The Dick of Your Nightmares

Kayden Alexander bottoms for Duncan Taylor

Kayden Alexander bottoms for Duncan Tyler

Kayden isn’t very excited today. That’s probably because he’s broke and about to get fucked by Duncan Tyler. Duncan’s got a dick that tends to scare even the “brokest” of straight boys off. Apparently he’s even had some chicks who couldn’t handle it. This sounds like a good premise for a horror flick. Will Kayden be able to survive? In other news, Kayden has been looking for a girlfriend but hasn’t had any luck. The cameraman and Duncan believe it because Kayden can come off like a player but I believe it may have something to do with sucking dicks for money and our entertainment. I hope getting fucked by Duncan doesn’t impede his progress any further. Let’s get busy.

The boys undress. Kayden finishes first and his body is kind of ridiculous. It amazes me that any girl could pass up an opportunity to feel all over it. Before Duncan even removes his briefs I’m already salivating at his bulge. Yeah, this kid’s got on helluva hammer. My eyes follow his cock as he and Kayden head for the bed. Kayden lies on the bed and Duncan takes his uncut meat into his mouth. He alternates between jacking and sucking until Kayden’s cock is rock hard. Duncan does a great job of fitting the entire thing into his mouth. He chokes some but is unfazed. That warm mouth of Duncan’s has Kayden moaning in ecstasy. They switch roles and now Kayden has the duty of fitting Duncan’s chunky beef whistle into his mouth. Kayden gets as much as he can into his mouth but that’s a whole lot of dick to work with. Damn! My jaw is hurting just watching him try. He licks the shaft up and down, while holding the base. Kayden’s not afraid; he bobs on the cock making Duncan’s toes curl. And then, Duncan pulls out the magnum! Cue “O Fortuna”!

He rolls the condom over his third leg and Kayden lubes it up. It’ll probably take half of the bottle to do the job. For someone not excited about getting fucked, Kayden surely wastes no time hopping on it. “Oh fuck” he moans. Watching Kayden try to take that much dick that way is surreal…surreal and epically hot! He starts off only able to fit about half of it in him but soon Duncan’s entire baby arm is through the hole. He rides it like a boy born for the rodeo but with a dick that far inside him I’m sure he won’t fall off. He turns around to face Duncan and continues to ride. As he uses Duncan’s bat as his own personal toy, Kayden gets louder and louder. He spreads his cheeks with his hands, allowing ever more of Duncan’s cock to invade his ass.

Kayden gets on all fours and Duncan immediately packs his tool back into its place. I love watching Kayden’s brown bubble butt get fucked from behind. With Duncan in control, that hole is shown no mercy and Kayden gets louder and louder. Duncan fucks him good. He manages to bury his dick in all the way to the base, stretching Kayden’s boy hole to the max. Duncan pounds his ass like he’s trying to break it into tiny brown pieces. How can he take it? No, seriously, I need to see a diagram or something to understand the mechanics of fitting something that big inside something so small. Anyway, I’m sure Kayden is relieved when Duncan pulls out and blows a massive load all over his chest. Big dick= big load. Kayden cums next blasting a large load of his own. Kayden survived but I’m sure Duncan broke something inside him. I wonder who will be next.

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Spinal Tapping

Duncan Tyler Fucks Tristan Stiles

Duncan Tyler Fucks Tristan Stiles

Today we’ve got the manly but giggly Duncan and our favorite resident straight bottom, Tristan Stiles. Since he’s been away Duncan has had unique adventures. He has a pretty nasty scar on his left leg that he received after being bitten and attacked by his girlfriend’s best friend…wow! He’s not alone; Tristan has also been bitten by his girlfriend. What’s with these chicks? Maybe they should just sign up to be full time gays. The most my best friend would do is throw shade and pop his gum; neither of which would leave visible scars.

