Lycan And His Used Hole – Anal Discipline

Lycan makes not attempt to hide the fact that he's a whore. His ass is anyones. If you have a rod that need a hole to spooge into he's there and ready to be your bitch! Shadow owns him with some flogging, making his ass red and sore, then it's time to use that pucker and fuck his jizz out of his rod deep inside him!

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Shadow Junior Flogs Russell Anthony – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior has Russell Anthony right where he wants him - bent over a saw horse and ready to be flogged and fucked bareback. Shadow wouldn't have it any other way. His underwear are ripped off and it isn't long before Russell is a total bitch, with a crimson red ass from flogging and a big, stiff, raw rod up his man hole!

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Fillmore Flogged And Fucked By Shadow Junior – Anal Discipline

Fillmore is a big man, bigger than Shadow Junior, but it doesn't mean he isn't into submitting his big bear ass to him. He bends over a saw horse and lets the Dom flog his ass, then fuck it bareback and deep for a while. Then takes more flogging. Yep, the big man sure loves being dominated, humiliated and fucked and he certainly got that here!

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Shadow Junior Flogs And Fucks Russell Tucker – Anal Discipline

Shadow Junior and another Dom had a hold of Russell Tucker and they weren't about to let him go until they had hurt, humiliated, flogged and fucked the hell out of him. Bareback, of course. Russell undergoes a lot of abuse here and loves it. He is forced to go ass to mouth with his Dom's big dicks and of course, he cannot complain. He'd get flogged even harder than he did. If that is even possible. Wow!

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Arcanjo Gets Some Raw Ass! – Raunchy Bareback

Sandro might be the bone slave taking a flogging, but this horny young stud is more than willing! His handsome and hunky master Arcanjo has an amazing uncut bone, with a long hood that his slave loves to suck on and stretch, but after getting some sucking back our bottom Sandro needs it in his ass! With riming and fingering to stretch him open, Arcanjo eases in and fucks him raw, making the slave shoot semen all over himself before our top pulls out to wank his own wad free!

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