Boy Gusher – Justin And Jayden




Last video it was Justin who learned the benefit of having a gay guy suck his cock, now we will see if that straight boy can mimic what his partner just did. Can Justin suck a hard dick. After having his cock jerked and sucked by an experienced man and cumming buckets I think he is ready. As you can see he is ready to do his bit to make Jayden’s cock rock hard and throbbing with pleasure. He jumps on board naked and begins to kiss him moving down to stuff his hand into his pants and plays a bit. When he is ready he pulls off his jeans and licks his cock inside his undies like a true slut.

He must have learned something from Jayden because he is really teasing Jayden’s cock in his undies before he pulls down his undies and begins to slowly tease his cock with his tongue and mouth, the way he is starting I wonder if he is truly a straight guy or not. I wonder if he has had some experience with that before. After you watch him deep throat that cock a few times you’ll be wondering the same thing yourself. He rocks that cock with his mouth slow and fast and then slow again like he is riding the waves of a sexual ocean. Justin has Jayden moaning and groaning with his constant jerking and slurping action on his hard dick. It won’t take much of this before he explodes his cum load all over Justin’s face and hands. He finally erupts a heavy load while Justin continues to jerk on it watching that cum slick down his hands. He slides up to finish up with a French kiss that tastes like sticky cum.

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Boy Gusher – Justin And Jayden




With the holidays coming I’ve been to quite a few holiday parties that always turn out to be wild, crazy and somehow we all end up naked and singing. I decided to take advantage of the situation and asked to of the guys to stay after my Christmas party. They were so trashed that they didn’t mind, and I kept giving them drinks until when I suggested that Justin and Jayden fuck they agreed, which was surprising since I knew that Justin was straight. He seems a bit scared and hesitant, but once Jayden begins to touch his body he relaxes a bit and I know the show will go on.

After spending very little time touching and playing these two strip down and Justin has his dick out and ready for Jayden to gobble up. Jayden is going out of his way to make sure that Justin realizes the value of having a horny guy stroking and jerking on his cock. Once Jayden has Justin’s cock in his hands he isn’t letting go and he alternates between sucking and jerking making Justin whine, cry and beg Jayden for more. He loves every moment he is spending in Jayden’s talented hands, but when he blows his load he grinds his teeth in pleasure and explodes a super huge load all over the place.

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