But enough of that, let’s lose the clothes. After stripping Duncan’s pet boa is put on display. He’s got a nice thick cock and I can’t wait to see him use it on Mr. Stiles. Duncan Tristan sits back and Duncan gets on his knees and begins to blow him. It doesn’t take long for Tristan’s sausage to stiffen in his mouth. And it shouldn’t, not with Duncan going all the way to the pubes with his mouth. Tristan relaxes into it as Duncan continues to bob his head up and down. Soon enough though he’s ready to return the favor “it’s my turn” he declares as he stands Duncan up in front of him. He’s not afraid of the meat bat between Duncan’s legs; he puts in right into his mouth. Duncan is groaning and grunting in delight. Tristan massages the balls and sucks at the same time. He can only get about half of it in his mouth, but that’s not a problem for the golden haired Duncan. “Oh fuck” he exclaims in between heavy breaths. I love seeing Tristan’s nice pink lips wrapped around that big dick. But I’m not upset when Duncan tells him to bend over; because if there’s one thing I like seeing more than a big dick get sucked it’s a cute ass being fucked. #leggo!

Tristan does as requested and bends over the chair; showing off that pretty hole. It takes a couple of tries but Duncan eventually squeezes his baby arm into Tristan, causing some pain but it’ll be worth it. The poor (lucky) boy’s face is chili pepper red from the pressure. After this fucking, his asshole is going to be as open and as exposed as Lindsay Lohan working at a 7/11. There’s a good preview of his hole after he’s told to lie on the bed. Duncan lifts Tristan’s leg and shows his now gaping pucker. Duncan shoves his beef whistle back into Tristan’s hairy ass. Tristan is making a lot of noise, leading me to believe that Duncan is hitting every nerve that dick of his can find, good or bad! He tries to get a brief reprieve by kissing Duncan. The kiss is hot but not enough to distract Duncan from his mission of pounding and remodeling Tristan’s insides. He resumes fucking and even speeds up. I’ve never had my ass jackhammered before (despite the petitions), but I bet it would feel similar to what Tristan is going through.

I’m not sure if it’s from the pressure of Duncan’s cock or from pleasure (I choose the latter) but Tristan cums; unleashing a fountain of spunk onto his tummy. Duncan takes his condom off and busts a good nut of his own. Too bad I’m not there to clean them both up. Tristan confesses that his body went numb while he was getting fuck and that at one point he couldn’t even feel his face! I’m pretty sure his spine got damaged during that encounter. X-ray please!

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Bukake for the Holidays!

A BSB Christmas video for the ages. Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, and newbie Dakota Ford walk into the studio with slips of paper. Seems like the lads have been promised a gift of some sort.Tristan Stiles joins the group, all excited. “What you all get,” he wonders.”Blow jobs,” everyone exclaims in unison.”I got loads of presents,” Tristan announces as he holds up his slip. Poor lad.

Do you think he doesn’t understand the meaning of load? LOL! Tristan seems confused, but Cage says it perfectly. “Don’t act brand new,” he notes.Tristan gets on his knees and the lads surround him, their dicks pulled out for servicing. “I don’t think I like all these surprises,” Tristan moans. His lament doesn’t last long because he opens wide and swallows all of Duncan’s sword. A Christmas miracle considering the size of Duncan’s wang!Next he moves on to Cage. Ian is next, but Tristan jerks off Kaden as he takes care of Ian.”Suck that chocolate stick,” Kaden demands as Ian goes down on him. Paul is next.

Finally newbie Dakota Ford gets some lips on his impressive tool.”Get this white chocolate,” Dakota chuckles. Tristan starts the circle all over again, his gullet filled with Duncan’s meat. He moves on to Cage, who whispers encouragement. Then it’s Ian’s and Kaden’s turns. Paul’s johnson gets slick with Ian’s spit. Same with Dakota.

Tristan leans back on his haunches, and opens wide. Everyone begins to jerk over his face. The newbie is first, his load shooting past Tristan’s face. Paul leaves his seed right below Ian’s eye. Kaden’s jizz coats Tristan’s cheek. Duncan’s man milk hits the forehead and eyes. As for Ian, he leaves a deposit on the cheek. Then there’s Cage, whose cum shots are always copious. He shoots in the eyes, soaking both!

Thank goodness Tristan kept those eyelids closed! Tristan’s face drips with man goo, the type Santa drinks after he’s done delivering presents. LOL! “That’s what you call loads of gifts,” Dakota announces.

