Broke Straight Boys – Jimmy and Chad

2 of our hot straight guys: Chad and Jimmy

For this update, we have two of the hottest boys on the site together; Chad and Jimmy. Right away, it was easy to see that the two of them were really relaxed and in tune with each other. Chad and Jimmy were chatting about bromances before they started in on the nitty gritty such as what sort of new things the boys were going to bring into the shoot. As they talked together, Chad and Jimmy started discussing what it was like to get their asses licked, Jimmy likening it being as if a lizard was getting his tongue right around his behind. Suffice to say, one of these boys was going to get their asses licked. It was enough of the small talk and now it was time to get down to work so the two boys stripped down to their boxers. Jimmy and Chad stood next to each other, rubbing their cocks through the soft material until their dicks stiffened up. Like always, Jimmy won the race hands down.

Straight boy Chad's first time sucking a cock

Plonking down next to one another, Jimmy held his dick straight as Chad leaned over and slid the hard cock between his straight boy lips. Slowly but surely, Chad bobbed up and down on the thick cock even as he fisted his own dick. Despite not going down as far as he normally did, Chad made sure to lick and nibble the tip of the dick, all the while, Jimmy gasped and panted in pleasure.

Chad eating Jimmy's ass

Jimmy pins down Chad and fucks him hard


Sweet Cheeks – Austin Wilde -amp; Anthony Romero

It's Austin Wilde and his real-life boyfriend, Anthony Romero, in a sexy, passionate encounter. There's some toe sucking, plenty of ass licking and some play with a friend of the boys' you might not have met. His name is Sweet Cheeks and he loves to get fucked.<br/><br/>If you've seen Austin and Anthony heat things up before, you know how intense these incredibly hot boys get. While Anthony sucks his boyfriend's fat, swollen cock, Austin you'll see the anticipation in Austin's eyes as he anticipates enjoying Anthony's sweet, tight hole. But first, Anthony is sliding 'Sweet Cheeks,' an artificial lower torso, complete with realistic fuck hole, onto Austin's dick. You won't believe the way Austin manhandles this thing!! Then it's the passionate, hard pounding you can't miss. This is definitely a scene to remember.<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

College Boy Physicals – Santiago

Naked College Guy

Santiago meets our doctor

Santiago is the typical tall, dark, and handsome fellow any doctor would bend over backwards to treat at the clinic. He came in today complaining about a horrible sore throat that hurt even when he swallowed along with a slight fever. He wanted a miracle cure because he has a football game this Friday and needs to perform to the best of his ability. The doc went through the usual steps and had him get down to his boxer briefs while he checked his heart and lungs along with his throat. He thought of a great way to give him the relief he needed that would get him back to shape in no time.

Doctor Sucks Patients Cock

Doctor getting his cock licked

The doctor had him get on his knees while he disrobed and shoved his cock in Santiago’s open mouth. He’s going to take every drop of cum he had to give. He bobbed up and down fast working over his head and running his tongue down his shaft and around his balls. The doc had Santiago moaning and groaning from the great oral service he was providing.

Gay Medical Fetish

The doc ready to explode in Santiago's mouth



Broke Straight Boys – Rex and Aaron

2 hot boys on Broke Straight Boys

Rex and Aaron are in the studio today and are here to try something new; one of them is getting fucked up the ass. As it turns out, Aaron is the one who is going to take it for the team even though Rex’s dick size is somewhat intimidating. However, it helps that the boys had great chemistry in their last scene and as such, they feel pretty comfortable around one another.


The two boys were raring to go and as such, we got them to stand up and strip down to their underwear before hopping back onto the bed. Dicks in hand, Aaron and Rex wanked themselves into a respectable hardness, Aaron unable to stop staring at the length of Rex’s cock. Rex got hard so quickly!

Aaron sucking on Rex's long cock

As Rex was as hard as he was going to get, wetold him to let Aaron have his way with his dick. Taking off his underwear, Rex relaxed back against the headboard as Aaron leaned over and took the long cock in his straight boy mouth.

Aaron taking it like a champ.


Sleeping Beauty – Ewan Rossi -amp; Erick Milano was there when 19 year old Erick took a nap before his New Year's Eve Party. 20 year old Ewan Rossi came over early to help, and started by helping himself to a handful of Erick's rock hard uncut cock. Their tongue rings mesh and they kiss passionately, only breaking the lip lock so Ewan can taste that cock that was just in his hand. After a deep expert sucking, Erick returned the favor, swallowing Ewan down to his trimmed pubes before flipping him over and using his tongue like a corkscrew, exploring every crevice in that puckered rosebud, leaving a trail of spit for what was to follow - a long deep fucking. Replacing his tongue with his cock, Erick climbs up and plunges in deep, thoroughly fucking Ewan's Hungry ass literally off the couch, before standing and giving Ewan a facial while Ewan own load shoot up and lands on his face as well - that beats the explosion of champagne any day! On behalf of Erick, Ewan and all of us at, Happy New Year!

