Boy Gusher – Niko & Ricardo

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Niko & Ricardo are on sexual fire today! It seems lately that every guys that comes to visit us are so horny that they just want to get into the “meat” of things. We don’t have a problem with that it really turns us on and I bet it turns you on as well. We caught these two guys in our spare bedroom it wasn’t even planned. Niko was taking a nap fondling himself when Ricardo stops in catches him in the act and helps him to get his cock rock hard in his undies. He can’t seem to stop touching and fondling Niko, and Niko isn’t minding. He lies back as Ricardo kisses him working his hands again into his white undies.

Kiss me, suck me and fuck me!


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Boy Gusher – Austin And Niko




I had two buddies, Austin and Niko, over to my house recently. Niko is a straight boy, and Austin is bi. I decided to see how far Niko would go with another guy and he ended up surprising me! It was supposed to be Austin jerking Niko off, but it quickly turned into more than just that. The one rule was simple and it was that you could not jerk yourself off; the other guy had to jerk you off until you came. Niko, the straight boy, was up first and was to get a hand job from Austin. He stood up and started pulling his pants down with the help of Austin. Austin was curious as to what he would be getting his hands on and started feeling Niko up through his boxer briefs.

The hand job idea didn’t last for long. In no time, Austin was sucking on Niko’s fat cock. Niko, having never even been jerked off by a guy let alone sucked off by a guy was really into it. Niko not only has a long cock, he has an extremely thick cock and big balls that were screaming for relief. In fact, Austin had a hard time keeping his mouth off those meaty balls. Austin alternating sucking and jerking Niko until he was ready to cum. Niko wasn’t evening trying to keep quiet and starting getting louder as he got closer to his cock exploding. When Niko came, we figured out why the balls were looking so big at judging by the huge load that he blew, it must have been many days since he had gotten off. Niko blew his load all over his chest and stomach with the help of Austin’s hand. (MORE)

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