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Duncan Tyler, Cage Kafig, Ian Dempsey, Kaden Alexander, Paul Canon, & newbie Dakota Ford

Adam & Duncan

They say size doesn’t matter. That’s debatable. In this latest update size is king (or queen, LOL). Duncan Tyler and Adam Baer are ready to put their mammoth cocks to work on each other. That’s right, these two hung studs are going to flip flop and we hope they don’t injure each other in the process.

Lovable Duncan has spent quite of bit of time traveling around the country. At some point he decided to depend on the kindness of strangers and did a little hitchhiking to a few of his destinations. Unfortunately, he didn’t have had to suck any dicks in exchange for a ride, or so he reports.

These guys are pretty familiar with the flow and quickly get undressed, revealing their dangling dicks. Adam get’s the party started by putting his warm wet lips around Duncan’s fat cock. Duncan’s meat get long and plump, Adam is giving him the head of his life.

“Fuck,” Duncan moans.

Adam kisses, slurps, sucks, and swallows Duncan’s dick like it’s the last popsicle in the freezer. Meanwhile, Duncan’s soft touch and gentle jacking wakes Adam’s cobra of a cock. It stands straight up, just waiting for its chance to relax inside Duncan’s deep throat.

Adam’s jaw deserves a rest so Duncan deep throats his dick. Duncan likes it nice and wet. He sucks so well that we think he may have had some recent practice.

“It looks like you might have had some practice while hitchhiking,” the cameraman says to Duncan.

Duncan laughs no, but there’s no denying it. The dude has learned how to swallow a sword.

Before you know it, it’s time to fuck. Duncan get’s into the doggy style position and we catch a glimpse of that sweet warm hole. Adam lubes his massive cock up and eases into Duncan’s tight butt. Adam is gentle at first, taking his time as he pushes his huge cock in as far as it can go. Duncan grunts, curses, and grabs on the sheets as he gets filled up. Adam puts Duncan on his back and slow strokes him until he just can’t take it anymore.

It’s Duncan’s turn to do some damage. Duncan eases his mammoth monster inside of Adam’s asshole. Duncan digs deep but moves slow.

“Fucking take that dick,” Duncan whispers.

Adam obliges his request and jacks his own dick. Moments later Adam unleashes a hot creamy batch of man milk onto his torso. Shortly after Duncan shoots a huge load onto Adams body as well.

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Adam & Duncan

Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler

Duncan Tyler, an old BSB favorite, has returned. Duncan found himself a regular job, so he hasn’t been a Broke Straight Boy officially for a while now.
“A weekly paycheck is cool,” Duncan says. “The daily work sucks.”
“I get paid to break stuff,” Duncan notes.
Fortunately for us, he doesn’t manage money well.

Our boy Johnny caught a glimpse of Duncan’s dick earlier and he’s really glad that he’s not getting fucked with what he called a “horse cock”. He also told Duncan to stay far away from his girlfriend.

The pair find their way to the bed, whip out their beautiful cocks and get the party started. Duncan may have been missing in action for a while but he sure didn’t forget how to suck dick. In less then a minute Johnny’s meat is at full salute and Duncan isn’t done with it. He sucks it deep and strokes it softly, sometimes playing with the balls. Johnny just leans back and watches the show.

Soon enough, Johhny shoves Duncan’s horse cock down his throat and begins sucking and licking like his life depended on it. Duncan strokes his dick while Johhny kisses, licks and sucks on the horse cock like he wants him to shoot a sticky load all over his sweet little mouth.

“Let’s fuck” Johnny suggests and the two quickly get situated. Duncan bends over in the doggie style position. Johnny slides in and begins fucking feverishly. Duncan is completely flushed but he takes the pipe like a pro. Johnny grabs Duncan by the waist and pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper.

These two studs switch positions and Duncan lays on his back while Johhny holds his legs and fucks him hard. Duncan nears his peak and starts to stroke his huge cock as Johnny wears into his hole. A few minutes later is horse dick is shooting a huge wad on his stomach. Johnny quickly pulls out and cums in the same spot.

