Romeo & Ayden

Ayden Troy gives newbie Romeo James a bit of a workout. He’s impressed with the meat between Romeo’s legs and puts his lips on it. Romeo likes the feeling, and does the same for Ayden. Both boys explode a lot of juice. Make sure to watch the outtakes!

TIMSuck: Marcus Stone & Cory Bengal Tube Trailer

At first Cory Bengal is content to lie back and let Marcus Stone do as he desires, blissing out to the sensations of the man’s talented mouth on his nipples and cock. As the pleasure builds he starts to take a more active interest, encouraging Marcus to suck his balls as an interlude to the deepthroating. It’s not long before Cory is on his feet, taking command as he skullfucks the worshipful cocksucker and exhorts him to "choke on that cock." Marcus is eager to oblige, only sitting back to open wide for the gobs of spunk Cory unleashes onto his tongue. As if the taste has only whetted his appetite, Marcus can’t resist going in to suckle every last drop from that spurtin’ head. A Paul Morris scene.

College Dudes – Calvin Fucks Justin

It has been a while since we have seen Justin, but we are glad he cam back to get drilled by Calvin! Calvin was so eager to drill Justin that he was pre-cumming a stream while he was going to town on Justins cock – and after Justin gave Calvin a good ass-rimming, Calvin shoved his cock deep in Justins hole and pounded him every which way until they both blow loads of hot jizz!

College Dudes – Cidd Pierce Fucks Spencer Stone

Cidd Pierce really gives it to Spencer Stone in this incredible ass-stretching vid! Spencer is turning out to be a new favorite power-bottom, so we thought we would let Cidd have a go. The result is an amazing fuck scene. Every time we have had Cidd try something new, he has never failed to surprise us! Our favorite part is when Cidd bend Spencer over the couch and rams his big fat dick deep, bringing out groans of pleasure from Spencer. Check it out!