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We put ads into the local newspapers and college flyers and we get the greatest guys around from them. Today Kevin and Mark answered our ads. They are both straight boys and they met through their girlfriends. They double date and hang out, but have never gotten down and dirty with each other or their girlfriends. That is what makes this update so exciting! We popped in a video and told them to do what came natural and this is what we captured on tape. Mark was the first one to strip naked as he stroked on his hard dick. It took Kevin a bit longer to pull off his shorts and show us his toned body. Kevin has one of those solid tight bodies and it looks like he has a total tan which was really nice to see.

Lick those balls slut!


Kevin giving Mark a handjob!


College Boy Physicals – Kevin’s Anal Exam




The doctor @ College Boy Physicals says,

I had just finished up with Kevin and his stretching to try to loosen him up but I wasn’t sure that my first exam did the trick so I continued with a more intensive approach.

Kevin arrived back and I quickly went through his vital signs. Kevin is a really hot patient and I was eager to get started with his return exam. I had Kevin lay on the exam table and I did some more stretching but this time I worked out his lower body making my way to his hot juicy ass. I spread his ass checks and played with his anal cavity as I decided to insert the prostrate anal probe and let that be in there for a while. I inserted the prostrate stimulator into his tight asshole and I teased his hole for a while before turning him over to inspect his cock as it grew. The prostrate stimulator was also giving him pleasure and it was messaging his prostrate which made Kevin a bit more relaxed but yet bad his cock rock hard. I couldn’t help myself but I had to get a closer look at his hot cock so I lean forward and open my mouth as I inserted his now throbbing and twitching cock. I sucked on his cock for a while but then I had an idea. I Told Kevin to suck my cock and then decided to have him fuck me.

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College Boy Physicals – Kevin


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

It was great to see Kevin back into the clinic. It was just last week he was in the clinic collecting$100 for the sperm drive we are having on campus. I told Kevin to return and visit me again because of his joint pain and I wanted to check it out so it wouldn’t be anything serious. I checked Kevin’s vital signs at first and did a quick general exam. I had Kevin jump off the exam table and I had him stand next to me as I started his stretch therapy. Kevin’s muscles and joints were really tight as I grab his arm and stretched it out. I then twisted his neck and then felt his spine. I started from the back of his head and I worked myself down his back and then I was feeling his lowered back. I then instructed Kevin to lean forward as I closely examined his lower back. I don’t know what happen but I found myself spreading his ass cheeks and rimming his tight but hole. (MORE)


Kevin not only had a smooth toned body, he has the nicest ass which I couldn’t resist to closely examine it with my tongue. As I was gently moving and circling my moist tongue around his tight boy hole, I took my other hand and played with his cock which was soft and getting hard. I know Kevin was really enjoying this as I heard him moan and groan with each lick and deeper my tongue pressed into his hole. This made his cock really hard so I turned him around and sucked his cock. Kevin has a really nice cock and his balls were nice a smooth as I licked and sucked his cock and teased his nutsac. (MORE)

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College Boy Physicals – Dr. Quinn And Kevin


The doctor at College Boy Physicals says,

Today was my first day at the clinic. I was transferred from another college clinic and I was told to come to this clinic to learn some new methods that Dr. Dick and Dr. Phingerphuk are experimenting with. In the meantime, while I was waiting to meet the other Doctors I was told to take some patients and my first patient of the day was Kevin. Kevin was a typical college frat/jock type boy that picked up a flier that Dr. James passed out on the campus for male students to donate sperm. I think this is something to do with Dr. Dick’s experiment but I’m not sure. The flier reads that the clinic is looking for college students between the ages of 18-21 years old to donate sperm and the student will earn up to $100. (MORE)


Kevin was just one of those students that picked up the flyer and decided to come in and give us a donation and for him to make $100 for his time and effort. Since Kevin hadn’t have an exam in several years I decided to give him a once over. He really didn’t want to get the exam but, since this was an experiment and we were paying him $100 for the donation, I just wanted to make sure he was fit & healthy. I started off by giving him a normal exam checking his heart, nose, throat and eyes and then it was time to examine his penis. Kevin was shy and really thought it was unnecessary for him to do this exam, but I reminded the patient it was he that came into the clinic to donate his sperm. (MORE)


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