for the first time. Dimitri lies back on the bed and lubes himself up. Moments later Sergio gently slides his monster inside and starts to slowly churn his insides. Dimitri takes cock like a champ and soon Sergio is able to fuck him like he means it. He flips Dimitri over onto his knees and really begins to drill his hole. Sergio is able to push the entire length of his dick inside before he again puts Dimitri on his back. Wow! This boy can truly take it! He can not only take it but he must enjoy it because he soon fires a massive load right along with Sergio.

Dimitri confirms my guess by admitting that doggy style was easier. Of course, Sergio likes ever position because he just likes to fuck! Dimitri is in a little pain but he’ll walk it off and hopefully get back to getting fucked.

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You break him, you buy him

Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black

Sergio Valen Fucks Vadim Black

Soooo, I’m wet and the video hasn’t even started yet. Sergio and Vadim…in a scene together? Yeah, this one is going to be a tough one to get through without me prematurely blowing my load on my keyboard. So let’s just get started.

The boys lose their clothes, hop on the bed, and immediately begin to make out. I mean, they really make out! Sergio makes his way down to Vadim’s dick. Vadim lets out a cute little giggle from being tickled some but Sergio just starts sucking and soon Vadim is in sheer delight. I’ve been watching Sergio for quite some time and I can honestly say that this is one of the best blow jobs he’s ever given. He gets all of Vadim’s big cock into his mouth and barely comes up for air. “This dick tastes so good”, he says as he continues to inhale it. Sergio leans back and Vadim begins to blow him. This kid has come a long way too. I watch him twist his mouth and hands all over Sergio’s giant cock and my own dick start throbbing. Vadim methodically pleases Sergio with his hot tongue and lips making him moan; barely able to contain himself.

Completely turned on, Sergio straps up and puts Vadim on his side. He tries to slide in but that hammer is just too much for Vadim. Sergio pulls out and gives Vadim a few seconds to adjust. Sergio goes in for a second attempt and this time he succeeds, squeezing that fat sausage into Vadim’s tight fuck hole. Vadim is still in pain but he takes it while Sergio slowly eases more and more of his boy beater into him; until every inch is safely nestled inside. His slow passionate grinding has me drooling. Vadim starts to get used to it and is soon yelling out from a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Sergio stands up and reinserts his cock back in Vadim’s gut. This has to be the biggest dick he’s had plowing through him because he looks like he’s being broken into two. And Sergio begins to fuck him like that’s his intent. He digs deeper and deeper, fucking harder and harder. Soon, Sergio has him on his knees. He instructs him to arch his back and begins to really plow him. “Oh my God” Vadim repeats over and over. None of his moaning and groaning is slowing Sergio down. As we all know, Sergio fucks until he’s ready to bust. And bust he does, all over Vadim’s back. Vadim turns over and immediately blasts his own load. Sergio rewards the young lad with a nick juicy kiss. I hope Sergio didn’t break him!

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Hold up! There’s a chance of Sergio bottoming?

Sergio Valen fucks Tristan Stiles

Sergio Valen fucks Tristan Stiles

I know I have a job to do, and I will. I’ll get to the sucking and fucking momentarily but I would be neglectful if I didn’t talk about the jaw dropping moment that happens moments before Tristan and Sergio get down to business. After being asked what gay actions he hasn’t performed Sergio responds and says that he’s never bottomed. He’s playfully asked to bottom for Tristan and to my dismay he declines.

But there’s hope…

“When the day comes when I’m bottoming, I’m either renegotiating or I’m done.” I say call Olivia Pope and let’s make a fucking deal! As a fan I say it’s well worth it! Ok, now that I’ve made my personal plea let’s get to the hot sex.

Tristan and Sergio are asked to push their limits by kissing. The first attempt is pretty awkward, but fun to watch nonetheless. They go in for another at the request of the director, and for about three seconds the awkwardness fades and they enjoy each other’s lips. Nice! This gets them in the mood and it’s time for “some good ole’ dick sucking”. Sergio goes first. He gets on his knees and puts his mouth to task. Tristan grabs the back of Sergio’s head as he enjoys the feeling of his piece stiffening in the Italian’s mouth. Sergio may not like to kiss but it looks like he doesn’t mind giving a good blow.

