Climbing the Walls!

Dakota Ford And Oliver Saxon Raw

Dakota Ford And Oliver Saxon Raw

Sometimes dick can be so good it will have you climbing the walls. Usually that’s just a figure of speech but in this scene it’s reality. Dakota’s been M.I.A for a bit so he’s still trying to knock off some of the rust. He’ll have Oliver Saxon with him today to make that happen. Let’s skip the talking and get right to the action.

The boys begin with some kissing and fondling. Oliver then helps Dakota out of his boxer briefs and puts that big cock into his mouth. He tries to take as much as he can but when he stalls, Dakota put his hand on the back of his head and forces him to take more. He even fucks his mouth some for good measure. Dakota gets off of the bed and onto his knees. Oliver unleashes his own beast and lets Dakota wrap his lips around it. When Dakota isn’t sucking like a bottom in heat, he’s spitting on the shaft and licking the balls. Dakota stands up and and forces Oliver over to the wall. Oliver stands up on the window sills, enabling Dakota to come face to face with his ass. Dakota dives right in! He uses his tongue to explore and tickle Oliver’s sweet little hole. Once it’s nice and wet, Dakota lubes up and slides in bareback. He doesn’t waste time, he immediately begins to pummel Oliver’s sexy ass.  Oliver can’t do much but brace himself against the wall as Dakota destroys his hole. Dakota shows no mercy. He pulls Oliver’s hair and smacks his ass a couple of times as his cock moves in out of that boy pussy. They eventually find themselves back on the bed when Dakota spreads his partner’s legs wide open and continues drill his insides like he’s trying to split him in two! He smacks Oliver’s ass so much that it turns bright red! Take a peek inside to see who comes first in this rough fuck fest.

Dakota Ford And Oliver Saxon Raw

Swim Team Massage – Javier Cruz -amp; Josh Peters

Josh is the swim teams massage therapist. The team has been raving about how great he is with his hands. Josh has a magical touch some would say plus he relieves all the built up stress your body holds in from the constant swim practices. Javier is on his way to see Josh so he can check out his thigh muscle that he pulled the following week in practice. Josh is fully prepped once Javier shows up. Javier tells him the spots that need working on and Josh sets everything into motion. Javier is relaxed and feeling great as Josh's hands move slowly exploring every curve and muscle on Javier. The magical hands are in motion rubbing, gripping and tugging everywhere that is needed. Josh notices the bulge on Javier and assures him that it's normal and to take them off to feel more comfortable. Javier reveals his hard cock straight up in the air. Josh can already see that this will be a full service type of massage. He wraps his mouth around Javier's hard throbbing cock taking it deep into his mouth pleasuring every inch of his dick. While sucking his dick Javier begins to tug on Josh's cock pulling it out of his shorts. They both suck each other while Javier is naked laid out on the table. They proceed to 69 until Javier wants to fuck Josh. Josh loves when he gets fucked by a member of the swim team so he lubes his ass right up and rides Javier's cock. Finally Javier fucks the cum right out of Josh as they both leave their warm loads all over his chest. <br/><br/>Enjoy!

Wild Weekend Part 2 – Colton Grey -amp; Paul Canon

It's the day of the San Francisco Pride parade, and the guys are out having fun all over the city. Paul Canon makes eyes with a hot stud on the street, Colton Grey, and gives him some beads. They hit it off instantly, and they seize the moment to have some sexy fun. They beat it back to the hotel room and kiss passionately, burying their tongues in each other's mouths. Colton quickly moves down to service Paul's rock hard dick. Colton fucks Paul's face, his balls swinging into Paul's chin. With plenty of spit, Paul services Colton's cock, then focuses on Colton's hot, hairy ass. He spreads Colton's cheeks and uses his tongue to reach deep down Colton's hole. Mounting Colton doggy style, Paul thrusts his meat inside with firm, vigorous strokes. His nuts slap against Colton's ass as they pick up speed and intensity. Flipping on his back, Colton jerks his cock as Paul pummels his hole. A sheen of sweat glistens across their hard bodies as things heat up. Reaching the edge, Colton unleashes massive spurts of cum that arc over his body, and Paul immediately ads his own thick, juicy load. They kiss, reveling in their afterglow, as their cum and sweat mix.

Fistpack 25 – Junkyard Fist Dogs – Andre Barclay -amp; Antonio Biaggi

Out of the trash and debris of twisted metal 11-inch fuck stud Antonio Biaggi rolls up a ball of Crisco and inserts it into Andre Barclay's notso- tight hole. This is to prepare Barclay for what's to come next. Biaggi, dressed in tattered clothes with a post apocalyptic Mad Max slant, greases up his black rubber gloved hand and starts to work Barclay's ass. It doesn't take long before Biaggi's fist finds its way into Barclay's begging chute. Barclay cries out in pleasure while streams of piss spurt from his cock. Biaggi has no mercy for the moaning Barclay: he is fixated on hole. He works the hole at first using one hand, but then begins to alternate hands and greasing up his thick uncut cock at the same time. He works in a syncopated rhythm keeping Barclay in complete euphoria. Biaggi works the hole, prying it open with two hands, gripping the walls of Barclay's anus to get it open wide for his fat cock. Without missing a beat, Biaggi slides in his well-greased cock. Biaggi thrusts his cock in and out of Barclay's tight hole then alternates between his cock and fist. Biaggi is a well-oiled machine that thrusts his fist in and out of Barclay with rhythmic pace, all the while stroking his fat man pipe. Biaggi pumps his hard rod as his other hand fills Barclays hole until Biaggi shoots his load while his other hand is still pumping Barclay's eager hole. Barclay turns over wanting more as Biaggi once aging fists his hole till Barclay spews his built up load all over his stomach.

Big Cock Vacation Part 1 – Trey Turner -amp; Noah Donovan

Noah and Trey are planning their vacation to Paris and while doing so they become aroused by how sexy it would be to fuck in their hotel while looking out of their hotel balcony. They roll around the bed kissing and fondling each other. They lose the clothes and Trey bends his big booty over for Noah's face to dive right in and lube it up with his wet tongue. Noah has a big hard dick that is just aching to penetrate Trey's big soft ass. They don't wait long at all and soon enough Noah is fucking Trey deep and hard with his big cock. Trey can barely take it but he can't get enough of how great it feels as Noah knows exactly how to use it. Noah fucks the cum right out of Trey and then Noah pulls out and cums all over Trey's face. <br/><br/>Enjoy!