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Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler


Oh, the pizza boy!! Shouldn’t all these delivery lads get legal counsel? They are always deflowered in gay porn. BSB continues the fine tradition in today’s update with Conner Matthews, Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler. Mr. Matthews plays the role of an overworked delivery guy, while Messrs. Baer and Tyler are customers too lazy to get their own pizza pie. LOL!

Adam and Duncan want to offer a tip, but expect Conner to earn it. We all know where this is going! LOL! The foodstuff is put aside and the newbie nervously feels Adam up. After a few strokes, he hits his knees and puts Adam’s sausage in his mouth.

Duncan wants some oral loving too and saddles up next to Adam. Conner opens wide and gets filled with Duncan’s meat. He goes back to Adam’s tool and the blond stud turns all demanding.

“Lick it. Lick it,” Adam orders.

Conner is good at following orders. But he can’t just suck Adam. Duncan wants that warm mouth also.

“Lick my balls,” Duncan commands.

Conner does and he goes back and forth between the two dudes. They have removed their shirts and their rods stand straight out. The boys decide it’s time to get rid of all their clothes and use the couch. Duncan has a seat, Conner gets on his knees, in front of Mr. “Donkey Dick,” and Adam proffers his cob to Duncan.

“Look at him,” Adam barks to Conner. “Look at him.”

Conner is submissive, doing what he’s told. As Adam makes commands, Duncan slurps on his partner’s organ. Adam is liking the attention. Who wouldn’t? But he’s also grooving to Conner’s show. The delivery boy is working hard to make his customers happy. LOL!

He gets a chance to sit on the couch, but still has to service both studs. They tell him to lick balls and suck dick. Despite all this, Conner’s mouth isn’t juicy enough.

“Do you need to spit in his mouth,” Duncan asks Adam.

Conner looks up and opens wide. Adam spits in the lad’s mouth and the extra juice is used to suck Duncan off. Nasty boys! Conner goes back and forth, trying to keep everyone contented. It’s not easy. Those tools are demanding and thick. But the delivery boy does want his tip(s) :-)

Conner goes from jerking to sucking, doing everything to make the dongs shoot. Finally, all three start jerking. Conner pops first, his load landing all over his chest. Adam is next. His jizz mixes in with Conner’s. When Duncan gets ready to pop, he makes a final command.

“Let me see your face,” Duncan whispers.

Conner turns to Duncan and soon enough the delivery boy’s face is glazed with Duncan’s nectar. He looks so cute, and sexy, drenched in cum. Too bad no one gave him a passionate kiss. He deserves one for all that work!



Duncan stretches Blake Bennet

Anyone remember Blake’s fourgy with Brandon, Sam, and Max? Silly question. Of course you horn dogs do! Well, there was a sweet moment when Blake was transfixed by the size of Sam’s schlong. In today’s update, Blake has some monster meat he doesn’t have to share. He’s paired with Duncan “donkey dick” Tyler.

At the start of the video, Blake is all metaphorical/metaphysical.

“It’s like taking a giant shot of tequila,” Blake observes. “It’s going to be painful, and I might throw up, but it’s going to be worth it. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.”

He pauses and then asks the question all of Duncan’s bed friends must have asked at least once.

“Why does it have to be so thick?”

Duncan only chuckles throughout this monologue. Both know how the remuneration for this day of work will be spent.

“I’m buying a laptop. Mine is fucked up and broken,” Blake says.

“I’m going to buy a bunch of weed,” Duncan notes.

Ganja and computers. Welcome to the 21st century. LOL!

As both lads strip, it’s discovered Duncan has not measured the size of his appendage. Which makes sense. Dudes with impressive tools have no time for petty computations. :-)

“Have you ever had a screamer before,” Blake asks.

First Duncan says no, but the cameraman corrects the record.

“Anthony was quite the screamer,”the cameraman notes.

As Blake keeps repeating laptop as his “final last words,” Duncan gets some advice.

“Don’t go easy on him,” the cameraman whispers.

Blake warns about revenge fucks, but Duncan shows no concern. LOL! The two get on the bed and Blake puts the soft meat in his mouth. Deep throating is easy at first, but the snake gets larger with each lick. Soon Blake can barely get past the head. When he tries to take more, he easily chokes.