When it’s time to trade places, Tristan helps Sergio remove his pants unveiling his perfect package. Tristan’s skills with his moth obviously extend beyond kissing. The way he slurps and slobbers on Sergio’s cock is breathtaking. Sergio, obviously pleased, bites his bottom lip continuously while Tristan carries on with getting that dick wet. Tristan’s mouth and tongue easily glide over the veiny dick, leaving not one bit of it dry. It must taste good. Right as yours truly begins to pitch a tent, Sergio stops and says “Alright, I think that’s enough, I think I need to fuck!”

The very next thing we see is Tristan’s beautiful and hairy hole exposed and proudly put on display; ready for Sergio’s fuck rod. Sergio puts a little lube on it before entering Tristan like a freight train. Tristan looks like he’s going to explode, but Sergio just fucks away. Legs spread wide open; Tristan mans up and takes the pounding. Sergio bounces around in Tristan’s man box. For a second there, I thought he was going to split the poor boy in half. But before he goes from Tristan to Tristan split in 2, Sergio flips him over and puts him on all fours. Sergio reenters Tristan and once again starts to fuck his ass like pussy. Tristan‘s face turns beat red as Sergio plows his rectum; making Tristan’s ass bounce off his pelvis. After pummeling that booty from behind, Sergio tosses him back on his back. Finally, getting used to the feeling of sausage in his ass, Tristan begins to really enjoy himself. So much so that he unleashes a nice, healthy wad on his abs right before Sergio pulls out and begins to stroke his shaft. Sergio launches a massive load of his own; shooting cum toward Tristan’s head and getting some in his hair. From now on I’m sure Tristan will wait to style his hair until after he’s been properly fucked.

Hopefully, with negotiations, we can see Sergio’s cherry get popped soon.

For now, Check out Sergio fucking Tristan here

“Tears of Joy” are a good sign

Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews

Sergio Valen Fucks Jason Matthews

Why do we love Sergio Valen? Because he likes to rip the clothes off other straight boys and says shit like “let’s get down to dick sucking!” He is joined by Jason Matthews and Jason’s juicy ass (yes, his ass deserves to be introduced separately). After a conversation about call center unions, air traffic control, and birds in cockpits (yeah, we go there at BSB), dick sucking is exactly what they get into. Sergio commands Jason to sit down right before he wraps his warm mouth around his cock. “You’re making my eyes water!” Sergio says after feeling Jason’s dick grow in his mouth. “That’s a good sign”, Jason retorts as Sergio continues to inhale his cock. Sergio gets Jason’s piece nice and wet, bobbing his head up and down, as Jason watches intently.

Soon Sergio is asking “is it my turn yet?” Jason is all too happy to reciprocate as he starts to suck, pulling Sergio’s dick into his mouth and going down to the balls. Sergio takes a seat while Jason’s mouth continues to twist on Sergio’s meat. Jason starts to deep throat causing Sergio to exclaim, “He doesn’t fuck around!” This blogger agrees. With Jason’s forehead nearly touching Sergio’s abs in the process of giving head, Sergio decides that he can’t wait any longer. They move over to the bed and lube up. Jason jumps on and starts to ride Sergio’s dick like a boss! It’s hard to watch without being jealous of one or both of them. Sergio’s package is stretching Jason’s hole, but Jason must not mind because he leans down and starts to passionately kiss Sergio. Yum! Jason hops off of Sergio’s dick and gets on all fours; offering his ass for more pounding. Sergio obliges. Jason’s man globes bounce off of Sergio’s torso as he bangs him.

Sergio flips Jason onto his back, folds his legs up, and resumes to fuck the “oh’s” and “ah’s” out of Jason until he is begging to be fucked harder. I’d be willing to bet that Jason’s not thinking about call center unions now. Even though he doesn’t say please, Sergio begins to ram his cock in that pretty hole hard. Jason’s hole adjusts as Sergio slides his piece in and out with no objection. Cum squirts from Jason’s dick; landing all over his stomach and chest. Sergio follows suit by adding his own steamy load to the mix. He then smears their DNA mix with his hand and is offered the opportunity to lick it up. He declines (damn!) but it looks good enough to eat if you ask me.

Watch Sergio Valen Fuck Jason Matthews

Sergio Valen Fucks Cage Kafig


Has Cage ever looked anxious in any of his BSB outings? Even his first solo? The sexy stud isn’t looking very happy today, which is weird because he’s standing next Sergio. Wouldn’t you be happy if Sergio were at your side? “Cage is getting fucked in the ass today,” Sergio says to the soon to be bottom and cameraman. No wonder poor Cage looks so downcast! LOL! “Obviously everyone knows I’m top,” Cage notes. “Well today you’re a bottom, the cameraman replies. “It’s for the fans, right,” Sergio wonders. “We wore matching shirts. Same brand.”


