Get. Away. – Ricky Roman -amp; Reign

After a high-speed chase and startling twist, local men Reign and Ricky Roman find a secluded spot to unwind from their twisted ways. Ricky is a little ealous that Reign fucked someone else and wants to mark his territory. Reign warns Ricky that he'll get what he asks for but not to ask for mercy too. The pair head into the woods, lay down a blanket, strip and take turns polishing each other's hard dicks. Reign wants a taste of Ricky's ass, so he bends him over and sticks his tongue deep in Ricky's sun-soaked crack.With Ricky lubed up full of Reign's spit, Reign mounts the stud and fucks him hard.Ricky gets pounded doggy-style first, then rides Reign's cock down to the base. When Ricky's legs give out, he lays back to give Reign full access to his hole. While Ricky jerks off until he cums on his abs, Reign fucks him from the side until he can't hold back any longer and paints Ricky's lips with his seed. The pair bust just in time as we see Diego swim to shore. Diego pulls out the stolen phone and heads to the location where all the mysteries will be revealed...

Hot Sex – Donny Wright -amp; Juaquin Ramirez

It's a lazy, swelteringafternoon- bronzed Adonis, Donny Wright and hot pool boy JuaquinRamirez escape the hundred-degree weather by taking a plunge.How long before their suits come off and their juicy uncut cocks comeout? Juaquin plays with Donny's perfect cock for a while before theytake it indoors. In the cool of the bedroom, they take it all the way.Juaquin sucks Donny then Donny eats Juaquin's smooth brown butt.Donny fucks Juaquin from behind hard on the bed while they watchthe action in a full-length mirror. Donny fucks Juaquin on his back andthen Juaquin takes over and bounces on Donny's pole until the sweatpours off of them both. Donny pumps Juaquin's spot until he's blowinga load all over the two of them. But nothing compares to Donny'smilky explosion! We've never seen so much cum! Time for another dipin the pool?

Winter Skyy Riders – Benjamin Blue -amp; Tony D’Angelo

Tony Dangelo just finished up Benjamin Blue's first-ever snowboarding lesson, but still thinks Benjamin needs some help with his stance. After some very handsy adjustments from the instructor, Benjamin finds himself blowing Tony's cock and pulling down his pants for his teacher to bareback his shaved hole. Tony moans at how tight Benjamin's hole is as the bottom goes to spread his cheeks and make room for Tony's girthy dick. The room fills with the sound of Tony's naked, beefy body loudly clapping against his student before he throws Benjamin's long legs in the air. A shaking Tony then pulls out and unloads his thick nut all over the pools of cum that erupted from Benjamin's cock just seconds before.

Dirty Desert Doctors – Cade Maddox -amp; Angel Rivera

Dr. Cade Maddox is ready to unwind from a busy day at the hospital and lucky for him, boyfriend Angel Rivera is waiting at home with his cock out, ready to service his girthy doctor dick. Angel immediately drops to his knees and slurps up all of Cade's tool before leaning over and letting his doctor boyfriend chow down on his hole. Ready to take the doctor's bareback cock, Angel lowers himself onto Cade's cock and swallows its girth. The two look each other in the eyes as Angel goes up and down, passionately riding his man. The grateful bottom is soon covering himself in his own long, wet ropes as Cade pulls out, busts all over Angel's balls, and stuffs his cock back inside his lover's used hole.