Introducing Dirk Davis

Welcome Dirk Davis to BSB country. He’s a fan of football and lacrosse. Likes to go the bar and/or strip club with the fellas. Doesn’t have a gal pal right now, but gets enough action not to be worried about. And it’s easy to imagine the ladies dropping their panties for this muscle stud. Heck, most of us out here in BSB land dropped our underwear the moment we clicked on Dirk’s video.

When he takes off his shirt, Dirk shows a few tats. He can’t really remember when he started jacking, but does the deed once a day.
Dirk strips to his underwear and socks. He does some flexing for us and jokes about his bottom half. “I got chicken legs,” dirk observes. There is no joke in the member department. He’s packing a mighty real piece of beef. He’s tried to measure it before, but doesn’t have an exact figure.  “I’ve tried, but it’s really hard to get it hard then measure,” Dirk says.  He takes a seat and puts the monster in his hand.

Dirk then does something that is incredibly sexy. At first he insists he’s not that nervous. A few seconds later he admits to being more than a little anxious. “I feel like my face is really hot,” he confesses.  Who doesn’t love an honest, and perceptive, guy? Dirk gets his tool to full attention. That sausage is on the big size, the type only professionals should handle Dirk starts to breathe loudly, his nuts shaking as he pulls his pud. He strokes his chest as he stares down at his hand motion.

The blissed out performer sits back down in the chair. That’s when he starts to alternate his stroking speed. There’s even a few whimpers. Poor fellow has to bust soon. Feet fans will go gaga over the shot where a foot is in the foreground. Never say we don’t listen here at BSB. LOL! Dirk scoots up, his feet off the floor. That hefty johnson splatters juice on Dirk’s side, stomach, and balls.

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Dirk Davis