Broke Straight Boys: Zane Tate and Trey Evans

When it comes to ass sex, there are two types of bottoms. The first are dudes worried that a huge dong could do irreparable damage. Hmmm,¬†amateurs. The second, guys who can’t wait to be stuffed and mounted. Broke Straight Boy Trey Evans is a card carrying member of the first group. He’s heard many things about the size of Zane Tate’s member and is ready to start so the pain will be over. Quickly. “Let’s just do this,” Trey says. “Get it over with,” Zane asks. ‘Yeah,” Trey responds. “Sounds like he’s excited. ‘Let’s do this,’” Zane adds. “Ecstatic,” Trey answers with a smidgen of irony. :-)

As Trey plays Debbie Downer, convinced he’ll not sit right for a week, the lads get naked. Before he puts his mouth on Zane’s member, Trey admits he worried about how how the scene will play out. All of this is quickly forgotten the second Trey begins to blow. He’s all energetic and juicy, getting Zane hard for his future duty. Look at Zane’s face. He is super pleased with his partner’s skills. Even tries to push Trey farther down. Have you seen Zane’s toes curl this much in a previous scene? How about all that thigh twitching? :-)

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Broke Straight Boys Zane Tate and Seth

Seth and Zane are today’s couple du jour. Seth’s eyes are shifting around like he’s nervous. Zane leans back as if he has not a care in the world. Seth’s anxious energy is perfectly understandable because today’s duty is to be Zane’s first experimentation with man ass. While few would complain about being pierced by Zane’s “cucumber,” as Seth calls it, the bottom boy seems worried his backside might not survive the upcoming onslaught. This will be Zane’s first time working over male booty, but he’s no rookie to rear door lovemaking. He’s taken a few ladies anally, but can’t remember how many. Considering how straight guys are, Zane is either being forgetful with the truth or has made multiple gals bite the pillow. Seth, trying to gain some control, assures his future top that ass, no matter male or female, feels the same.

Shirts are soon taken off and the boys do some kiss kiss. No deep tongue action, but it’s sweet to see Zane take control by grabbing Seth’s neck. The boys take a seat and Zane starts sucking his partner’s dick. Zane’s oral skills aren’t first class, but he’s getting there. Uses his hand every now and then, and sucks Seth’s head like it’s an ice cream cone on a summer day. Seth must like it because he’s all murmurs and sighs.


Hot 3 way on Broke Straight Boys with Spencer, Brandon and Zane

Three relative newbies are in bed together today; Spencer, Brandon and Zane. Despite all three of them looking rather nervous, all three boys said that they were looking forward to the shoot, even if it was just the prospect of earning more easy cash. Each of the boys couldn’t help have an anxious grin when they were told that today’s expectations were pretty high. Getting the party started, I had Spencer, Brandon and Zane take off their t-shirts, their jeans quickly following. Once they were sitting next to each other naked, they took their cocks in hand and started to jerk themselves off, their dicks steadily rising to the occasion.

When all three dicks were rock hard, it was time to decide who was going to suck dick first. It wasn’t quite so surprising when Zane, our bi-curious boy, put his hand up to go first. The three boys scrambled into position; Zane getting down onto his knees on the floor while Spencer and Brandon stood on either side of him. Kane took one good look at the two dicks pointing towards his face, pausing for only a second before allowing Brandon’s dick to slide all the way into his mouth. What was surprising was Spencer pulling Brandon towards him and initiating a hot and heavy song with a more than willing Brandon. While the two boys were kissing overhead, Kane worked hard on the dick in his mouth even as he put in some fast and furious wrist action with Spencer’s cock.