Oh, isn’t that sweet? The guys coordinated! Cage admits he’s getting on his stomach for his BSB fans, which will make his appreciation club increase in number. “You look scared as fuck,” the cameraman observes. Although he’s bottomed before, he’s not looking forward to doing it for Sergio. Even confesses he will probably never look at Sergio the same. Both the cameraman and Sergio suggest maybe they should begin with the plastic dildo, considering the curvature of Sergio’s wang. There’s some talk of selling it, but Cage has his doubts. Clearly he doesn’t understand how that thing would be gone if auctioned. Sergio says he’s selling his grey and lime-green underwear he’s wearing for the shoot.  “I’ll make sure they are well soiled,” Sergio jokes.


The boys strip and stand in their underwear. Cage dons pink, which earns him some grief from the cameraman. There is a shot of Cage’s backside. “I’m ready to knock it out,” Sergio laughs. Because he’s going to give Cage a good stuffing, Sergio sucks dick first. Gets on his knees and works his tongue on Cage’s cock. That suction does the trick. TSTBB (the soon to be bottom) is sporting wood, which for Cage is a lot. He puts his hand on the back of Sergio’s neck. As for Sergio, every time he comes off that sausage, there’s nothing but smacking sounds! That meat is finger licking good. “Should we work that dildo,” Sergio asks.


He uses his underwear to wipe Cage’s pale booty. Lube is put in the tight hole, and the dildo is slowly placed between those pale cheeks. “Perfect size,” Sergio says. At first Cage pushes it out, but he eventually submits. “Not so far,” he pleads. Poor Cage. That hole isn’t used to being opened like this. Give the boy credit. He grits and takes it. “We’ve opened you up a little bit,” the cameraman says. Cage is doubtful, especially seeing how Sergio swings to the side. Cage gets on his knees and does what Sergio did to him. Sergio’s curved rod wakes up to the oral attention. “Whoah, teeth,” Sergio warns. Come on cock suckers! Your molars do not belong on man meat! LOL! Cage wants to get his pounding over. He gets on his side, on the bed. Sergio puts on a condom, and puts more lube in that man hole. He gets behind Cage, and the moment the head works its way in Cage’s face contorts. “That’s a tight asshole,” Sergio says. “That’s a good thing,” Cage utters through clenched teeth. Cage’s pain is obvious. As for Sergio, it’s all pleasure for him.  “Oh, fuck,” Cage groans. Sergio slow fucks him, each stroke balls deep. Cage ends up on his back, and his grimace doesn’t go away. The only good thing is the fucking is slow. Or maybe that isn’t good? LOL! Cage jerks his meat as he gets split open like a summer peach. “Pull that ass back,” Sergio orders. He’s not a brutal top, though. When Cage asks him to slow down, Sergio does.


“Oh, fuck,” Cage moans. Sergio starts to fuck a little bit faster. He pulls out, takes off the condom, and dumps his jizz all over Cage’s face, chest, and stomach. Cage even offers some help. Cage’s nut is next. His jizz shoots out in multiple parts, covering his chest. “This last part felt pretty good,” Cage said. The busted bottom is soaked with man milk. He wipes himself clean with the underwear and says he’s not going to be a power bottom. However, there is some discussion if “it felt all right.” “If something feels good, it feels good,” the cameraman opines. “It doesn’t make you gay.” Mmmmmmm. Let the choir soak in that “pearl of wisdom.” LOL!  Plans are made for Cage’s revenge, but he promises to be gentle. Do you want him to be?

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Sergio Valen & Tate Thompson

When today’s update starts, Sergio Valen and Tate Thompson are saying something about mucus. The cameraman insists Tate is very good when it comes to the oral arts of pole love. “That’s what I’ve heard,” Sergio notes. “He’s been bragging about it.” Tate laughs this off. Don’t worry Tate. We’ll still love you even if you have a little ego about the sweetness of your mouth. LOL! The cameraman wonders what type of exercise Sergio was doing before the shoot. The muscled stud maintains it was only stretching after a run. Tate notes that all he did was “sit on his ass.” The cameraman points to the leather bracelet Sergio is wearing. It was made by someone Sergio met at Palm Springs Pride. “He’s got some pretty decent gear,” Sergio adds. “You’re digging that, huh,” the cameraman asks.”I am digging that actually,” Sergio responds with his trademark “come here and suck my dick” grin. LOL! Tate hasn’t been introduced to the pleasures of leather, but Sergio admits that only when he tried it did he learn how much he liked it. “That’s what I say,” the cameraman observes. “Try it and see if you like it.”