“Jesus,” Blake whispers as he comes off the bloated pole.

He treats it like an ice cream cone, sucking and slurping.

“Damn, dude. It’s fucking huge,” Blake observes.

Duncan just grabs Blake’s head and pushes him on the bone. During this entire suck fest, Blake’s toy gets stiffer. He pulls up and Duncan goes down. Always good to see a top suck some dick, no? Duncan permits some face fucking and gags.

“Yeah, choke on it,” Blake demands.

Duncan looks all cute and sweet snuggled up to Blake, going down on that boner. And he’s doing something right because Blake’s toes curl.

It’s “game time,” as the cameraman calls it. Blake gets on his back and wonders about a raise. Duncan slathers his dong with lube.

“Easy, please,” Blake begs before Duncan enters.

When the head enters the hole, Blake’s entire body convulses.

“Fuck, you’re not even in yet,” Blake groans.

Blake’s cries fill the studio. He turns his body sideways to get used to the brutal invasion, but the pain persists. Duncan chuckles at all of this crying and piles in, balls deep.

Blake is crying and moaning, really not in the mood to have people talk to him.

“How does it feel, Blake,” the cameraman wonders.

“Don’t talk to me, man. Fuck you,” Blake replies.

Duncan repositions Blake and is about to reenter. The bottom is begging for mercy and puts his hand on Duncan’s thigh.

“Please be gentle,” Blake begs.

Duncan wants to make that ass his and just fills it up. Blake even requires a break. He gets it, but nothing is going to help today.

“Oh, fuck,” he cries.

To change the pace, Duncan gets on back. Blake straddles him, but the pain/pleasure doesn’t change much. Duncan is not giving Blake any control and fucks that hole with abandon. Balls deep. The prostate prodding pushes Blake to the brink, and he shoots a load. Duncan keeps fucking even after Blake has shot a wad. Finally, Blake gets off the monster and sucks it. He works overtime to get Duncan off. Even lets the stud fuck his mouth. After some intense stroking Duncan’s jizz shoots outs landing on his stomach.

“I hope to never see that cock again,” Blake declares, after both models calm down from all that screwing and cumming. “I’m not going to shit right for a week.”



Dexter Graf and Duncan Tyler

Both Dexter Graf and Duncan Tyler will be experiencing firsts in today’s update. Dexter will pork a dude and Duncan will be the porkee. Our soon to be minted top has few concerns about how he will do because of the currency incentive.  “Money gets me hard,” Dexter says to the cameraman. As for the laconic Duncan, who made Seth bite the pillow in late summer, he offers two suggestions. “Go slow. Lots of lube,” Duncan suggests. The quiet ones always get to the heart of matters. :-)

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Duncan Tyler and Kyle Harley

Duncan “donkey dick” Tyler is back! Newbie Kyle Harley, the boy with the southern styled whimpers, is paired with Mr. Tyler. Kyle has never been with a guy before, but is back because right now he’s couch hopping and needs a place of his own. “Couch hopping is no good. Unless it’s on this couch,” the cameraman says. “This couch is pretty comfy,” Kyle replies. Does that mean he’ll back for more? Duncan chuckles. There’s something about his laconic behavior that turns his sexy meter off the charts. Kyle has never had a dick in his mouth before, so the cameraman wonders what he thinks it will taste like. “A hot dog. Hopefully,” Kyle says. Duncan, who has tasted a few poles on camera, is asked how they taste “Very plain. Bland,” he chuckles. “Maybe it won’t be so bad,” Kyle retorts.

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Don’t ram it in, Seth tells Duncan

Poor Seth. He looks so unhappy at the start of this video. The resident BSB bottomis paired with Duncan Tyler, the blonde stud with the mammoth meat stick. Today he’s going to have a go at ass fucking, his first with either a guy or gal. No wonder Seth is worried. “Go slowly at the start. Don’t ram it in because it’s probably going to hurt,” Seth advises. When asked to get rid of clothes, Seth’s are off in flash. Maybe someone isn’t that nervous! “Damn you strip fast,” Duncan observes. “Experience,” Seth replies.

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