TIMSuck Exclusive: JON BRAVO and FRANCES

"After lighting up a spliff almost as fat as his dick, Frances is content to sit back and enjoy the dual bliss of smokin’ and getting sucked off. It doesn’t take Jon Bravo and his talented mouth long to steal the topman’s attention, though–he inhales Frances’ heavy, cum-filled balls like he means to extract the goo directly from them. By the time Jon gets to work on Frances’ cock, stretching his lips around the wide shaft, Frances is moaning with deep pleasure. As the topman shoots gob after creamy gob into Jon’s mouth, the cum junkie reaches his own ecstatic high."

TIMSuck Exclusive: JAKE WRENCH and DAVID

"Ravenous cocksucker David gets his fill of Jake Wrench’s swollen balls before opening wide for the topman’s juicy schlong, savoring the full length as it probes his throat over and over. Although Jake is content to let the bonehound take the lead for a while, that talented mouth proves too much for him and soon enough his fine ass is lifting off the couch for thrust after facefucking thrust. When he’s ready to deliver his load, Jake grabs a handful of David’s hair and tilts him at just the right angle to squirt his hot, thick cum onto David’s eager tongue, leaving both men satiated."

Marc Dylan, Adrian Long – Marc Dylan -amp; Adrian Long

Bound jock Marc Dylan is tied up on his back, his mouth is rope gagged and his legs are spread high in the air. Uncut stud Adrian Long takes advantage of this helpless position by slowly rimming and fingering Marc's beautiful ass as he moans into his gag. Adrian then slowly and methodically fucks Marc's perfect tight hole with his huge cock until he shoots an explosive load!

Feet First – Cody Cummings -amp; Colt Rivers

Colt Rivers delivers! This is an incredible encounter in which feet play a special part. Cody Cummings enjoys every moment, indulging in the smooth passion exuded from Colt Rivers. Colt is an experienced guy so you can be sure knows how to handle a massively thick cock like Cody's.</br></br>He's a foot hound and he has the opportunity to get his hands, mouth, and dick on Cody's famously sexy footsies. Colt isn't holding back one bit. He starts by licking them all over, then sucking Cody's boner-inducing toes. If you know much about Cody's past experiences, you know he loves heavy attention on his feet. After tasting them, Colt moves up so he can fuck them while they're still wet and sticky, while jerking Cody at the same time. This is a unique way to enjoy the Next Door Stallion's body, and Cody quickly senses and appreciates innovation. In fact, it makes Cody want to cum... hard. But before he does, he's letting Colt wrap his lips around that throbbing beast of an erection. Then, Cody's climbing on top of Colt's face to dip his balls in and shove his cock downward into Colt's throat. </br></br>'Choke me with it!' can be hard from Colt as he takes Cody's meat deep. Watch these scintillating stars heat things up as they work toward a warm, explosive finish.</br></br> Enjoy!

Cockstar – Brandon Jones -amp; Alexander Gustavo

Brandon Jones backs Alexander Gustavo up against the wall, making out and groping each other. Clothes come off, revealing smooth, muscled torsos and hard cocks. Brandon curls his tongue around Alexander's foreskin and eagerly swallows his cock. Lifting Alexander's hips, Brandon burrows his tongue deep into the crack of Alexander's ass. Alexander pivots to suck Brandon's cock, then opens up his tight ass for Brandon to fuck him hard and deep. Sitting on Brandon's cock, Alexander works his broad shoulders and muscular back to achieve the deepest, most intense penetration. Brandon is supercharged with pheromones and testosterone, and he swings Alexander around as if he were weightless. Without ever releasing Brandon's cock, Alexander discharges giant spurts of cum. Brandon helps him squeeze out the last drop before adding his own load to Alexander's jizz-covered abs.