BoyGusher – Cameron and Mark

Mark jerking Cameron off!

We have for your pleasure the exciting conclusion to Cameron and Mark’s sexual adventure. Cameron just sucked Mark’s cock to completion and now it’s Mark’s turn to give Cameron the pleasure that he just received. He doesn’t waste any time, he is on that tight toned body of Cameron’s as soon as his last drop of cum hits his body. He begins by licking Cameron’s body from top to bottom as Cameron moans and jerks on his big fuck stick. If Mark was licking your body you’d be moaning in pleasure and happiness as well.

Nipple play before sucking

Mark knows his way around a cock and shows off his cock sucking and jerking techniques as Cameron moans and groans. It isn’t too long until he is on his knees shoving his big cock in and out of Mark’s face. He relaxes a bit and stretches out on the bed, but Mark isn’t letting go of that hard cock he continues to suck and jerk on it like the cum slut that he is. He reaches up and begins to play with his nipples jerking on his cock making Cameron moan and grab his hear to help him gobble up his cock.

Lick it boy!


On The Set – Austin Wilde -amp; Anthony Romero – Austin Wilde -amp; Anthony Romero

It's another day On The Set! This time with Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero. These dudes are bringing you on location for a NextDoorStudios photo shoot where anything can happen...and usually does!<br/><br/>See these hot stars getting extremely sexy in various steamy and fun positions for our cameras. You'll watch them go from portrait style to porn style as they strip down and turn up the heat. This is your chance to see what it's like on location as these rock hard cocks go to work, making the gorgeous photos you gotta see!<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>

Broke Straight Boys – Jacob

Hot straight boy Jacob

The new young hottie with dark hair and eyes is Jacob. We knew of him a few years ago via another model we were filming at the time but Jacob wasn’t too interested in being in front of a camera back then. While his buddy has had the misfortune to end up in prison, Jacob has his head screwed on straight as he is looking to make extra money in order to get out of a bad living arrangement, thus, his solo appearance on Broke Straight Boys.

Jacob waiting for someone to sit on it :)

As Jacob is single, without children, he is looking to get his own place which means he could be appearing on BSB a few times in the future. Blushing, Jacob admitted that because he was single, it had been while since he had last had sex that wasn’t a one night stand. Click here to watch this videos at Broke Straight Boys

Showing off his asshole.


Broke Straight Boys – Ross and Bobby

Ross and Bobby from Broke Straight Boys

Ross and Bobby are in bed together today and Ross is going to be practicing some anal with Bobby. Although Ross is a little nervous about what he is going to be doing, the lure of easy money is too hard to deny. The boys quickly shucked off their clothes, then, sitting side by side on the bed, Bobby and Ross wanked themselves off. A few minutes of playing with their dicks and Bobby suggested that they jerk each other off. Each boy wrapped a hand around the other’s cock and started putting in some hard wrist action. It didn’t take long for Bobby and Ross to get their cocks standing to attention and as Ross was still a newbie, Bobby offered to go down on him first.

Oh yeah straight boy! Suck on that cock!

Ross, with a huge grin on his face, held his dick straight as Bobby leaned over and slid the cock into his straight boy mouth. Bobby enthusiastically bobbed up and down, going deep every now and again. Choking once or twice, Bobby went right back to work, all the while, Ross panted with pleasure. Unable to help himself, Ross stared down as Bobby showed off his oral skills, Ross obviously liking what he saw.

Spread those cheeks and enjoy the ride.


Wilde Style – Austin Wilde -amp; Johnny Torque -amp; Reed Royce

If you've been itching for a dose of RAW Austin Wilde, get ready! Austin is chillin' out with his friend Johnny Torque and a new boy by the name of Reed Royce. Reed is a little reticent at the sight of Austin's massive cock. It's a good thing Johnny is here to 'get him in the groove!'<br/><br/>These guys are wasting no time getting into the action. Reed loves large dicks in his mouth and has been looking forward to slurping down on Austin's famously huge boner. He's going deep, getting Austin very hard and ready for even more passionate fun. Reed is sharing with Johnny, getting a taste of the Wilde man himself. Soon Austin is enjoying two fat cocks in his face at once while Reed and Johnny watch him handle a double dose of dick. Then Reed gets what he wanted as Johnny slides his throbbing man pole into his tight boyhole while Reed takes a face-fucking from Austin. But when Johnny and Austin switch ends, Reed gets exactly what he was craving - a hard pounding from the Wilde Stallion!<br/><br/>Enjoy!<br/><br/>