Sugar Shack – Kenzo Alvarez -amp; Upton Sterling

The trees aren't the only things getting tapped this season! As syrup-maker Upton Sterling wanders the forest rounding up collected sap from his maple trees, he quickly becomes fixated on the impressive piece of wood co-worker Kenzo Alverez is hiding in his pants. Next to a tractor in the middle of the woods, the mustachioed man drops down to suck off Kenzo and service his smooth balls before bending over to take his big, thick dick. Upton's cock flops around at each of Kenzo's bareback thrusts and only moves around more as he goes over to a wooden trailer to take a ride on his partner's hard log. Now on his back, Upton covers his fur-dusted body in creamy jizz before Kenzo pulls out to shower him in his own sugary spunk.

First Mission – Andre Donovan -amp; Dean Young

The Swords' newest recruit Andre Donovan just landed in Paris and fellow porn star secret agent Dean Young is already debriefing him on their mission to stop Cade Maddox from distributing a life-threatening product. Before their meeting is finished though, two diehard gay porn fans snap photos of them and unknowingly publish Andre's coordinates. Now, to cover up the real reason for Andre being in Europe, Dean suggests that the two record some content together. Andre happily agrees and soon, Dean is sucking down Andre's oversized cock and bending over for Andre to spit in his hole. Once the hung top's long dick slides into Dean's ass, Andre lifts Dean's entire body and works up a sweat as he uses the twunk as his own personal sex toy. Dean's bare cheeks turn bright red as Andre pounds his ass and the cameras record Andre fucking him non-stop in the lavish hotel suite. A few more bareback thrusts have both men cumming all over Dean's junk right before Dean receives an unexpected visit from a dangerous visitor.

Blue Danube – Enhanced – Palo Cernak -amp; Alexander Straus -amp; Hans Koloman -amp; Kristof Junas -amp; Eric Kovac -amp; Milos Janek -amp; Johan Paulik -amp; Denis Jung -amp; Pavol Zurek

Pavol Zurek discovers where all the guys have gone when he opens the door to the steam room and finds an orgy in progress. He winds his way into the mass of men sucking - finding Alexander Straus, Johan Paulik, Kristof Junas, Milos Janek, Palo Cernak, Eric Kovac, Denis Jung and Hans Koloman - and joins in the feast of cock. The men form groups of fucking with Johan fucking Hans and little Palo getting all his holes plugged by the biggest cocks. When the men have unloaded the scene dissolves into a view of the Blue Danube which dominates the countryside.

Top 10 Hottest Videos Of 2022

Enjoy This Sexy Compilation Of Our Top 10 Hottest Videos Of 2022!!</br></br><b>00:00</b> - <a href='en/video/falconstudios/Cumming-Home-For-Christmas/215859'>Cumming Home For Christmas</a></br><b>03:03</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Cumming-Home-For-Christmas/215860'>Cumming Home For Christmas</a></br><b>06:06</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Taking-Care-Of-Business/210037'>Taking Care Of Business</a></br><b>09:09</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Under-The-Influencer/207701'>Under The Influencer</a></br><b>12:12</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Give-And-Take/214876'>Give And Take</a></br><b>15:15</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Winter-Skyy-Riders/200344'>Winter Skyy Riders</a></br><b>18:18</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Under-The-Influencer/207342'>Under The Influencer</a></br><b>21:21</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Wet-Heat/198773'>Wet Heat</a></br><b>24:24</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Gotta-Have-It/201652'>Gotta Have It</a></br><b>27:27</b> - <a href='/en/video/falconstudios/Body--Sol/208613'>Body & Sol</a></br>

Sugar Shack – Skyy Knox -amp; Maverick Sun

Experienced sugar-maker Skyy Knox has been tasked with teaching newbie Maverick Sun everything he needs to know about maple syrup production, but, after watching the fit twunk lift a few barrels, Skyy has some other activities in mind. Maverick sees where this private encounter is going and soon takes charge by sucking down the muscular mentor's hairy cock and guiding Skyy's head up and down his own stiff rod. Soon, Skyy is leaning up against a wall of metal barrels being fucked by the newcomer's big dick before Maverick goes down to be barebacked by Skyy's schlong. The two continue to flip-fuck across the back room and blast their sweet holes until both are ready to erupt their own sticky syrups onto each other's raw cocks.

First Mission – Cade Maddox -amp; Pol Prince

Swords agent Pol Prince knows that porn star Cade Maddox is up to something sinister, but little does he know, mastermind Cade is already sixty-nine steps ahead of him. Not looking to discuss business with an undrained cock, Cade convinces Pol to go down on him. Cade returns the oral favor by burying his face between Pol's smooth cheeks while submerged in the private pool of their Parisian bathhouse. Echoed sounds of thrashing water fill the tiled room as Pol enters the water and Cade enters Pol's hole. The hung top's girthy, bareback dick fucks and fills Pol across the European bathhouse, and with Pol on his back, the bottom finally blows, eats up his own load, and gets on his knees to swallow down his partner's thick nut. Unfortunately for Pol, the heartthrob agent is about to discover that Cade's cum may just be his very last meal.

Blue Danube – Enhanced – Alan Greksa -amp; Pavol Zurek

In the pool, young men glide through the water. Alan Greksa and Pavol Zurek look at each other's mammoth dicks bulging from their suits. They can't control their desire and take one another over the threshold to unbridled man-sex. They fuck and suck their way into the adjacent sauna--finding an orgy of smooth handsome men with firm asses and rock-hard dicks. These men fuck and suck and eat ass with an urgency that erupts in sex-satisfied moans and groans.