Please pay attention to Sergio’s story about walking through airport security after Pride. He had to remove his harness and some other objects before walking through the metal detector. How many of you wish you were the TSA agent that day?! The cameraman then turns his attention to how Tate is doing in the BSB orbit. He’s having a good time hanging with the other models, and isn’t freaked out by the gay sex.  When asked what dick tastes like, he gives the perfect answer. “There isn’t much of a taste,” he chuckles.

The cameraman wonders if the savor would change if someone came in Tate’s mouth. The blonde cutie has never considered this before. “That would be a different thing,” he says, with a pause then a laugh. “Maybe accidentally it will happen,” the cameraman notes. Tate wasn’t born yesterday and can see the machinations behind the cameraman’s comments. There’s a conversation about sexual terms and Sergio wins the prize with a moment called “the pink sock.” He learned the appellation from Denver and it’s best if let Sergio describes it. The resident BSB hack can’t do it justice! LOL! Tate let’s it be known he does not want such a move done to him. Finally the shirts are removed. Then the pants are pulled down to the mid-thigh. The cameraman loves to have BSB models turn around and compare backsides. Sergio and  Tate do, with Sergio reaching over and grabbing a handful of Tate cheek. “That’s a shaking booty right there,” Sergio observes.

“I saw that coming,” Tate says. The pants are tossed aside and Tate takes a seat on the bed. The veteran Sergio will suck first. He deep throats Tate’s tool and gets it harder and harder and harder. Tate is enjoying the work because all he is doing is contentedly sighing. “Making my eyes water again,” Sergio says.”Sorry about that,” Tate replies.The blonde stands up, so Sergio can have a seat. Don’t worry. Sergio is still slurping the pole. “He ain’t bad at sucking a dick I’ll give him that,” Tate explains.”I’m not that bad,” Sergio responds. Sergio leans back because he wants to see about these newbie skills “At this point now I have to show you up,” Tate wonders.

“Now you have to show me up,” Sergio responds. After a few licks, Sergio knows there is really no competition.”You beat me. I’ll give you the cock medal,” Sergio exclaims. Sergio: it’s folly to try to outdo a cock champ! LOL! Tate works his tongue magic on that rod, until it’s time for the fucking. Tate puts a condom on Sergio’s acorn. The blonde bottom gets on the floor, on his back. Sergio enters and both are in bliss land. Tate even bounces his ass on the meat.”That does feel different,” Sergio says. Tate controls the stroking until it’s “Sergio’s turn.” The top goes balls deep on each down stroke. The boys get on the bed, with Tate on his side. “I’m sticking my dick right in this ass,” Sergio announces. He does and Tate grabs on for dear life. He’s being impaled, made to feel the length of Sergio’s shaft. Tate rolls on his back, but this doesn’t keep Sergio from going in as far as he can. He’s marking Tate’s booty like it’s his personal stash. Tate strokes his meat as he get split in two. His load shoots out, hitting the bottom of his chest first. Sergio pulls out and strokes for his own nut. His jizz explodes out, first landing on the top of Tate’s chest.”That was some fucking hard work,” Sergio notes. “I need a shower and a beer,” Tate notes.What do you need after watching that scene? LOL!

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Sergio Valen & Tate Thompson

Sergio Valen Fucks Johnny Forza

You feet lovers are probably creaming at the start of this video. Hard not to. First, Sergio Valen and Johnny Forza are sucking face. That would make anyone spring wood. However, the camera gives a great view of their tootsies as the studs make out. Who says BSB doesn’t cater to our fans? LOL! Johnny loses his white tank-top. Sergio gets rid of his green shirt. The two make out some more and then lose their pants. The kissing keeps up with the studs in their undies.

Johnny is naked first and Sergio follows. He swallows all of Johnny’s johnson, swirling his tongue around the pink tip. To show his appreciation, Johnny offers his scene partner a reach around. Lip smacking sounds fill the studio as Sergio makes Johnny’s toes curl. Sergio gives a kiss, and then Johnny goes down on him. The New Jersey stud closes his eyes and slobbers all over that head.”Oh, yeah,” Sergio groans. Johnny sucks and strokes that meat as it fills his pretty mouth. He comes up for a kiss, which Sergio returns. Sergio then slathers up his rod, and Johnny squats over it and takes a seat.

