Introducing Vinnie Steele

Vinnie Steel is going to break many a BSB heart. The stud is sitting on our couch “cool as ice.” Considering his body and face, his cool factor is well earned. LOL!  He likes to jerk off twice a day, once in the morning and before his head hits the pillow.  “Pump out a nice load to drift me off to sleep,” Vinnie says to the cameraman.  He’s here because he got booted out of college.

“I need money because I was kicked out of school for banging my professor, and the department found out,” Vinnie explains.  Can you blame a professor for knocking boots with this fellow? Vinnie wants to open up his own gym. He was studying film before being asked to leave the academic world.  “A big sports guy, sports movies, going to bars, and clubbing it up,” Vinnie lists his as his hobbies. “Not with dudes,” he adds. If you’re into him, don’t expect him to stay home at night.

Commitment isn’t his thing, but once he takes off his clothes most will not be put off by that. Dude is chiseled, with  strong thighs. Vinnie is a fan of his biceps, and it’s easy to see why. He does a few body flexes, showing off his muscles. Vinnie takes a seat and start stroking his meat. He stands up to get some lube. The newbie has this sexy habit of staring right at the camera. Like he knows we are grooving to him. His sausage gets stiff, and he plays with those nipples. Vinnie teases his dick, stroking it occasionally as he plays with a nipple.

The worked up boy gets on the bed. Rubs his sweet ass without being asked. He might not like to hang out with dudes, but that booty is made for some serious stuffing. When he bends over, Vinnie’s toes curl. The cameraman gives a view of that tight hole. It looks tasty, no? Vinnie gets on side, still stroking his chest. He keeps staring right in the camera, daring us to look away. Something he knows we can’t do. The jerking picks up, and Vinnie’s toes curl more. Those thunder thighs begin to fuck his hand.  He throws his head back, a clear sign he’s ready to pop. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to cum,” Vinnie whispers. The first stream of jizz hits the bottom of his chest, eventually trickling down his stomach. So? Should the stud return?

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