Viva Las Vegas – Episode 2

Episode 2 of the hit reality show is now available.

In Episode 2, the guys go to Las Vegas, Nevada for pride. Denver Grand talks to others not to go gay porn, “it’s not worth it, be broke.” As he gets ready to do a scene with Jimmy Johnson. Watch as the guys have a good time in Vegas before heading back to film with their new scene partners.

Broke Straight Boys TV Episode 1 – Watch FREE

You can now watch the 1st episode of Broke Straight Boys TV FREE! Scheduled every Saturday night at 8PM Mountain Standard Time. Hope you all enjoy!

Watch: Broke Straight Boys Episode 1

Episode 1 of this Weekly Series: We’re bringing the BSB reality TV show direct to our members and YouTube subscribers, so if you haven’t watched it already then here’s your chance to get a whole new look at our models and get to see who’s behind the scenes of some of the hottest gay for pay porn online!