Capitol Affairs – Adrian Hart -amp; Chris Damned

Adrian Hart says he's watching the inauguration, but he's really watching porn when delivery man Chris Damned shows up to drop off some packages. When Chris notices the gay porn on Adrian's computer, he helps himself to a handful of Adrian's bulge. Adrian takes the bait and the working men strip down with Chris getting down on his knees to suck Adrian's throbbing meat. Chris quickly moves from Adrian's cock, back to his hole to eat out Adrian's smooth ass atop his desk. Adrian returns the favor and wraps his lips around Chris' monster meat until they move to a couch where Adrian continues his deepthroating. Now that it's clear what they both want, Adrian stands up and sits right back down on Chris' thick pole. Adrian takes the delivery driver's package bareback in multiple positions before ending up on his back getting stretched to his limits. Now that Chris is in complete control, he keeps his cock planted deep in Adrian's crack until his cock bursts with a fat load all over Adrian's cock and balls. Using Chris' load as lube, Adrian strokes his cock until his load shoots all over his abs.

Salty Boys – Cesar Rossi -amp; Nick Milani

Alone on a boat, Cesar Rossi and Nick Milani find a spot to anchor, so they can have some fun in the sun. Heavy making out turns into Nick's mouth filled with Cesar's thick, uncut cock. After deepthroating Cesar's meat, Nick stands over Cesar so he can eat Nick's hole. On the back of the boat, the deep rimming of Nick's ass continues until Cesar makes the move and fucks Nick raw. They ditch the boat and set up a spot on the beach to continue their sesh. Cesar gets between Nick's legs and swallows his cock, taking in every thick inch. Nick wants Cesar to rail him bareback again, so he bends over to give his beach buddy total access. After a few pumps, Nick rolls over to stroke his dick with Cesar inside him. Cesar beating on his prostate withhis throbbing cock makes Nick shoot a fat load all over his abs. On his knees in the sand, Nick takes Cesar's load to the face before they climb back on the boat and speed off.

All The Way – Derek Parker -amp; Shay Michaels

Shay Michaels and Derek Parker are evenly matched. Both men aretawny and stacked with muscle, only Derek is covered in a storyboardof tattoos. They kiss with a masculine hunger and strength.Aggressive and playful, they take their passion all the way. Derekdrops down at Shay's feet and swallows Shay's cock deep for a while,then Derek gets a hummer. Derek's super stiff rod bounces on Shay'stonsils as he groans like an animal, flexing his inked biceps andshowing off his muscle pits. Shay lays Derek's ass open sucking onhis hole like a beef buffet. He slides his fat pole into Derek's hole andhumps him like a mad dog. Muscle on muscle they go at it until bothmen blow huge white loads.

Capitol Affairs – Cade Maddox -amp; Felix Fox

After the inauguration, Cade Maddox is waiting for Felix Fox to finish his shower to tell him the good news. After hearing he gets to stay with Cade as long as he likes, Felix climbs on the bed and Cade rips off his towel. After some passionate petting, Felix heads south to wrap his lips around Cade's thick cock. When Cade wants a taste, Felix bends over to present his smooth, pink hole for Cade to tongue-fuck. During his tongue bath, Felix starts begging for Cade's pole inside his ass, so Cade gives his man what he wants and sticks him deep and deep. Felix lays down and takes the brunt of Cade's power inside of him, somehow still begging for more. When Cade flips the stud over, Felix's moans get louder and more intense as Cade continues to drill Felix's prostate bareback. Felix takes control and climbs on top, but Cade's cock proves to be too euphoric is his ass, so Felix erupts with a thick load all over the bed while Cade slathers Felix's ass with his cum.

Sam Cuthan’s Debut Unedited – Sam Cuthan

Sam Cuthan, one of the recent emerging pornstar, made his first masked appearance on Maskurbate a few years ago. Unfortunately, a lot of footage was taken out during editing at that time for length reasons so I decided to offer you this week the full unedited shooting. Sam is so hot that every second of his performance is a delight and in this version you'll have a lot more to savour! Enjoy!

Berkeley: Sophomore Year – Justin Brody -amp; Teddy Bryce

Activists Justin Brody and Teddy Bryce are making protest signs, getting pumped for tonight's big rally. They slip their black ski masks over their heads and bolt out the door headed for the Berkeley campus. By the time they get there it's a full on riot. Protestors from both sides are shouting obscenities, throwing blows and dodging bottles - including Republican Club President Leo Forte. Justin and Teddy work the young republican over good and take off back to their headquarters. They crash through the door and immediately begin making out as they rip each other's clothes off in an adrenaline fueled rage. Justin's already engorged cock demands attention from Teddy's hot mouth before he shoves it in his tight hole and pounds him hard. Justin lies back and Teddy bounces up and down his hard cock until he blows then Justin pulls out and beats his meaty cock directly into Teddy's open mouth.