“There you go,” Sergio says as Johnny’s hole swallows up his stick. As he goes up and down, Johnny grunts and groans. That tool is spreading him open, but hitting his spot. “Oh, God,” he whimpers. Sergio takes control and starts up thrusting. This gives the New Jersey stallion something else to moan about.”Oh fuck,” Johnny cries out. Sure there’s a little pain, but Johnny’s dick is standing at attention. “Why don’t you get on your side,” Sergio suggests after a brief kiss.

Johnny does so. Sergio grabs an ankle and pounds away. Poor Johnny. All he can do is curse and take the stuffing. As for Sergio, sweat starts to form on his brow. He gives that pale booty a slap for making him work so hard. LOL! Johnny grabs the bed as he submits. There’s another kiss before he gets missionary. “Give me that asshole,” Sergio says.

The strokes are deeper now, and Sergio is picking up the pace. “Oh, my fucking God,” Johnny moans.”Take that fucking cock,” Sergio commands.Sergio spreads Johnny’s strong thighs apart and goes balls deep. This makes the bottom boy grit his teeth, but he takes it all.  Johnny’s cum explodes out, the first stream hitting his bicep and the black sheets. Sergio pulls out and his jizz hits Johnny’s cheek first. The rest covers his chest and stomach.

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Sergio Valen & Johnny Forza


Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James

Remember back in the day when your math teacher taught you about axioms? Here at BSB we have a few of our own. If a model is taking off his shirt when the video
starts, expect sparks to fly. Sergio Valen and Romeo James are relaxing on the bed. As the cameraman talks to the lads, Sergio is unbuttoning his shirt and Romeo is pulling off his. When the cameraman notes Sergio’s fancy cowboy boots the stud gives a great answer.”Figured there was going to be some riding going on this week so I had to get myself a nice pair of boots.” Today’s script is simple. Sergio will be giving it to Romeo in his hot little butt “Easy does it,” Romeo says.

Neither boy has been doing much. “Fucking dudes. Making money,” Sergio answers. “Rolling blunts. Licking cunts,” Romeo notes.

Hold on. Romeo has one more line for the day. “Time to make Jesus cry,” he announces.  And with that, they lads put their underwear on the floor. Sergio leans over and manipulates Romeo’s rod. “Get this puppy nice and hard,” Sergio notes. “How does that feel?” “Good,” Romeo groans. With that, Sergio opens his mouth and takes in Romeo. “Suck that cock,” Romeo orders. Sergio does so. He keeps his focus on the head, getting it slick with spit. His own tool grows from all the meat sucking.

Soon the sounds of slurping and groaning fill the studio. The two share a brief smooch before Romeo goes down on Sergio. “Suck that dick. Put it down there,” Sergio advises as Romeo tries to deep throat the pole.  Romeo licks up and down the thick shaft, as he blows away. All of this effort makes his eyes water. There’s one more passionate kiss before the fucking.  “Why don’t you get on your back,” Sergio asks.  Romeo does so as Sergio lubes up. Sergio slowly gets his tool in, raw, but once he’s in the hard fucking starts. Romeo will have to get used to the monster soon. “Take that shit,” Romeo moans.

Sergio pulls his bottom’s legs apart and stuffs that man hole. Balls deep. Romeo curses as he gets plugged. Sergio leans in to put some kisses on that dirty mouth. :-)
The boys switch things up; Sergio takes a seat so Romeo can go for a ride. “Sit right on Daddy’s dick,” Sergio says. Romeo does so, but Daddy Sergio doesn’t let his bottom ride. :-) He takes control and fucks, filling that boy pussy up. He must be doing something correct because Romeo’s hard rod bounces around.

There’s another round of kissing before Romeo returns to his back. With his legs in the air, Sergio pounds down with heavy strokes. Romeo’s load lands on his stomach. Sergio, the kindly top, pulls out and strokes his junk above Romeo’s open hole. The first few jets of cum enter the cave, and the rest dribbles in.
“It’s just raining cum,” Romeo says after both stop with the heavy breathing. Stay for the post-scene antics. They’ll make you smile.

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Sergio Valen & Romeo James